Press Play Friday: Marcus Foster

Our featured artist this week is newbie Marcus Foster

As you start to read this, some of it might seem familiar. It might sound really familiar. But, rest assured, I’m not repeating artists. Marcus Foster is . . . Marcus Foster. Any similarity to another favorite Press Play artist (*cough* Bobby Long *cough*) is merely because they might be friends and share coincidentally, a similar sound. Both are unique musical talents and should be respected as such. Anyways, onwards and downwards!

You might have heard that Marcus Foster is similar to another artist we have previously featured. I don’t know where you might have heard this . . . but it’s only semi-true. Marcus Foster is a singer/songwriter with a tremendously beautiful folk/bluesy sound.

He is another artist who recently acquired another little place in my heart (Florence + The Machine is currently taking up most of the living space, but don’t worry, there is lots of room in there). I first heard Marcus’ music (More than just a song or two) just over a year ago, after purchasing his EP. But, even before that, I was listening to his music. How, you ask? Well, he just happens to have contributed “Let Me Sign” off the Twilight soundtrack with a fellow friend: Bobby Long. Surprised? Probably not, if you know anything about me or anything about Twilight, for that matter. But, that’s neither here nor there.

Marcus Foster is one of those artists that have soul. That have a fixed position among amazing songwriters. He brings a large amount of storytelling to his music, and a large amount of love and attention, as well. He carries more of a blues feel to his music, unlike that guy that these people keep comparing him too. (Sheesh! Their different, people! Understand?) His rough voice is a perfect companion to his songwriting.

Marcus is a musician. He’s not another flash in the pan. He is music (Please don’t start singing Manilow’s “I Write The Songs” here. Don’t do it!). By that I mean, he resembles all the things that music should be. He cares. He sings from the heart. He sings about life.

* Side note: I trying to prevent myself from going into a rant here. So, please stop listening to crappy music and I won’t have to go off on these rants. Okay? Okay.

I love music. So, when people who deserve recognition for their work don’t get it, I have to say something. This is me saying something. Listen. I’ll guarantee you’ll love him.

My favorite Marcus Foster songs:

14 Times:

Kiss Is A Knife:

Shadows Of The City:

About Marcus Foster

“Marcus Foster is a London born musician and artist, who studies sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Inspired by musicians such as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Sister Rosetta Tharp, his voice has a raw, honest and timeless sound that leaves his audience wanting more.

Marcus has music featured in two motion pictures; Five Dollars a Day and Twilight, and he has just completed his first tour of the United States. He also currently has an EP available for purchase on iTunes, as well as a CD, Live, which is available for purchase at his live performances.”

Source: Shack Of Soul

Purchase Marcus Fosters self-titled EP on iTunes HERE

Also, his new EP Tumble Down will be available soon. For more information check out his MySpace page.

Love Marcus Foster? What is your favorite song of his? Have any music recommendations for me? Tell me in the comments!

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