TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Descent”

Blood and Feelings

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Can you hold on a second? There is something I just have to do. Here it goes. *Breaks into happy dance* The Vampire Diaries are back! The Vampire Diaries are back!

Okay. I’m good. So where were we? Yes. That’s right! The winter hellatus is finally over and our fangtastic show has returned to our television screens. Just in the nick of time. I was going crazy without my Damon Salvatore fix. Just think if we had to wait another week . . .  or if the CW postponed the return (*cough* Supernatural *cough). What would have we done then? Thank Stefan that didn’t happen. Yeah. So . . . Oh, that’s right. I have a show to recap. Should we get on with it then? I think that was a humongous YES. Okay, let’s hit it. For those of you who have seen last nights all new episode, please keep you hands and arms inside the vehicle as we descend into Mystic Falls. The rest of you must wait in Damon’s room because this is a SPOILER ALERT!

Okay. Here it goes. I’m so excited! Oh, great. Another naked werewolf waking up from a night of tearing and shredding flesh. Seen it (Did any of you watch Being Human?)! This time it’s the dearly departed Mason’s hippie werewolf friend Jules. Looks like her blood bender didn’t end with Rose (Find out what happened HERE). As she wakes up – and conveniently finds clothes that fit her perfectly (?) – Jules decides it’s time to clean up her mess, but not so fast. The fuzz just drove up. So she plays the helpless victim card to hide her tracks, and to kill the helpless officer. Have I mentioned that I really don’t like Jules?

Fast forward to Elena barging into Stefan’s room. Where could he be? Oh, he’s right behind you . . . and shirtless. You know this would be the perfect time for a little make-up make-out session, but of course Stefan opens his big mouth. He wants to find Isobel, against Elena’s protests. She figures if she just does whatever Elijah tells her to, everything will be fine (Have you people learned nothing?). Stefan disagrees and thinks he should suit up for the fight, by building up his tolerance of vervain like Katherine. So no shirtless make-out session then? Fail.

Hey, it’s Damon! And a still very alive Rose. Using his charming wit and nice full glass of blood, he tries to make her feel better about her werewolf infection. Legend, Shmedgen. Reassuring Rose that everything is going to be okay is kind of a hard thing to do, seeing as her bite is infinitely worse. Damon elicit’s the help of would-be love Elena to be nurse-maid, while he makes a quick exit.

Wow. Another Mystic Falls celebration. Seriously? Do these people every just sit home on a Friday night? Guess not. It’s the morning after Tyler’s transformation and Caroline is giving Tyler one more pep-talk. Longing stares ensue and fuel my Caroline/Tyler love theory. Also, Caroline just happens to break the news to Tyler that a werewolf bite can kill a vampire. No big deal. Right? Matt breaks the tension and creates more of his own. Kissing Caroline seemed to be a good idea at the time, until – once again – she runs away. I can see a pattern for this episode. Yep. There is a pattern. Tyler stops by after the Mystic Falls generic celebration and also smooches Caroline (Do I have to say, “Told ya so?”). She leaves Tyler standing on the front porch alone. So I have to say, why so much resistance Caroline? You have a werewolf and a human longing for your affection. I really don’t see a problem. Well, aside from the I-want-to-drink-your-blood and Your-werewolf-bite-can-kill-me aspect of the situation.

Now it’s time for one-scene Alaric alerting Damon that Jules is on the premisses, and telling Stefan that he may or may not have a number to contact Isobel. Alaric gives him the number (reluctantly), allowing Stefan to leave a message for Elena’s mom. A few minutes later, he gets a call back. Oh, come on now! You’re not going to let us in on the call? That’s not nice. Before Damon can confront Jules, Stefan takes him aside, preventing him from removing Jules’ spleen through her back. Damon is more than defensive when Stefan alerts him to the fact that he actually cares about Rose (What? No). Unfortunately for Rose, there is no cure for a vampire bite. Well, except a stake through the heart.

Bed. Damon. Damon’s bed. Damon. Damon’s bed! We’re in Damon’s bedroom?! Thank you Vampire Diaries! Oh, yeah. Elena is trying to help Rose. Blah, blah, blah. You can’t tell me you weren’t focused more on Damon’s bedroom, than the conversation happening between Elena and Rose. You can’t. Don’t deny it.

