I Can Quote That 2!

I’m the queen of the quotes!

Here we are once again, quoting movies. I just can’t help myself. You know, the last time we found ourselves in this position (I Can Quote That!: 1st Edition), I found the need to bring up my love of cheesy movies lines, “Hold on tight, Spider Monkey,” and my need to randomly shout out “Squirrel!” or “Lieutenant Dan!” whenever I felt like it. Now I realize, that quoting popular or arbitrary movies is just part of it. What about TV quotes? What about those overused, obnoxious, yet strangely wonderful movie lines that everyone knows and speaks on a constant basis? There is an entire world of movie and TV quotes waiting for us.

So how can I not bring up this movie? This movie that I saw four times in the theatre. This movie that introduced me to Leo. This movie that gave us such a historic line like “I’m the King of the World!”; a line so overused that characters make fun of it in other movies. A line so overused that people feel the need to shout it and stand in a replicated triumphant pose every time they step onto a boat. It’s a classic. Not to mention, the whole movie is abundant in cheesy delicious quotes. “I’ll never let go” Oh, how I love it.

While after a few years, these overused gems can become quite annoying, you still have to appreciate the power they have. How can you ever leave a room, say these three simple words, and not give yourself a silent high-five for the unexpected analogy? “I’ll be back” You’re right. You can’t. Even if these quotes are simply worn out and unoriginal, you can’t deny there is nothing better than just erratically releasing a few for your own enjoyment. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” “Ditto” “Houston, we’ve got a problem” “You had me at hello” Now, don’t you feel better?

The yearning to quote movies and have that small piece of knowledge with you is something that everyone experiences and loves doing. Am I right? But what about TV quotes? They are just as useful and carry an equal amount of weight as movie quotes, yet you don’t hear them as often; except for the occasional catchphrase or theme song. I know every time that I attempt to make a joke, the word “Bazinga!” escapes my mouth; or when something goes horribly wrong, I must fight the urge to yell “Son of a bitch!” in true Dean Winchester fashion. In just one episode of Seinfeld, I bet I can find at least five random quotes worthy of constant repetition. “Frankly, my dear” quoting a TV show is just as much fun as quoting a movie. You know it. I know it. Make an effort to use them more often. There are only so many times you can sing the Friends theme. And with that, I must say “So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye” Until next time, quote enthusiasts!

What are your favorite movie and TV quotes? What movie quotes do you love, but are overused? Can you name all the movies and TV shows I quoted? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. setinmotion says:

    no soup for you.
    and almost ANY line from the simpsons, or better yet Dexter.
    “The problem with acting normal is that normal people get into stupid situations.”

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