When winter arrives, it seems like there is no end in sight. Snow is piled high and the air is frosty and painfully frigid. Long treks are deemed unwise, so you and your doggo have to be satisfied by short, temporary excursions. Anything more than a brief walk is blocked and discouraged. You play with him in the snow, of course. You try to give him some much-needed exercise, but it’s never enough. You both need more. The days without clouds, without storms are few and far between. You and your pup are somber. You both feel perpetually stuck, nearly sick.

As spring gradually blooms, life feels infinitely better. The snow melts eventually, leaving the roads and pathways clear. Finally! It’s time for a nice, leisurely walk. With the appearance of his leash, your dog pants and prances anxiously, but most excitedly. That first trip around the park is spectacular, although a chill remains in the air. With each lap your muscles begin to warm, they relax and stubbornly stretch.

March arrives with warmer weather, allowing you to extend your time outside even further. Your strolls begin to multiply. There is nothing better than taking a two mile walk with your trusted companion by your side. Leaving the hustle and bustle of life behind provides you with a moment to slow down and breathe. It clears the mind. It grants your imagination the freedom to wander and roam. When rain appears, you and your furry friend sit side by side and stare out the window, identical frowns on your faces.

In the summer, a reaction occurs. Humidity and constant sunshine make you want to travel to parts unknown. So you start taking hikes in the forest as your pup zig-zags through the trees. You stay out later, longing to branch out. You confidently leave your well-known neighborhood to search for places you and your pet can discover together.

Suddenly, the nights get longer and mild breezes start to turn. Your days outdoors were loved, but brief. Now, they’re coming to an end. Flurries appear, but you still hope. You still cling to your traditional morning walks, stretching out time for as long as you possibly can. You and your pup march up and down every sidewalk until that first blustery blizzard appears, then the process begins once more. You impatiently wait for spring to approach, so you and your beloved pal can take a prolonged patrol again.

See you tomorrow!

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