Seven Albums That Define Me

Have you seen those outlandish scenarios that have been plaguing Twitter recently? They’re the ones that give you a far-fetched situation and you have to choose what to do, what to say, or how to react. Have you seen the ones that put you in improbable places then ask you a moderately difficult question like, “You’re in Hell. Which song is the band playing over and over again?” The answers people come up with to these types of inventive inquiries are absolutely hilarious and immensely entertaining. You don’t mind seeing them repeat over and over again in your feed.

Yesterday, I saw a Twitter question that put a clever twist on the classic “Top Ten” quiz. Usually, those types of queries are too straightforward and can get pretty dull. They appear with such frequency that any variation gets lost in translation. I tend to skip right over them. This newest one, however, sounds similarly simple, but has proved to be endlessly intriguing. Yes, I’m addicted to the Seven Albums That Define Me quiz. It’s so interesting! There are so many deviations in artists and genres, you never really know how a person is going to answer. They never answer how you’d expect. I’ve spent hours scrolling Twitter trying to decode the lives and personalities of strangers based on this one question. Truthfully, I’m finding it difficult to quit. I liked it so much in fact, I felt compelled to contribute my own. Here are the seven albums that define me. Don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments below!

1. Tonight, Not Again – Jason Mraz

2. Celebrity – *NSYNC

3. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful –  Florence + The Machine

4. The Glass Passenger – Jack’s Mannequin

5. Kaleidoscope Heart – Sara Bareilles

6. Night Work – Scissor Sisters

7. Hotel Paper – Michelle Branch

See you tomorrow!

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