Rose is getting sicker by the minute. Hallucinations, the inability to digest blood, and the way Rose just slammed Elena against the wall, tells me that Rose is not going to last the episode. Who’s with me? Elena leaves the room and later finds Rose snacking on the Salvatore blood supply in the basement (Yuck). Rose is more than rabid at this point and tires to attack Elena. She manages to lock herself in Stefan’s bedroom before anything can happen. Of course, Stefan doesn’t answer his phone. Seriously, don’t these vampire’s know that you can’t leave your human girlfriend alone for more than a couple of minutes without something horrible happening? Will they ever learn? This would have never happened if Edward, or even Bill were there. How many times do I have to teach you this lesson?

It’s after dark by the time Elena makes her way out of the room to search for Rose. She’s nowhere to be found. Nevermind. She’s helping herself to a little after dinner janitor and two Mystic High students to sully her thirst. Damon is alerted to the situation and intervene’s a little too late. With the help of Elena, he takes her back to the Salvatore Mansion. Rose apologizes to Elena for her behavior and asks her to fight. No matter what, she must fight (A.k.a Don’t trust Elijah).

Later, Damon is in super-caring mode (Awww) as he helps, or rather, distracts Rose with a dream. Rose is back home in England. The sun is shining. The grass is green. And there Damon sits waiting for her. She isn’t afraid anymore and knows that soon she will see the ones she loved. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the season, Damon puts an end to her misery (I had to take out the Kleenex box for this scene. Damon wasn’t the only one crying).

Back at The Grill, Jules confronts Tyler about his wolfy ways. She knows. She knows about Mason and Caroline. Jules want’s to help Tyler (Be his friend), except telling him that Caroline killed Mason wasn’t really the way to do it. It wasn’t a great idea to tell him that there is more than one vampire in Mystic Falls, either. Oh, and more werewolves are coming. Yep. You heard me. More. Could there be a werewolf/vampire showdown in the works? I have no doubt about it.

Elena – good friend that she is – wants to help Damon after what happened to Rose. Only, he’s not one to admit his feelings. Elena knows he is pretending he doesn’t care, and wants him to keep trying to be human. She leaves, but gives him one more goodbye hug (Hey, he does care!). At home, Elena finds Stefan and a special friend waiting for her. Uh oh, it’s Uncle/Isobel’s lackey/Elena’s dad, John. Things are about to get a whole lot worse, if you ask me.

In the final scene of the night, a woman comes across a body in the road. Only, it’s not just any ol’ body. It’s Damon Salvatore in an existential crisis. Should he let all his inner human feelings take over, or should he just accept what he is? A monster. He wants – more than anything – to be human again. But that can never happen. Will he leave the human be? Or will he take a bite? Damn. He took a bite.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? Did you miss all your favorite characters? Will you miss Rose? What do you think of the Caroline/Matt/Tyler love triangle? Are Stefan and Elena ever going to be officially back together again? Has Damon gone off the deep end? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Oh Kim, how I’ve missed you. Vampire Diaries is back and all is right with the world…not really but personal problems aside…

    Wow. Wow. Let’s just say that last night’s episode was NOT what I was expecting. Aww Rose. I liked you, I really did. You got Damon to feel things. Things other than the need to kill innocent people like it’s going out of style (enter Jules…seriously there must have been 10 dead mutilated bodies on around that campfire). He did a really sweet thing…and he cried. I didn’t cry (really. but I teared up a little – but don’t feel bad, I checked twitter and everybady else was bawling). Honestly. I don’t think there is anything Damon can do now that I will not understand. Seriously, the dude is walking around with centuries of hurt!!! So what if he goes on a killing’s how he deals. And that existential crisis speech – so much emotion and pain. Just WOW.

    This show really moved fast. All those things we talked about last time with Rose’s death and Mason finding out about Caroline? I never expected it to happen in the 1st episode of the season.

    Yes. I can’t stand Jules either and seriously do we NEED more werewolves in Mystic Falls? Just like we don’t need another town/school activity. For real it’s a wonder these people know what the inside of their houses look like!

