TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Memory Lane”

“Love. Hate. Such a fine line.”

Source: Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Last night we took a long walk down memory lane and what did we find there? Katherine. She’s making trouble in Mystic Falls, and Stefan and Elena are taking the brunt of it. Is their relationship in danger? Does Stefan still love Katherine? Does Damon have a new enemy? Find out in my play-by-play. So rewind those DVR’s and let’s re-watch “Memory Lane” together. Oh, and let’s slap a big SPOILER ALERT! on this one, because we’re going back . . . back to 1864!

Stefan, I don’t think we’re in 2010 anymore. We begin at the Lockwood Mansion circa 1864. Look, and there’s Katherine and Stefan dancing. Don’t they make a cute couple? And there’s Damon, with his curly hair. Good times. Good times. Wait, is that Elena? What is she doing here? My dears, I think we’re in a dream, because here we are at the Grill with Damon and Elena . . . kissing. I don’t like this dream Stefan, get us out of here!

Katherine: “It hurts, doesn’t it?”

Uh. Oh. She’s trying to get into your head, Stefan. She wants you (Or at least we think she does).

Katherine: “Don’t fight it, Stefan. You loved me once, you can love me again.”

Awake! Oh, thank Damon. It was only a dream. Wait. These vampires can dream? And sleep? Okay. I’m just going to let that one pass for now (Really?). Look! Elena is sleeping in Stefan’s arms (Ah). So cute. Oh, no. That’s not Elena, she has curly hair. Elena obviously has straight hair. That Katherine is a sly one, and one who can get into people’s heads while they dream (Really?). And that is just plain creepy. Again, the reason why she’s back?

Katherine: (To Stefan) “Three reasons: You. You. And you.”

Come on, does anyone believe her anymore? Good, a Elena and Damon scene. Aunt Jenna is having a party, and Damon got himself invited. Yay, I forgot. Aunt Jenna means, Alaric. Win. Oh, and Damon want’s to prove Mason Lockwood is a werewolf. Blah, blah, blah. Cut to Tyler wanting Mason to tell him the truth and Mason being a little too “whatever” about the whole wolf thing. He treats it like no big deal. We also see that there is more to being a werewolf than just being a Lockwood. You have to trigger the curse (More on that later). For now, Mason ain’t giving anything away. And Tyler isn’t giving away the moon stone.

Now we return to Katherine who is reading Stefan’s journal (Not cool). She gets to know more about him – he drinks rabbit’s – and we learn that Katherine knows a lot more about werewolves than we do. History lesson: Werewolves (Specifically the Lockwood’s) were the reason why the Vampires were kicked out-of-town in 1864. Also, the werewolf gene runs in the Lockwood family, but not all of them are wolves (But, I’m still sure that Tyler is one).

In one of the best scenes of the night, Katherine questions why Stefan still kept the picture of her. She insists that she came back just for him. Katherine also insists that Stefan came back to Mystic Falls just so he could fall in love with her again (I feel a Bill Compton twist coming soon). He goes up to her (Very closely). He touches her face.

Stefan: “What is it about you, that makes me still care?”

He’s leaning in for a kiss now (No, Stefan! Don’t!). Closer and closer they get. Oh, and he just stabs her with one of Alaric’s vervain shots. That’s gotta hurt. Who else thinks she deserved worse? Raise your hand. You know you think so.

We return from the commercial break as Stefan is hauling Katherine into the jail he has in the basement (Really?). The interrogation begins as Stefan asks her why she has returned to Mystic Falls. She still is insisting that she came back for Stefan. Now, let’s look at this further. If she really wanted to be with Stefan, why did she wait so long to find him? Hmmm? Riddle me that! He doesn’t believe her, of course. So he gets out some vervain and burns her with it. He’ll do anything for the truth. But, she just want’s to reminisce. Back in 1864: George Lockwood and Katherine are exchanging history’s. She’s knows what he is, and he knows what she is.

Elsewhere, in 2010, the party is just beginning for Damon, Mason, Jenna, and Alaric. Shots are being poured. This is going to get interesting. Cue the best Damon line of the night:

Mason: “I’ve heard great things about you.”

Damon: “Really? That’s weird. Cause I’m a dick.”

Oh, you. Meanwhile, Elena is a little worried about Stefan. She thinks something is up, but Caroline is there to ease, or rather destroy her frame of mind.

Caroline: “He hates that’s you’re a constant temptation.”

Thanks a lot, Caroline. Why can’t any vampire/human relationship be easy? But I don’t think any vampire/vampire relationship is easy, either. Take Stefan and Katherine, who are having a staring contest in the basement. Katherine wonders, what is it about Elena that he can’t resist? And keeps insisting that Stefan still loves her (This routine is starting to get old). You love me. No, I don’t. You love me. Let’s move on here, shall we?

Let’s go back to 1864: Stefan brings Katherine back home after the founders ball, and admits that he loves her. She looks dumbfounded and goes into her room where Damon is waiting for her. The two obviously have met like this before, but tonight is different. She compels him to leave.

As Stefan is listening to her side of the story, Katherine admits, lies, whatever, that she never compelled Stefan to love her (Do you really believe her?). To me, it looked as though he still had feelings for her. What do you think?

