Dim the Lights. The Show’s About to Begin.

I want to see that! (Thriller edition)

You’re sitting in a movie theatre. The lights begin to dim. The popcorn bucket resting on your knee seems to be oozing some kind of hypnotic butter intoxicant into your system. And the cold drink in your sticky side chair cup holder is sweating coolness down it’s side. Now, you think you’re set. The movie is about to begin. You’re excited. You’ve been waiting weeks, even months to see this movie, and the time is right upon you. So, you sit back and relax. “This is going to be good,” you tell yourself. Then, suddenly you’re watching a commercial for Mountain Dew. “What the . . .” You’ve spent how many dollars to see this movie and they show you a commercial? How dare they! If you wanted to see a commercial for some second-rate product you would have stayed at home and watched AdVision. But, now the lights are dimming lower and you relax once again. “It’s time.” The green haze of the screen alarms you. Of course you realize it’s your favorite part . . . the trailers.

“Do we control our destiny, or do unseen forces manipulate us?”

This is The Adjustment Bureau

Arrival: March 4, 2011

If I wasn’t afraid of elevators, before . . . I sure am now.


Arrival: September 17, 2010

“170,000 SQ miles of desert. 90 minutes of Oxygen. No way out.”

You are Buried

Arrival: October 8, 2010

Quote source: imdb

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