Press Play Friday: Fresh Music

For this Press Play Friday we get some new music

This Press Play Friday we are going into the deep depths of iTunes to find some new music. While some bands are new and others are old, it’s all about discovering what you didn’t know was out there.

First up, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Most of you have probably heard this song already, but it’s one of those songs you can listen to over and over again. For example, this song is officially on my ‘favorite songs of all time’ list. Up From Below is the debut album from this folk/rock band from Los Angeles. With a kind of 60’s vibe, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros bring their unique sound without being stereotypical of that era. This song is called “Home.”

Maroon 5 is up next. It’s nice to finally see them back again, especially with this song. Their new album Hands All Over drops on September 21st. The first single “Misery is more reminiscent of their first album with its rock/pop sound. It’s classic Maroon 5, and that makes me happy.

I had the fortunate opportunity to originally see this band live and I was blown away. Fun. is a band that just makes you want to dance. Their debut album Aim and Ignite is a favorite amongst one of my favorite people in the world, Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin. “Walking The Dog“, “I Wanna Be the One“, and “At Least I’m Not As Sad“, are some of the standouts on the album. This is their first single, “All the Pretty Girls.”

Also, a new band getting some recognition is Freelance Whales (They’ll be featured in an upcoming Press Play Friday). This is one of those bands that you hear about from someone else, then everyone starts talking about them. With a mix of synth and rock/folk, they craft seemingly perfect catchy songs, like “Ghosting” and “Starring.” Weathervanes is their debut album.

Last, but certainly not least is April Smith & The Great Picture Show. This was one of those freak things, where you find an amazing singer out of nowhere. I first fell in love with her song “Terrible Things.” She kind of has a pop/cabaret sound, which is so unique to the kind of music today. Her new album Songs For A Sinking Ship is currently available on iTunes.

I’m always looking for new music, so suggest away!

See you on Monday – Kim

I highly recommend going to Daytrotter to find some excellent live FREE music and on Fuse. I find a lot of new artists here.

Who are some of your favorite new artists? Do you have any recommendations for me? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie says:

    Love April Smith! 🙂

    1. If you like her, you’d probably like Kate Walsh. She has a more mellow sound but her songwriting is amazing! It’s definitely a must listen. 🙂

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