Press Play: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

We’re going ‘Home’

When you first press your ear to that oversized or undersized headphone and hear the radiant sounds of Edward Sharpe, you feel as if you’ve been transported into another time. The 60s’; a generation centered around an ad agency with less than moral characters. Wait. That’s Mad Men. The 60’s; a time of rock and roll, a summer of love, hippies, and the raw power of song. Now, that describes Edward Sharpe. The rough grass-roots band can only be described as cross between Sgt. Peppers and the Mamas and The Papas, but you’ve probably heard that before. They don’t copy their predecessors, but create their own flower power mix of great melodies and lyrics. Of course after listening to their debut album, you might want to grab your peace sign necklace and mood ring, but don’t let that scare you off.

I’ve been a fan of theirs for a little while now, after hearing what is now one of my favorite songs of all time, Home. The song is reminiscent of Mickey & Sylvia‘s Love Is Strange, if Love Is Strange was a foot pounding, bohemian, ear worm of a song. The openings whistle tune and intermediate HEY!’s are amazing accessories to the foot tapping, tambourine accompanied song.

Home, let me go home, home is wherever I’m with you.”

Another standout on the album is Janglin. I imagine this song being played in a Coca Cola (Bottle, of course) commercial while a young child with blond hair runs through a garden of daisies. It’s as if Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros came from the 60’s in a Austin Powers-esque time machine, crazy jump included, and brought back this amazing music to share with us in 2010. The chorus, like ‘Home’ is the high point of the song with its catchy smiley face lyrics and deep melodies.

If you follow me on Twitter (Which you should) you know that I’m completely in love with their song 40 Day Dream. This song really deserves a slow clap (It has one, actually). The piano riffs, drum beats, and group chorus top off the hug everyone and dance sound. With ooh’s and ah’s, this is probably the second best song on the album. Someone get me a tie dye shirt and flip-flops, I’m in love!

Their debut album Up From Below released earlier this year. Overall, the album is a psychedelic trip through the 60’s. At times the album seems a little dull and too much the same, but songs like 40 Day Dream, Home, and Up From Below, make it all worth while.

For more about Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros visit their website HERE

Album Rating: B+

Love Edward Sharpe? What is your favorite song? Tell me in the comments!

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