NerdTube: AVPM Live

Team Starkid Week wraps up with AVPM Live

Tonight is the premiere of A Very Potter Sequel (Yay!) and to celebrate we’ve been featuring Team Starkid all this week on the blog. We’ve seen AVPM, M&MD and Little White Lie. Now, since the anticipation of AVPS is killing me, let’s look back at some of the best songs and lines from A Very Potter Musical. Here is some of the cast (Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Nick Lang, Brian Holden & More) singing your favorite songs live:

Get Back to Hogwarts

Granger Danger

Different As Can Be

Hey Dragon

Not Alone

Check out the premiere of A Very Potter Sequel TONIGHT (7/22) at 7pm Central on YouTube

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We’ll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled Press Play Friday and next week we’ll be back to normal with a Must Watch Movie & More!

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