Press Play Friday: The Mitch Hansen Band

“Stupid shiny Volvo owner, I’m so glad to see you here.”

This week we saw what happened when Supernatural and Twilight combined. It was amazing, let’s face it. Yet, this wasn’t the first time Twilight fused with another one of my favorite things. If I told you that there was a band  – an awesome band – that makes music dedicated to the Twilight world, what would you say? Well, if you’re not a TwiHard, you’d probably say I was insane. If you’re a Potter fan, you’d probably say Wizard Rock is better. However, if you are a TwiHard, you know I’m talking about The Mitch Hansen Band.

A little over two years ago, I had a newly found obsession in a book series. I was just starting down the Twi road when I heard Number 3. Hearing The Mitch Hansen Band was like completing the circle. There was music to companion the book series. It made sense and it was awesome. When you’re so invested in a series, having a musical reference heightens the reading experience. It made me love the series even more. You know what I’m talking about, Potter fans.

Whether or not you’re a twifan, there is no denying that The Mitch Hansen Band takes their craft seriously. They make amazing music, if it’s about Twilight or not (It’s a choice. Don’t judge). In 2007, their debut album Twilight Hour was released. The all acoustic album focused on the first three books of the series. Songs like Lullaby and A World Without You immediately made TwiHard’s hearts pitter-patter. A mostly literal interpretation of the series, Twilight Hour respectfully paid homage to our favorite characters. One year later, Endless Day came out. Backed with a full band and increased rock sound, The Mitch Hansen Band brought back the songs we loved with some new enhancements.

Admittedly, I love the acoustic sound of Twilight Hour more. It brings back the same feelings I had when reading the book. It’s feels more heartfelt and real. When you’re in the mood, it’s the best thing to have in case of a Twi-emergency. Yes, it’s all about personal preference. You may feel differently, but I’m Team Twilight Hour.

She is Brighter: And ode to one of our favorite Cullen’s, Alice.

“She doesn’t walk she is always prancing, only when she isn’t dancing, You don’t even know the things she can see, it’d be clearer if you made up your mind, Any chance she gets she’ll throw a party, as ostentatious as you’ll ever find, Share your woes she’ll make them lighter, Future’s bright but she is brighter”

What do you do after Edward Cullen breaks up with you? You sing about it. By You is my favorite MHB song. It’s heartbreaking and powerful. Bella Swan was meant to sing this song.

“This hole in my chest has been getting the best of my life. That Day in the woods hurt me more than any kind of pain in this life ever should. What’s the cause? I guess I’ll walk around in this empty shell of all that I was. Hold myself, who else will?”

I didn’t forget about you Jacob Black. Edward Cullen has something to say to you.

“Jacob Black, she’s not coming back, La Push has come to shove and she’s through with you. Can’t you see you’re just a dog to me? If you come near her again, I’ll eat you too”

In Number 3, Bella is sure of three things. 1. Edward is a vampire. 2. He want’s her blood. 3. She is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

“I see it in your eyes, they’re as black as night. Here is the surprise: One, I know it probably should chill me. Two, I think you probably want to kill me. Three, I know I want to spend my life with you. You’d never hurt me. And of all of these, the only one I fear is number 3”

About The Mitch Hansen Band

“One, I love writing songs. I’ve been writing songs ever since I was 12 and could play three chords on the guitar. I’ve always loved music and putting melodies and harmonies on top of cool guitar licks. It’s just a part of who I am. Anytime I pick up my guitar, I start scheming and trying out new ideas. I can’t help it. My need to create music even keeps me up at night sometimes. Just ask my wife!

Two, the Twilight saga is awesome! This is really where the story starts. My day job put me in the path of an unknown book around August of 2007. That book was Twilight. I had never heard of it or anything about, so I turned it over and checked out the back. “Vampires!” I thought, “Cool!” I decided to give it a try and I was hooked instantly. I read all three books in about a week, which is a lot of reading for someone who doesn’t read a ton. I got my wife hooked on them, too. We were both huge fans at that point and couldn’t get enough of anything Twilight-related.

After finishing Eclipse I was playing guitar and messing around with a little finger-picking riff I wrote. My wife walked by and said, “Hey, that sounds cool. Does it have any words yet?” I told her, “No,” and she suggested that I write some lyrics about Bella and Edward. The books were very fresh in my mind and I thought that was a pretty sweet idea! That’s how the song Twilight Hour was born.”

Source: The Mitch Hansen Band Blog

Purchase Twilight Hour on iTunes HERE

Purchase Endless Day on iTunes HERE

For more information on The Mitch Hansen Band visit their Official Website

Love The Mitch Hansen Band? What is your favorite song? Which album do you prefer? Love Twilight? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Having never read the books, I was pretty curious as to whether I would like any of these songs, and, although I probably don’t get as much out of them as a Twilight fan, I found them to be quite enjoyable. I think that “By You” is well-written, and I just plain-old liked “She is Brighter”. And, I must say, I find it refreshing to see male fans of the Twilight series. Usually when people think of Twilight, they think of obsessed pre-teen girls squeeing at the mention of Edward or Jacob (although they do exist). Oh, and by the way, I’m glad you enjoyed my suggestion of Meg & Dia!

    1. I am never surprised, unlike others, to hear someone hasn’t read the books. If you weren’t there in the beginning, it’s most likely you have this preconception about them and the fans. It’s true, the media has made the Twilight fan into some inarticulate screaming 13 year old. Plus, the movies don’t help. Their faces are plastered everywhere and the movie’s aren’t of the highest quality. I see how someone might get sick of that. I love the books. That’s just me. I’m always trying to encourage people to read them. You never know, you might love them. In this case it’s appropriate to say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” 🙂

      I’m glad, even though you aren’t a fan, that you listened to the music and enjoyed it. Most people wouldn’t be so open. I have to applaud you on that. Thank you. 🙂 It’s great music, whether or not it’s about Twilight. And I did really like Meg & Dia. I had a hard time choosing which song to suggest. “Going Away,” “Black Wedding,” and “Kiss you Goodnight” were my favorites. Thank you for suggesting them!

      P:S. Twilight is a great club to join. We’re fun people and we’re always looking for new members. If you go to your local Twilight representative, I’m sure they will be glad to introduce you to the Twilight world. 😉

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