TV Rewind: Terriers – “Leave the dog, take the cannoli.”

First T.V recap of the season! Oh, yeah.

At first, Terriers might read as a buddy cop/Ace Ventura crossover: two out of box characters solving crimes, sometimes with a bulldog (I guess it would be too much if it were a terrier). While it seems like a good story for a situational comedy, Terriers is at root, a crime drama.

Centered around Hank (Grounded For Life‘s Donal Logue), a disgraced former alcoholic, former cop working as an unlicensed private investigator with his best friend, the immature and untactful, Britt (True Blood‘s Michael Raymond James). In its premiere episode, the two are asked to track down a former friends missing daughter, Eleanor. Going under the alias “The Gomez Brothers” (cheap sign attached to their car and everything), the so-called detectives who are obviously not opposed to theft or breaking and entering, are led to the home of Robert Landis. As Eleanor’s boss, and mega-million resort builder, he also tires to hire them to find his missing laborer, who seems to have stolen something from him. Of course, large amounts of well wanted cash are involved.

In the meantime, Hank is dealing with his soon-to-be-married ex-wife, who he may or may not still have feelings for and his former partner Mark Gustafson, who doesn’t quite agree with Hank’s day-to-day job. It’s hard not to recognize in this sort of Robin Hood story, that cops are bad. They basically point it out to you, after eluding to the fact that Hank was fired for standing up for what he believed in. While we can’t be sure at this point if this is true, or if the writers are trying to throw us off, I’ll bet that we’ll find out the real story a couple of episodes in.

After a tip, the modern-day Clouesau’s (Minus the funny accents and pratfall’s) look to find the missing girl at a lifeguard station. Instead all the two find is an unnamed dead body, seagulls, and the girls cell phone which contains that-which-was-stolen from Landis: an incriminating sex tape. Eleanor shows up faster than is to be expected, gun in hand and the real story behind her “disappearance:” a crooked money deal with Landis. The case is starting to look too big for them. They decide it’s best to send her away to Catalina, giving the audience a not so closed ending. So, just when you are taken out of really liking the story, you’re brought back in (Name all the Godfather references you can here). Turns out Landis’ goons killed Eleanor’s father (i.e the one who hired Britt and Hank in the first place). Hank promises to destroy Landis.

Britt:”I hope you have a plan.”

Hank: “Cheat.”

The two break into Landis’ hillside mansion to plant the gun that killed the beach side dead body. In pops Gustafson and a search warrant. I expect we’ll see a lot more of him. I didn’t particularly care for his stereotypical “I’m a bad-ass cop” routine or the fake cigarette he held in his mouth for every scene, but he seems essential to the story. The show ends and previews for next weeks episode begin.

The show is a little rough out of the gate, the first episode plot line seemingly stereotypical for a solve-this type of series. Yet, there is a foundation here. A foundation for a great non calculated crime show. Logue is really the standout, playing the sarcastic funny guy that he is famous for. While James can keep up with him at the best of times, it’s clear that Logue is the star. He’s the one you’re going to tune in every week to see. There is more to his character than what is on the surface and he plays it well. That is what is going to get this show through the long fall months and ratings slumps.

Overall, I think Terriers has potential. If they work on the plot lines a little more, give Logue and James better dialogue, than I see it becoming something worth while. Right now, I’m going to stick with it. I have a feeling it’s going to pay off soon.

Terriers airs on Wednesday’s at 9pm on FX

Did you watch Terriers? What did you think? Are you going to tune in next week? Tell me in the comments!

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