TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Daddy Issues”

Team Damon

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Last night seemed to be one of those episodes where you figure at some point, you’re going to throw your clicker at the TV; be it the return of Uncle John (Dude creeps me out), the werewolves descent (They so got their butt’s kicked), or the lack of time dedicated to Damon and his white fluffy towel (Only his towel). All of these were moments that could have gained such a reaction. We’re used to this. You have to be, being a fan of The Vampire Diaries. However, none of it compared to the single most shocking moment in TVD history. Oh, yes. You know exactly what I’m talking about. No. You don’t? Okay. Let me give you a little hint: Caroline. Huh? Ring any bells? All I have to say in this moment is, “Why?”

Wait. You really have no idea what I’m talking about? Oh, that’s right. We haven’t discussed and recapped this awesome episode, have we? Sorry. For those who have thrown their clickers at their TV’s, you may proceed onwards and downwards. The rest of you are just going to have to wait, because this is a super-mega-ultra SPOILER ALERT!

Caroline and Tyler. Wow. You’ve both come so far in such a short period of time. And after last week’s kiss? We’re all overwhelmingly Team Caroline & Tyler. Only, didn’t that Werewolf Bitch Jules tell Tyler that Caroline and her vamp friends killed Mason? I think she did. Ooh! Let’s see what happens when he confronts her . . . Wow. That’s one serious face Tyler. Obviously, you’re not there for another smooch. And neither is Caroline. She let’s him down rather easy, stating that Matt is still in the picture. “Fine.” Fine? That’s all you’re going to say. Oh, maybe not. Tyler wants to know what happened to Uncle Mason and has come to the conclusion – or had it handed to him – that Damon and Stefan are vampires. Did Caroline know? Well, yes she did, but she didn’t tell you Tyler. Okay. No need to get pushy here. Is this the end of Caroline and Tyler’s relationship as we know it? Will they ever kiss again? Will I continue to be over-dramatic? We shall see.

Shower. Naked Damon. Shower and Naked Damon. Wet Damon in towel. Wet Damon in only a towel (Wait. This seems familiar). Sometimes I wish that TVD was on HBO, don’t you? Think about that while I take in the view for a little longer . . . What if that towel were to accidentally drop? . . .

Alright. Fine. No need for name calling. Let’s continue. The morning after Uncle John’s arrival, Elena demands some answers. He claims he’s in Mystic Falls to protect Elena. Blah. Blah. Blah. She doesn’t believe him. Hey! It’s one-line Aunt Jenna and Alaric. They are both confused (As are we) to why Uncle John’s back in town. Aunt Jenna tries to kick him out, but rather than leave gracefully, he announces that he is in fact, Elena’s biological father. Yes, Jenna. What the hell?

At the Salvatore Mansion, Stefan is finally letting Damon in on his Save Elena Plan. Damon’s not really getting the concept of letting Uncle John help, seeing as he tried to kill Damon on several occasions. Stefan believes that the information Isobel gave John will not only help the cause, but find a way to salt and burn an Original (They’re talking to you, Klaus). *Best line of the night: “You better watch your back, cause I may just have to get a hero hairdo of my own, and steal your thunder.” Thanks, Damon. Even you can’t help but make fun of the blatant and unsuccessful attempt at Stefan’s bouffant (Only Eddie can pull that off).

After that little discussion, Caroline calls in a 911 to Stefan, telling him what went down that morning with Tyler. He doesn’t know what to do. He knows Damon would rather kill the whole population of werewolves then have Tyler know about their secret, and Caroline just wants Stefan to talk to Tyler before he does something stupid. Oh, like talking to Jules. Too late, he already has. Werewolf Bitch want’s to take Tyler away and “train him.” Only, he’s smarter than the average werewolf. Tyler’s life is in Mystic Falls and he has to stay. He may have wanted to rethink that decision when Stefan went all vampire on his ass, but claimed he only wanted to talk. Stefan tells him that there is no reason why a vampire and a werewolf couldn’t be friends. Things seem to be going well, until Tyler gets a call. He tries to alert the other person on the line to his distress, but Stefan is a step ahead. He answers the phone. Who is it? It’s Jules. “We have a problem.” Dun. Dun. Dun!

