TV Rewind: Terriers – “Change Partners”

Season 1 Episode 3

This weeks Terrier’s episode was a great change of pace. It was a little darker, had a solid plot line, and gave us a deeper look into the characters persona’s. It wasn’t as snarky and didn’t have as many great one-lines as usual, but the sort-of creepy story was enough to keep my attention. It definitely was the best out of the three episodes aired. Again we’re going to run down the best scenes and lines from last nights episode. So let’s get to it! Oh, and SPOILER ALERT!

1. In the opening scene Hank decides to take it upon himself to check out his ex-wife’s new fiance in the form of a little snatch and grab. Or you could call it pick pocketing. But does it really count when you give the wallet back? Hank doesn’t think it does. Neither does he think to tell Britt (A former thief) who the hit is. Look at me, I sound like I know what I’m talking about. This is what happens when you watch too many crime shows.

2. This weeks case involves Hank, a banker, a loan, and the bankers wife. Sounds like the making of a joke. The vice president of the bank told Hank that he would give him a loan (To buy his ex-wife’s home and payback Britt his half of the money they got working a case in episode 2) only if he found sufficient evidence that his wife was cheating on him. Simple enough, right? Not exactly. Turns out that the wife (Dollhouse‘s Olivia Williams. Man I miss that show) wasn’t cheating on him. She never wanted to. The creeper or you can call him the bank manager is a little messed in the head. He wants his wife to cheat on him. He likes it (Didn’t I say it was a darker episode?).

Trying to make her husband happy (I’m not kidding) the wife (Miriam) and Hank stage a phony rendezvous with her fake lover, Britt. Hank photographs the two, but it doesn’t go as planned. Everything seems alright, the banker buys into the pictures and story, until he Google’s (This is the age we live in) Hank. He finds that the “lover” is Hanks partner. The banker refuses to give him the loan. But little does he know that Hank had his way with Miriam the night before. So out of desperation, but mostly anger he describes in detail (IN DETAIL) the night before.

The banker is silent. He signs the documents for the loans. Hank leaves, but comes back after he see’s a signature is missing. He goes back into the office to find the banker had jumped out the window and to his death. A great twist in the story. Also a gasp moment (Guilty!)

3. During all of this, Britt is dealing with a lot himself. During a it’s-5-o’clock-somewhere drink at the bar, two robbers come in and take his wallet. Hank comes to pick him up, but they get in a fight. I didn’t particularly care for the BFF’s fighting. It was a great story line and character advancement, but frankly, it’s better when they exchange snarky one-liners. So much more entertaining.

Britt: (angrily jumps out of the pickup) I have to go home and cancel my credit cards.
Hank: You don’t have credit cards.
Britt: Then I gotta go home and cancel my library cards! You know, at least the guys that robbed me today had the decency to put a gun in my face… I don’t have any cash on me. Lend me a couple of bucks for the bus.

4. Even more bad luck for Britt. The guy who robbed him was actually his former partner-in-crime (Literally) who wants him to return to the business by blackmailing him (Sort-of). His former partner threatens to tell Britt’s girlfriend, Katie, the real story of how they met. He want’s to keep it a secret, until he decides that it would be better to tell the truth (What a concept!). It seems that when Britt was a thief he robbed Katie’s home. Seeing a picture of her, and liking her, he went to the bar where she worked. They met and the rest is obvious. At first, Katie is clearly shaken by the news, or at least, she seems to be.

Katie: This is a violation. I mean I forgive you for what you’ve done. But you lied to me. I mean ever since we met, you lied.
Britt: I haven’t been telling you the truth.
Katie: Don’t say anything.
Britt: Katie.
Katie: Don’t say anything just get out!
Katie: When you get outside, wait five minutes for me to get undressed. Break in through the bedroom. I’ll be waiting.
Britt: Wh-
Katie: Not a word.
(She looks at Winston, the dog)
Katie: Don’t judge me.

I swear, each episode gets better and better. I am really starting to think that this show is going to be the stand out of the season. Just wait and see.

Did you watch last nights episode of Terriers? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Terriers is on Wednesday’s at 9pm on FX

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