Artist of the Month: Jack’s Mannequin – Dear Jack

Artist of the Month: Jack’s Mannequin wraps up today. Let’s celebrate this amazing artist!

Dear Jack,

Wow. It’s been a crazy month. We went behind the music in all cheesy VH1 fashion. We listened to your music (Parts 1 and 2). I might have gotten a little over-dramatic as we examined your lyrics and listened to your beautiful melodies. And now we celebrate. Celebrate you as an artist. But how do we do that exactly? I’m sure that long letters and monologues expressing just how much you mean to me and your fan community would be justified. But, I don’t think that’s how we should go out. So how do we end Artist of the Month?

Well, let’s start off by saying why I love Jack’s Mannequin. I don’t think in the entirety of this I ever said, why? Why do I love Jack’s Mannequin? It’s more than just the amazing lyrics and songs. It’s the band. It’s Andrew. At my first, and hopefully not my last Jack’s Mannequin concert, I remember one thing specifically. It wasn’t how breathtaking seeing them live was, or the energy and excitement Andrew brought. But, it was how every person in that room was singing along. Singing and knowing every sing line, every single word of music. It was incredible! Never have I seen that or felt so much love and energy come from a room before. That’s why I love Jack’s Mannequin. If the music has that much effect on someone or an entire room of people, you know that Jack’s Mannequin is something special.

So now what? I’ve thought long and hard on how to accurately sum up the amazing power of Jack’s Mannequin, and I could think of only one thing: more music! That’s how you sum up Jack’s Mannequin. Music. That’s where the heart is. So, that’s where we’re going to go. Let’s go back. Back to the music.

Dear Jack

“You were the fighter, I was the kid against the world, I heard there’s nothing gonna hold you down, I’ll use a lighter so you can see what isn’t there, We’ll swing at air, Swinging off eventually you’re bound, Bound to the ground”

I’m Ready

“I come undone, oh yes, I do, Just think of all the thoughts wasted on you, And every word you say, say something sweet, Cause all I taste is blood between my teeth, As I’m finding the words… you’re getting away”

MFEO: Part 1 – Made for Each Other/ Part 2 – You Can Breathe

“Ohh, maybe, we were made, We were made for each other Ahh, is it possible for the World to look this way forever? Ahhh, Ahhh…
A long (a long) way from, from a firework daze, But i still like to burn, burn, burn”

“You can breathe, you can breathe now, You can breathe, but the air is running out, You can breathe, you can breathe now, You can breathe, but the air is running out on you”

This has been one great Artist of the Month. I don’t know a better artist to feature on the blog (For a whole month). Next week we’ll be back to normal with your regularly scheduled Press Play Friday. If I got a least one of you to listen and love the music of Jack’s Mannequin . . . my job is done.

Do you love Jack’s Mannequin? Has Artist of the Month made you listen to Jack’s Mannequin? What is your favorite song? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Ahh, it has truly been a wonderful month. Interestingly enough, I had found this blog because of the Jack’s Mannequin facebook page; I got pretty lucky, if I do say so myself 🙂 Any who, my favorite song….? Hmmm, tough call. However, one of my favorites that wasn’t featured in a post is “Into the Airwaves”. I listen to that one in particular when I’ve had a rough day, because of the lines “So hold on, it’s gonna be hard day, So hang on, now. Don’t panic, Don’t panic, there simply is no need.” But, in all honesty, all of their songs are amazing; Andrew is by far one of today’s best lyricists, if not the best (he most likely is, though). Now, if only the people who run the radio stations would throw out a nice chunk of all the cruddy stuff that seems to be in constant circulation and put on the good stuff like this; what a wonderful world it would be. Wow, this comment is long. Ok, slight rant over.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you found the blog too! 🙂 How did you find the blog on the Jack’s Mannequin facebook page?

      I love “Into the Airwaves,” too. I love all the songs, so it was really hard to pick which ones to feature. All of them are amazing. And I agree Andrew is the best lyricist out there today. He has such a way with words and music. Everything he does is brilliant.

      I know! I hate what they play on the radio today. I don’t even listen to it anymore. It’s the same 5 songs over and over again. And it’s terrible music. There’s no effort, or heart in them. It’s horrible. And don’t worry, I rant too. I rant on a daily basis. This whole blog is me ranting. 😉

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