Damon is looking to have a little discussion with Uncle John, but finds Elena instead. Human that she is, Elena follows the self-proclaimed “Good Guy” vampire to have a normal and adult confrontation with her father. At the Grill, Damon and Elena arrive to greet Uncle John and a rather disturbed Aunt Jenna. Alaric, do you have anything to say? No? Okay, then. UJ asks Damon if he can be trusted, only to learn that 1. Damon is a very close talker 2. Trust works both ways.

Cut to Jules knocking on the door of a weathered old RV. “Brady?” Who’s Brady? Whoever he is, she’s excited that he’s there to help. Werewolf Bitch knows that Damon and Stefan killed Mason, and plans on taking them down. Yet, having Tyler in her wolfy paws is what she really wants (Wait. What?). Brady, on the other hand, wants both. Okay. I don’t need to see you two making out. Can we cut to commercial, please?!

Jeremy! I missed you! He’s not at all happy to see his Uncle John and thinks that he’s only in town to take back his magic ring. UJ denies his accusation and leaves Jeremy to ogle his would-be-girlfriend Bonnie. Awww! Their so cute together. Hey! Wait a second, what do you want Doctor Martin? Bonnie knows that he and his son are both working for Elijah, hopefully ending whatever relationship she had with Luca. Martin tells Bonnie that Elijah is actually a nice guy who she should trust, because he’s trying to keep Elena and all her family and friends protected – including the aforementioned witch. Bonnie doesn’t believe him. Now, what’s with the clear girlfriend/boyfriend affection? Jeremy? Bonnie? Did I miss something?

Later that night, Caroline is walking to her car when she meets a rather confused Matt. He thinks she’s been avoiding him after that little “I love you” confession, and he’s right, she has. They make a plan to meet up later to talk about their back and forth relationship. Then it happens. A bump in the night, the smell of werewolf stench abundant, and Jules asking Caroline if she’s seen Tyler. Caroline plays it cool, telling Werewolf Bitch that she hasn’t seen the missing wolf since the morning. Jules thinks she lying. A werewolf trick? Please. Caroline turns around. It’s time to take this up a notch. Fangs out, Caroline tries to make a move. Unfortunately, Jules has a plan of her own. She sprays our new favorite vampire with – what I think – is some sort of vervain/water concoction. Damn! Caroline is hurt, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. She leans on the car for support. She recovers, hoping to kick a little werewolf ass, only to be shot in the head by Brady. Yes, you heard me correctly. Caroline was shot in the head! FADE TO BLACK

What?! Are you kidding me? This was probably the most shocking and graphic image in TVD history, don’t you think? I know in my household, expletives were used and pillows were thrown. I couldn’t believe it. Caroline can’t die. No way. Jeez! I don’t think I can go on. It’s too much. Okay. Let’s take a breath. Calm down. Everything’s fine. Let’s see what happens after the commercial.

Oh. My. Damon. Caroline, you’re relatively okay! Just take that wooden bullet out of your head and you should be good to go. Trying to escape her steel cell, Caroline eyes night-watchman, Brady. He’s a werewolf (I’m assuming) with a mission. The sicko tells our injured vamp that he has lots of toys (?) and it’s going to be a long night for our friend, ending his short soliloquy with another bullet into Caroline’s shoulder. No!

Stefan is still lecturing Tyler about how he can be bestie’s with Caroline, even though she is a vampire. Stefan tells him that he came back to Mystic Falls to start a life – to have a family (With Elena? Does he want half human/half vampire babies with her?), and that they can both have that if Tyler doesn’t rat them out. Before Tyler can respond, Stefan gets a call from Caroline’s phone, only it’s not Caroline. Jules wants to have a trade-off, Tyler for Caroline. Werewolf for Vampire. Proving my hate for Jules, Brady, and most werewolves, Brady puts another round into Caroline’s knee.