    BTW. What was Damon doing ALL day? Seriously. When I saw Elena crawl out that room at NIGHT, I was like huh? Really a whole day?

    Anyway, Caroline loves Matt. Aww. But I still don’t have a clue where that storyline will lead. Absolutely no idea. Tyler/Caroline on the other hand…can’t wait to see next week.

    Uncle John?!?

    1. I’ve missed your comments 🙂 I know, everything just seems better with the Vampire Diaries in it’s rightful time slot. I really liked Rose too and I’m going to miss the chemistry she had with Damon. No matter how much I want to see him get together with Elena, I think his relationship with Rose should have been given a little bit more time. Hahaha! “You got Damon to feel things.” She did, but now I think he’s turned to the dark side (Maybe. I’m still not sure). He has all this pent up hurt, and I agree, It’s going to have to go somewhere. How about to all those new werewolves we heard about? Yeah, I really don’t think we need more wolves (Team Vampire!) either (Or more town functions) lol.

      I have no idea what Damon was doing all day long, but you would think that he and Stefan would learn to keep their human safe. I know, it was like, really? Where’s an over protective vampire when you need him?

      As far as Caroline and Matt go, at first it was “Awww,” but then when she left him hanging I had to shout at the TV. I know she doesn’t want to hurt him, but for a newborn she’s doing quite well. I pretty sure she could handle her thirst around him. I do like how her relationship with Tyler is progressing and it’s definitely going to be interesting to how things go from here.

      Oh. My. Damon. Uncle John totally creeps me out! I don’t trust him and really think he’s going to make things worse. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if he new Elijah.

  2. setinmotion says:

    hahaha. Honestly, half the fun is the deconstruction with you guys the next day 🙂
    First off…I’m kinda over Damon killing people. He does seem to do that alot when he’s having a bad day doesn’t he? Which makes it hard for Elena to fall in love with him considering she is a human and has human friends and what not…
    Secondly, did anyone else notice about (Rose and her festering wound aside) this episode was focused all on Damon. That Stefan guy? Ppfffftt! Who needs Stefan?! Clearly the writers understand who is the more loved, and more interesting character! (oh and sexier. but that’s just a given).
    what i want to know about the whole humanity thing is; does Damon want to be human because of Elena, or has he always missed it and it’s coming out now? and would Stefan turn human for Elena himself? (seriously, does Stefan do anything other than pout and be shirtless these days?)

    ugh. Werewolves. Why do they have that habit of turning up whenever vampires are around? Although, since they only turn at the full moon they seem pretty easy to kill. Also, say an onslaught of them popped up at around the same time as Klaus (who is rumoured to be appearing soon-ish) what would happen if he were bitten? Would he survive cause he’s an original?

    I’m all for Tyler and Caroline. More to go with, plus there’s more chemistry! GOod for Caroline, she’s had a lot of bad news to deal with lately (death, coming back alive, breaking up with her boyfriend etc etc).

    haha, loved the twilight and true blood references 🙂 clearly sometimes its good to have a vampire-boyfriend whose a little over-protective!

    1. Yeah, it does seem like every time Damon has a bad day, he does go on a small killing spree – I think less so in this season, but he definitely had that issue in season 1. It was a very Damon focused episode (Not like I’m complaining). “Stefan, who?” Exactly, he’s becoming more and more of a secondary character (Not like I’m complaining). As far as Damon and his humanity, I think he always wanted to remain human. He was forced into the vampire life, and held a grudge (against everyone) that his humanity was taken away from him. I think he pushed away those human emotions and feelings because he thought he didn’t deserve them (He thinks he’s a monster), and the only reason why they’re coming out now is because he loves Elena – she brings out that dormant side of him. I don’t know if Stefan would turn human for Elena. He probably would think he could protect her better if he was a vampire.

      I hate the “more werewolves are coming” story line. I think we have enough in Mystic Falls as it is. Again, “Team Vampire!” If Klaus were bitten? Hmmm . . . he probably would survive. Who knows? Vampire Diaries lore is weird.

      I don’t know, I’m still kinda for Matt & Caroline still. I really can’t decide. I loved how Caroline took care of Tyler in his hour of need, but I can’t see them in a relationship.