Back to the party, though the words uncomfortable situation may be more appropriate. I suppose in an act of desperation, the pictionary had to be pulled out. Wasn’t it lucky that Mason was the only one to guess Dances With Wolves? How weird. Wolves. It’s not like he is one (Oh. Wait). I loved this scene. It was especially hilarious. A vampire, a werewolf, a vampire hunter, and a human are playing charades. Now, that is definitely the beginning of a joke.

And . . . we’re back in the basement. After the news that Katherine didn’t compel Stefan to love her, she is more self-conceited than before. He remembers being compelled, but she says only after he knew she was a vampire. He was so afraid of her, that she had to compel him. Katherine also tells him another story. To cover up his tracks (Eating people and everything) George Lockwood outed the vampires to the council. But, he stuck a deal with Katherine. The town would round-up all the vampires, Katherine included, but before they burnt the church down, George would help her escape (Say, what?). She let’s the other vampires in the tomb die, just so she could escape free and easy. She betrayed them.

Another great scene: Damon handing Mason a silver knife, and Mason picking up the peach cobbler (Which Damon brought. How nice) with his hands and smiling at Damon. Ha ha, Alaric’s face is priceless. The wolf puns are endless in these scenes, but Mason comes back with his own.

Mason: “I’m sure I wasn’t half the lady-killer you were.”

Oh, it’s on! I predict a future vampire/werewolf war in the future. Meanwhile, Elena really want’s to check on Stefan, but Caroline isn’t having any of that. She volunteers to drive Elena to Stefan’s, but she let’s the air out of her tires. I say that is a huge stalling technique. I believe we know what Katherine wanted after she popped up at Caroline’s last week. I really hope Caroline doesn’t become her hand puppet. We need another good vampire on our side.

Cut to Katherine and Stefan. He believes that she was running from something, and it seems that way. Katherine admits that’s the case, but won’t give anything away (Another vampire lover, perhaps?). History lesson: Stefan’s father poisoned Stefan with vervain (He knew what Katherine was). When Katherine took a bite the night of the fire, she was taken with the other vampires to the church (That was her plan), but Damon and Stefan tried to save her (Not her plan). Katherine didn’t want to be saved. The two were shot (Remember?).

Stefan: “So Damon and I died for nothing. For nothing!”

Katherine: “No, you died for love.”

Um, no I don’t think so. So, back to Mason and Damon. The funny innuendo’s are over, and they each know what the other one is. Mason says he’s there for innocent reasons and that he doesn’t want any drama. Of course, Damon doesn’t believe him. The two of them part, shaking hands, only before Damon takes out a silver knife.

In the car on their way to see Stefan, Caroline is doing her best to separate the couple and plant regrets and doubts into Elena’s mind.

Caroline: “What is the ratio of success for vampire, human couplings? I’m guessing nil.”

I’m just going to ignore the cheesy car commercial during this scene. But, seriously? The car breaks down and their waiting for the tow truck. Elena is really antsy and prefers to walk the rest of the way, however Caroline is still trying to place doubts into Elena’s head. She says that their relationship will never work and all that other anti human/vampire nonsense. Elena knows something is wrong, but she leaves anyway (Did anyone else think that there might be a future dead tow truck driver somewhere?).

Onto a really quick scene where Damon stabs Mason with a silver knife, but nothing happens. Silver is only a myth to these werewolves. Now Damon has a new enemy (That he could have avoided!).

Katherine and Stefan are still in the basement. She wants what she wants, so she threatens to kill Elena and her family. Stefan immediately grabs a stake and almost kills Katherine. Almost. Twice. She escapes. Vervain doesn’t affect her anymore. Elena is upstairs now. The two come face to face. Katherine almost studies her. As Stefan comes to the rescue, Katherine disappears, only to show up at the Grill to confront Caroline. She wanted her to distract Elena, but Caroline didn’t do as she asked. Katherine threatens Caroline. She does that a lot, we should be used to it by now.

Alright, it’s almost time to wrap things up. Next, a quick scene between Tyler and Mason. The key to set off the curse and become a werewolf? Kill someone. I predict a future Mason episode all about his werewolf past. At the Grill Caroline tries to apologize to Elena, but it seems her tricky ways might have paid off. Stefan and Elena have a fight over Katherine.

Elena: “This is what she wants. She want’s us to get in a fight. She wants to get between us.”

Stefan: “She already has, Elena.”

I might have let out a huge gasp/yell/”what?” after he said that. How could he? Why must all these darn vampires play with our hearts? Of course, Damon was there to catch the whole thing, and that small smirk on his face could obviously say what he was thinking. Can someone say love triangle extreme? Katherine confronts Damon, flirting her way. He seems to be over her.

We catch up with Elena. A small wind flutters her hair. Someone is there. Hello, Stefan. She runs into his arms. They kiss. Their fight was a hoax. They know that Katherine is controlling Caroline. So, they plan to make it appear as if Katherine is getting her way to uncover her real motives for being in Mystic Falls. The couple seems as happy as they can be, with a sadistic doppelgänger vampire after them.

Cue the musical montage (Song is Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles). Katherine is remembering the night she escaped. Damon and Stefan are lying dead (Actually, their in transition). Katherine gives George Lockwood the moon stone. She confesses her love for Stefan and kisses him.

“I love you, Stefan. We will be together again, I promise.”

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? What do you think will happen next? Do you believe Katherine still loves Stefan? Tell me in the comments!

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