Supernatural Rewind: “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

Is that really you, Sam?

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Before we start, I have to apologize to someone. I’m talking to you, New Sam. I’m sorry. I had no idea. I guess we should have seen this coming, with Angel’s and Demon’s stealing soul’s and everything. Though, that still doesn’t explain who brought you back. I’m still waiting for that answer. I have to admit, even though I feel sorry for you – you tried your best to be honest – I still don’t trust you. After you betrayed Dean like that (Letting that vampire get bitey), it’s going to take some time to regain my trust. But, I have all the confidence in you, Sammy. Shhh . . . don’t tell Dean, but in seasons 1-3, you were my favorite. Yes, it was quite a surprise to this self-proclaimed Dean Girl too. You know what, Sam? We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s back up this train to where the truth started spilling out all over the place. For those who’ve seen Friday’s episode, onwards and downwards. To the rest of you, SPOILER ALERT!

Truth. We always say we want it, but when we finally get it, sometimes we regret ever asking for it in the first place. This week’s episode deals with exactly that. No matter how much we want the truth, sometimes we just can’t handle it. Case in point, our first victim. A waitress with some already deeply seeded self-confidence issues, is having a rough day. She just want’s the truth and that’s exactly what she’s going to get. Truth after truth, her confidence falls into little tiny pieces on the floor, and it get’s worse. She call’s her sister, only to hear that she is a freak and a burden, and she should just kill herself. The girl takes a gun from the front desk and does as she’s told. I don’t know about you, but I think that this is probably one of the darkest openings in Supernatural history. Am I right?

On the home front, Sam and Dean are picking up a quick bite before heading out to find their next case. While Sam is retrieving their food, Dean makes a phone call to the one person he can rely on, Bobby. He voices his many, many, many concerns over Sam. He goes over his theories, – Lucifer, demon, etc.  – but Bobby wants to keep it professional. They need evidence before Dean can do any shootin’ (No, Dean. No). As soon as Bobby’s side of the conversation is over, Sam appears with a case. 4 suicides in two weeks. The decide to check it out.

Suited up Sam and Dean ( I love the suits) begin to investigate the waitresses suicide first. While questioning the sister, Sam starts to believe she isn’t telling the truth. He uses his newly discovered Nancy Grace interrogation tactics and she spills. She admits to her role in her sister’s death. Dean seems utterly confused and horrified – as were we all – at Sam’s über-hunter style. It didn’t help that Sam seemed overly pleased with himself as he mind melted the girl.

Enter our next victim. A dentist killed – rather gruesomely – his patient after he (The patient) said terrible things about the dentist’s young daughter. While Sam began to investigate the new lead, Dean stayed at the hotel doing research, about Doppelganger’s, no less. He wanted to go over all the options. I get it. I can’t say that it didn’t make me chuckle, though. You know why, Vampire Diaries fans.

Later, Dean called on Bobby once again to help him find out what is wrong with Sam. Bobby laid out the worst case scenario, ” Maybe it’s just Sam. Dean quickly ended the conversation. That was the last thing he wanted to hear (You can’t blame him. I don’t want to hear that, either). Meanwhile, Sam took a trip to the local morgue to take a look at the latest victim, only he wasn’t there. None of the bodies were there. They were all missing.

While at the dentist’s office (looking for clues), Dean found a lead. Both the waitress and the dentist made recent trips to Harry’s House of Horns. Upon further inspection, Dean learned a valuable horn had gone missing. He did some research and found that it looked very similar to Gabriel’s Horn of Truth. I couldn’t help but hope that The Trickster would come back, at this point. No one ever stays dead on this show, so why should he? Will we ever get another episode like Changing Channels again?

My hopes were quickly exiled as Cas knocked down the possibility that it was actually Gabriel’s Horn. The big Angel on campus also knocked down the possibility that Sam is Lucifer (There goes my theory). Dean accused Cas of losing whatever humanity he had and I kind of agree with him. Yet, I don’t think it’s all lost. Part of it being, Cas has new responsibilities upstairs, he has to keep his head in the game, so to speak. The other part of it being, I think that Cas knows the boy’s can handle themselves. There are much more scarier and important things going on (Alpha’s going off kilter?) that need to be handled first. But he still gave his sympathy’s for the situation with Sam ( Can we have more Cas, please!). “Dean, about your brother, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but I do want to help. I’ll make inquiries.”

Later, poor Dean began to drown his troubles and sorrows with a few rounds of beer. After Sam called to tell him about another lead – a Patient Zero – Dean declares his only wish. His wish for some “freakin’ truth.Bad idea. A few awkward truth’s from the bartender later, and Dean was ready to try out his new-found powers on someone else. Bobby was the perfect test subject. “Well I’m here hitting a book, while drinking a nice glass of milk, and watching Tori & Dean.” Really, Bobby? Really? In another uncomfortable confession, Bobby reveals his fondness for pedicure’s, and – even though we already knew – Bobby admits that Dean is his favorite (Duh).