      How can I not have Twilight and TrueBlood references when referring to two vampire who don’t know how to take care of their human. Damon and Stefan need to learn a thing or two 😉

  3. setinmotion says:

    hahaha. LOVE the insight. I completely agree with you about the whole Damon/humanity thing. I mean the only reason he wanted to turn was because of Katherine, and when he thought she’d died he was willing to die instead of being a vampire. Stefan however was kinda like eh that bitch used us and did his thing.
    I know Damon thinks he’s a monster, but surely he has to realise that killing people isnt going to make things better? Do you think that Elena is going to find out about his latest kill? I’m interested to see how he acts around her now that he thinks she’ll never want him because he’s human.
    speaking of, how come its never come up about elena potentially turning for Stefan (and one day Damon hopefully)? It’s weird that it’s never been addressed considering thats like the central theme of Twilight.

    I’m sick of werewolves too. They’re not as sexy for one thing and just eh. Vampire Diaries lore is weird, although i did find it funny that even Stefan was like “who the hell knows what being an original means?” or something to that equivalent. its like they know its getting ridiculous haha.

    hmmm I’m for tyler and caroline because she brings out the good side in him. for all of the first season he was this stupid jock who just used girls and now he’s actually shown her a different side to him (haha quite literally). imagine if she was like ummm…im with your best friend. sorry! that would RUIN him.
    plus i just think they have more chemistry (and michael’s a better actor than zach. sorry!)

    also…why doesnt Damon just kill Jules? would make everything a lot more simple…

    1. I don’t think Elena will find out about Damon’s latest kill for a while, maybe not at all. She doesn’t seem that curious in his other activities. I know! They NEVER address Elena turning. We don’t even know if she wants to turn or not. Hopefully, they’ll discuss that next season. I agree with the Tyler and Caroline thing. She does bring out the best in his human personality. Plus, they do have a good chemistry. Hmmm . . . maybe I am Team Caroline/Tyler. Yes, Damon needs to kill Jules and soon. It would make everything easier, but since when does this show take the easy road? She probably is staying until these new werewolves come (Fail).

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        um, hi. I’m just here waiting for tomorrow. I think all the insight has been given. I’m glad we’re pretty much all for Caroline/Tyler but have we forgotten that based on last episode he is probably gonna be mad/pissed/confused/hurt because Caroline was not forthcoming. Hmm then again, those are the kinds of emotions that create awesome relationship chemistry on screen. Can you just imagine a fight between those two? The throwing (of each other, not things. Thing-throwing is soooo human ;)), teeth baring, ripped clothes, sweat, breathlessness…sounds like foreplay. I’m just saying.

        BTW who misses Beremy? *raises hand* I do!!!

        1. Hey! Aren’t we all waiting for tomorrow? lol Yeah, based on the previews for this week, it seems like there’s going to be a lot of relationship stuff going on. I agree, Tyler is probably going to confront Caroline and that’s going to be interesting to see. Hopefully, she’ll actually confess that she has feelings for Tyler, but after saying “I love you” to Matt, I doubt he’s going anywhere. Is it just me, or are you sick of human/vampire/werewolf love triangles? Hahaha! “Teeth baring, ripped clothes, breathlessness?” This sounds like your reading fanfiction 😉

          I totally miss Beremy! (I like that one. So much better than Jeronnie).

  4. setinmotion says:

    Hahahaha. I like the way you think misery 🙂 The only good thing about a fight is the make-up sex afterwards.
    hmm…i just wrote that didnt i? oh well.
    I think you’re right, they’ll probably address the whole Elena turning, maybe when she finishes high school? speaking of, do these guys even go to school anymore? they just seem to hang out with vampires, brood and attend town events. ah well, thats an american teenage tv show for you.
    speaking of america, im in australia and have to wait like 3 extra days. sooo not fair!
    the inter-species love triangle is getting old, but at least matt isnt sure if he wants to get with tyler or caroline. that would be weird.
    why DID she say she loved matt anyway? because she does? or because she had a case of the word vomit? either way…hmm oh well at least matt will get some more lines hopefully! (ps what ever has happened to jennah?)

    stupid werewolves.

    1. miseryofmidnight says:

      “Matt isn’t sure if he wants to get with tyler or caroline”….am i missing something?

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