Press Play Friday: Kate Walsh

“He keeps my heart between the light and the dark.”

You might say I’m late to the game on this one. Of course, this happens a lot. However, after three albums and an impending fourth, I still find it hard to find someone who knows exactly who Kate Walsh is. This singer/songwriter (From Essex) sets herself apart from all the others. Yet, if you tried to find lyrics to her songs on whatever search engine you choose, your search will come up empty. Why? For a singer who is exceptionally extraordinary, this seems unfitting. Yes, it is all about personal opinion. And in my opinion, Kate Walsh is one of the great musical poet’s of our time.

Like most Press Play artists, I first heard Kate Walsh when iTunes (Hey, iTunes!) had a free download of her song, Tonight (I’m a sucker for free and legal music downloads, aren’t I?). Love. Heartbreak. Loss. Regret. Love. Tonight and all her music, for that matter, play out like a confessional. The music and lyrics are so personal and touching. Which is sometimes hard to find in music today. For me, her charming, heartbreaking, and beautiful lyrics take center stage in all of her songs. It’s the story she tells that makes you fixated with her music. With just a guitar, a piano, and a few strings, her music conveys a range of emotions and a full spectrum of what it feels like to be in love.

My favorite amongst them all has to be Seafarer (Acoustic Version). Having a lighter, richer sound than its studio counterpart, Seafarer is the song you sing as you sit on a white sandy beach, a cold wind in the air, and your guitar in your hands.

“Please, let him have me for all that I’m worth. He’s at the center of my earth”

The most well-known from Kate’s songbook is Your Song from the album, Tim’s House. Sung as more of a love letter, the narrator is asking her lover, “Don’t you know I love you?”

“Haven’t you heard? I’ve fallen head first. And he love’s me so, we’re two in a row. Just look in his eyes, there blue as the sky’s”

One of her more uptempo pieces, is Be Mine from Light & Dark. I find myself smiling every time I hear it. With more of a folk style, the song is a bouncy, sentimental addition to more of her darker songs.

“I felt the earth when we met. When I held your hand, can’t forget . . . So I said, Be mine. Be my love . . . and I’ll be yours”

Bonus: This is probably the most heartbreaking and stunning songs out of Kate’s repertoire. If you don’t find yourself crying afterward, check out On & On, because you’ll definitely need a tissue after hearing that one.

Gather My Strength

Do you like Kate Walsh? What is your favorite song? Do you have any music recommendations for me? Tell me in the comments!

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