Repeat Viewings: What Movies Can You Watch Over And Over Again?

Let’s watch that again!

I’m sitting here watching The Hangover for about the 30th time. Why? I don’t know. But, every time it pops up on that T.V guide, I have to watch it. No question about it. It never gets old. Seeing Phil get tased. Listening to Doug’s song. It has to be watched, sometimes twice in one day. And since it’s been on T.V a whole lot lately, multiple viewings are inevitable.

There are a lot of movies that make my ‘must-watch-at-least-a-dozen-times-or-more’ list. Though, they usually don’t start out that way. It usually beings with a love-hate relationship. You watch it, love it, but put it away for a few months, maybe longer. Then someone brings it up again after it starts playing on cable. At that point, the cable station requires the movie be played at least 10 times a day. You casually take your time to watch it, and realize after that you really like this movie. So, maybe the next time you watch it, because nothing is on. The next time you watch, you’re bored. By this time, it’s embedded into your ‘I will watch this because it’s the only thing on’ way of thinking. There’s no hope for you after that. The next time it’s on, a few months later, you’ll watch it again and again.

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. I see it happen all the time. It happens constantly. So what other movies do I have to watch repeatedly? Well, I just have to watch Forrest Gump when it’s on. Besides, it’s one of my favorite movies to quote. How can I not? Up, of course. The Goonies, definitely. It’s a classic. Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead, I have to watch at least every couple of months. I watch White Christmas over 10 times during the holiday season. The list is endless.

We watch the movies we love. We watch movies we really like. We watch movies. It’s life. I guess if we didn’t watch our favorite movies at least a few hundred times, they wouldn’t be our favorite movies.

Now dear readers, what movies do you watch over and over again? Start the discussion in the comments! I’ll see you there.

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