Dim the Lights. The Show’s About to Begin. (TIFF Edition)

I Want to See That!

For film buffs and the likewise minded, it’s the best time of the year. The fall movie season has begun and already major Oscar buzz is filtering through the system. Don’t be surprised when you overhear a quick word or two about one film, then soon after hear a superlative review of another. It’s entirely plausible, you will – by the time the month is through – have a ten page list of films that you deem a definite must-see. Plus, with the start of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, there are even more fresh films to add to your list. From the debut of the elusive Much Ado About Nothing, directed by super-genius Joss Whedon (Yes, that’s what I said), to a cavalcade of bright independent films, the festival has given us the opportunity to spend endless hours dedicated to watching each and every new trailer it introduced. It truly is a cinephile’s heaven. Today I’ve collected a few standouts from the fest for you to watch and enjoy. These are the films that you may miss when glamoured by those extravagant big budget productions. These are the films that need an extra bit of love. Go on, take a look and tell me what you think.

Seven Psychopaths. In theatres: October 12, 2012

I saw the title. No need to tell me more.

Passion. Expected to be released in early 2013.

Interesting. Very . . . interesting.

Silver Linings Playbook. In theatres: November 21, 2012

Bradley Cooper.

Honorable Mention

Sleepwalk With Me. In theatres: NOW

It may not be at TIFF, but this film looks like a definite must-see to me.

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What did you think of these TIFF trailers? Will you see any of these films? What movies are you excited to see this fall? Need to express your love for movie trailers? Tell me in the comments!

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