TV Rewind: Terriers – “Dog and Pony”

Season 1 Episode 2

For this weeks Terriers recap and probably all my future Terriers recaps, we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of recapping the entire episode (Because it can get repetitive and boring), I’m just going to pick out my favorite scenes and lines from the previous nights episode. Of course plenty of my sarcastic wit and narration is to be expected.

1. Going into the second episode we find Hank and Britt being “questioned” about their dealings with Robert Lindus (Who from my previous recap we know as a crooked, maybe a murder, and oh-so-guilty hotel developer). Their testimony doesn’t quite add up (This show is built around snark. And who loves snark? Me, that’s who).

Assistant DA: “You and Mr. Pollack (Britt) are private detectives?

Hank: “Well on our tax returns it says we sell sea shells by the sea-shore. But, we moonlight a bit.”

2. After losing the $30,000 check Lindus gave them to the police, the two set out to find a local fugitive and a $5,000 reward. The plan to hustle the fugitives girlfriend in order to catch the guy doesn’t exactly go as planed (I have a feeling that nothing they ever do goes as planned) when the 6 feet and some inches tall muscle man beats them to a pulp. The two wannabe private detectives being thrown out a window is a scene not to miss.

Hank: “As a rule, I don’t like to get my ass kicked for free.”

3. Hank: “You know what Shakespeare wrote, ‘Breaking up is hard to do.'”

I love Donal Logue (Hank). He is absolutely hysterical in whatever show he does, even ER. And the chemistry between him and Michael Raymond-James (Britt) is amazing. Their BFF, one-liner competition relationship is the reason why the show is going to last.

4. The case of the week (Fugitive, money, etc) leads to an even bigger case involving the fugitives half-brother. Setting up a heist at the race track he was working at, the brother (half-brother) and the fugitive steal over $1000,000. But, it’s not all grab the money and run. The half-brother refuses to give him (the fugitive) his half of the money. So Britt and Hank come up with an idea. They are going to hold the fugitive hostage (With his help) until the brother pays them off.

Britt: “Oh, for God sakes! What part of we’re holding your half-brother hostage don’t you understand?”

Half-Brother: “You idiots, you’re supposed to kill him.”

Hank: ” Did you get that?”

Gustafson: “Yeah, I got it.”

5. Yes. In a nice turn of events, former partners Hank and Gustafson work together to catch a criminal. Honestly, I didn’t see that one coming. I’m not sure that the bad cop routine that Gustafson is playing is entirely true. Is he a good guy? Maybe. Do you think he will turn against Hank and Britt? Definitely.

Gustafson: “Please take that smirk off your face.”

Hank: “I wasn’t smirking. Just because I solved an outstanding case of yours within 24 hours of you telling me I wasn’t a cop anymore, that gives me no reason to gloat.”

Oh, I’m starting to really like this show. In terms of pace and story, I compare it to Mad Men. At first, it’s a little slow, but your patience definitely pays off in the end. Plus, it’s funnier than Mad Men.

Did you watch last nights episode of Terriers? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Don’t forget Terriers is on Wednesday’s at 9pm on FX

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