Flash Fiction: Photo Challenge #1

I wanted to try something new today, so I thought I would challenge myself to write a story inspired by a picture, a single image. I had so much fun, I know this will be something I’ll attempt again and again.


Source: Pinterest

I stubbornly smoothed the wrinkles out of my ruffled, taffeta dress before clutching the gold-plated candlestick in my hand. The flame flickered. Every muscle in my being shivered from the harsh coldness of the cavernous room. My breath left me in a thin cloud, then dissolved in an instant. I could hear their voices getting louder with each small step I took.

“Hush,” I whispered. “Hush.”

They didn’t listen, spitting and squawking until a quarrel broke out. Standing before them red-faced and irritated, I hoped I could stifle the fight brewing between them. I hoped they would calm, somehow soften. Instead, their faces remained hard, angry. Their proclamations were loud, but their bodies were still.

“Stop it,” I said. “If you keep doing that you’ll wiggle right off your hooks.”

Not one of them cared. I looked upon my numerous lovers inside their ornate frames as their painted portraits shook. Although I had only imprisoned their souls for one hundred years, I feared their argument would last forever. My devotion was a topic they discussed passionately and often. Would their brutal jealousy ever end?

See you tomorrow!

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