Dean also tries his new power on Lisa, but that didn’t go as well. She pleaded with him for the truth, but he didn’t give in to her wishes. So she hit him. She hit him hard. “As long as he’s (Sam) in your life, you’re never going to be happy.” She proceeded to break up with him (For good) again. I hope this is the last time we’ll have to go through this. Please, make her go away!

Sam continued on the path of Patient Zero. He discovered that she summoned Veritas, to try to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her. If summoned aloud, Veritas would give the person what they wanted – the truth from the people around them – and Veritas would get a tribute. Meeting up at Patient Zero’s, Dean goes right for it. “When that vamp attacked me, why did you just stand there?” Sam choked out and falsely admitted – I say falsely because you could see it on his face – that he froze. Cue myself, yelling at my television screen, “He’s lying, Dean!” I didn’t believe him and I didn’t think Dean did, either . . . until he just took it at face value and accepted that he was wrong. I think it’s clear that Dean want’s his brother back and if he has to accept that “It’s just Sam,” then he’s going to.

After a series of small leads, they discover that Veritas’ meat suit is a local newswoman with a fear of dogs (She’s a cat person). The boys go to her home, but before they can begin the task of sticking her with a knife, the meat suit slams them against a wall, then ties them up. A game of truth or dare – without the dare – ensues. She is a God of truth, after all. Dean is up first. “What do you really feel about your brother?”

This scene laid everything out on the table and it made my heart sink. Dean confessed to wanting to kill his brother in his sleep, but now he thinks “He’s just acting like me.Like a hunter. He also admitted that he’s not father material. He’s a killer and that’s all he’ll ever be (Who else wanted to cry?). Dean is broken. Someone needs to help him pick up the pieces. And I think that person is Sam. He may not be “Sam” right now, but when that time comes, I guarantee a huge hug-it-out moment. They need it.

Now it’s Sam’s turn. Veritas tries to unleash the truth, but something is wrong. He. Can. Lie. “What are you?” (Get in line, Sister. We’ve been asking for that for weeks now). Before the truth serum could go any further, Sam uses his Jedi skills and cuts the rope with a knife. With some minor help from Dean – Let’s face it. They boy isn’t as good as he used to be – Sam takes her down.

Eager to finish what’s been started, Dean holds up a knife to Sam, ready to pounce. “What are you?” he asks. Sam back’s away and tries to explain. He knows there is something wrong with him, “Really wrong,” and he’s known it for a while. Sam admits he lied and that he let Dean get turned by the vamp (Knew it!). He only did it because he knew that there was cure, and that they needed information from the nest (Excuses, excuses). Dean argues back. He could have died and Sam knows it, he just doesn’t feel it. Ever since he came back, he’s been a better hunter and nothing can scare him. He doesn’t feel anything. “I think I need help (Ya bet ya do). Only . . . Dean? I don’t think beating him to a pulp is the kind of help he needs right now. Maybe you should talk to him first before he goes unconscious?


I’ll leave it to you, my dear readers, to discuss, debate, and theorize these questions I put before you in the comments.


1. Sam is currently living without his soul. What do you think about that? Love or hate the new storyline? Why did they choose to tell us in next week’s previews? Are you as outraged about that, as I am?

2. Who do you think has Sam’s soul? Why do they want it? And what are they doing with it?

3. What did you think about this week’s episode? Love it? Hate it? How does it feel to have everything out in the open?

See you next week for an all new recap!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    I don’t have a problem with the storyline; as long as the writers can write it well, I’m fine with it (basically, so far so good). When I saw the preview for this week’s episode, I laughed because, right after Sam told Dean the truth, I said (to myself….or the T.V., whichever is less odd) “Wow, it’s like he has no soul.” I didn’t really think much about the comment, so it was pretty funny to discover that, in a bizarre turn of events, I was right. So, instead of feeling outrage, I was more amused.

    Who has Sam’s soul? Hm, this is a tough one. It would be interesting if it wound up being Raphael for use in bringing on the Apocalypse, although I’m not sure why it would be Sam’s soul that he needs.

    In the end, I’m satisfied that everything is out in the open. Now, Dean has something to go on, and hopefully, the dynamic duo that we know and love will be back to their old, soul-equipped selves.

    1. I have the up-most confidence that the writers will knock it out of the park. I love the way the storyline is going to go. It adds so much more to the Supernatural mythology. It’s probably going to be an epic quest to find Sam’s soul and I can’t wait.

      I’m also happy that everything is out in the open. Maybe Dean will have a little bit more peace. As far as who has Sam’s soul – I really have no clue. I’m kind of leaning toward an Angel too. A demon just seems too obvious.

      Yes! I can’t wait for them to be back to normal – well at least as normal as they can be. I miss season 2/3 Sam and Dean. They were so much more fun. 😉

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