Sunday Night TV: What Just Happened?

Um . . . what just happened?

My DVR was in full force last night; True Blood, Mad Men, and the VMA’s. So much television and so little time. I think I have a TV hangover. My head hurts. I feel a little queasy. And the same thought keeps running through my mind: What the BLEEP?

I think that is the appropriate definition of last nights TV watching experience. What the BLEEP? I didn’t know you could cram such a large amount of WTF? moments into one single night of television. While its spread between three shows, that is a large amount of considerable questions that need answering. Now, I don’t want to get into a full recap of Mad Men and True Blood because I haven’t done one on either show all season. But, we definitely need to talk about some of the most memorable WTF? moments of last night (Warning! Spoiler Alert!).

1. Don Draper: Voice Over Actor?: A huge downside to last nights episode entitled “The Summer Man,” was the unwanted addition of a Don Draper voice over. Getting inside a characters head on Mad Men usually consists of heavy flashbacks or long silenced stares, not cheesy voice overs that remind you of crappy movies. The newly sober Draper, writing in his journal is extremely hilarious on its own, but adding the voice of Jon Hamm doesn’t make it better. After last weeks almost perfect episode, I don’t understand how the show could hit this low-level. Even though the new Don Draper is very appealing, his newly found writing exploits are not.

2. But Beeel . . . : I don’t know what was more of a WTF? moment, Bill Compton admitting that he hired the Rattrays (Season 1) to beat the hell out of Sookie just so she could taste his blood, him working for Queen Sophie Ann (We knew this in previous episodes, but not to this extent), Russell (Dear special effects guys, thank you for grossing me out with that burnt skin, flaking thing for the whole episode) getting cement shoes, Sam shooting his brother, Eric almost having cement shoes, all thanks to Bill, Sookie leaving with the fairies, or Alan Ball telling us how awesome next season is going to be (Reassuring us after the almost boring finale?) Yes. I said boring. It was kind of a let down. How many loose ends were there? I lost count.

3. I didn’t know they still played videos . . . Oh wait, they don’t: This years MTV Video Music Awards almost played out like a huge commercial. There was hardly any awards given out, or should I say, hardly any awards given out to people who were not Lady Gaga. Chelsea Handler tried to do the best with what she was given, which was a whole pile of nothing. And 98% of the performances were egotistical dance-offs with only lip syncing to entertain the audience. I might be a little biased, but the highlight of the night was when Florence + The Machine killed it with her performance of her hit song “Dog Days Are Over” (Without lip syncing). At least we have some good memories, like meat dress, hot tub, and Kanye (Insert sarcasm tag here).

I bet this sounds like a whole bunch of negative. Well, if you’re negative you might see it that way. But, I see it as one night of very entertaining television.

See you tomorrow! – Kim

What did you think of last nights TV hits and misses? What were your favorite WTF? moments of the night? What did you think of the True Blood finale? Tell me in the comments!

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