At the Grill, Aunt Jenna introduces Damon to Anchorwoman Andie Star (Really?). Our beloved playboy vampire actually turns down her advances. Seriously. He does. Even Elena can’t believe it. One longing stare later, Elena and Damon are being filled in on the hostage situation. Elena tells him that he has to do anything to get Caroline back, except kill Tyler. Yet, that’s all that Damon wants to do. Elena tries to reason with him, but he asks her to stop. Elena has to stop asking him to be the nice guy, because she knows he will be that for her. Okay, Uncle John. This is the wrong time to be interrupting. Damon asks UJ to keep Elena out-of-the-way – because she’s a human and has to be included in everything – while he tries to help Caroline. Once again, UJ knows all (As in knowing about Elena’s deal with Elijah) and tries to tell Elena that no matter what, they’re family. Yeah, that didn’t work.

Back at Camp Werewolf, Jules is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Stefan and Tyler, and Brady is happily torturing Caroline with vervain squirt-gun’s and shards of wood. Stefan arrives a little while later with Tyler. He plays good-cop, until Damon arrives (His plan involves a great deal of blood). Damon knows he can take Jules down and plans to, until a gang of heavily armed vampire assassin’s come trudging through the woods. Damn. Quickly, Damon gives Tyler up to his werewolf cohort Jules. I guess he’s not worth dying for. Vampire/werewolf battle ensues. Stefan get’s knocked out by Extra #3, while Brady gives Damon his own beat-down. Damn. Rather reluctantly, Tyler helps Caroline out of her small prision. Seriously, what took you so long? She’s your friend, Tyler. When all hope seems lost (Not really) the werewolves get a nice brain-melting visit from Doctor Martin – Warlock. He warns the three vamps that they need to get their butt’s out of there, before the wolves can descend. While Tyler is given a warning of his own. His little friends better get the hell out-of-town. If only it were that easy.

Oh, Stefan. Dropping off Caroline to make sure she’s alright? That’s so sweet, but I’m still Team Damon. While Caroline tried to clear her wounds, she got a call from Matt. Trying to apologize for failing to meet him, she tells him that she had to help Bonnie. Uh. Oh. Bonnie’s at the Grill (With Jeremy! Beremy lives!). I really hope this doesn’t end with Caroline alone and without a man. Yeah, Caroline breaking off her friendship with Tyler doesn’t help that either. She might have lied to Tyler, but he betrayed her and that doesn’t work for her. Knowing something’s wrong, Stefan comes back and brings Caroline a surprise. Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline settle in for one last slumber party. Leaving the girls alone, Stefan mouths one last “I love you” before retreating.

Cut to the Salvatore Mansion, Damon is resting easily until Uncle John makes a house call. He knows that Stefan and Damon will do anything to protect Elena, so he brought them a gift; a way to kill Klaus. Pray tell, what could do such a thing? A dagger and the ash of a white oak tree dating back to the genesis of The Originals (Really? Nothing a little more exciting or interesting?). So how does John know all this? Isobel. Of course. Apparently, she has her own plan in motion (?) that will have Klaus never setting a foot in Mystic Falls (Seriously?). I think Damon is just a skeptical as the rest of us.

Damon. Bathtub. Damon in bathtub (How lucky are we?). Damon in bathtub with Andie Star? Yep. Their little late night booty-call was a way of distraction for our Damon. He’s in love with a woman he can’t have (That’s you, Elena!). In fact, he loses all control when he’s with her. Easily, he admits to Andie that he’s a bad person. He kill’s people. Cue the attempt to run and scream, but Damon works his compelling mojo on her so he can reveal his deep dark secrets. Elena makes him feel human. Now let us all synchronize our collective “Awww.” Yikes, Damon. Did you have to bite her?

UJ returns to Elena, vowing once again that he’s there to protect her. “Get in line.” Good one, Elena. Trying once again to be a father figure and make amends, he gives Elena her adoptive mother’s bracelet. He knows that her adoptive parents were more than UJ will ever be to her, but their family. And he’s going to try to protect his family the best he can. Yeah, you say that, but then you pay a visit with Katherine. Somehow, I think we’re getting our signals crossed. Wait. Katherine told Stefan to call Isobel? Did I miss something here? Yeah, I missed something because Katherine wants out to the tomb and Uncle John is going to help her. Say, what?

The Vampire Diaries

How I hate cliffhangers! What did you think of last nights spectacular episode? Can we trust Uncle John? What did you think of Caroline’s storyline? Are Jeremy and Bonnie a couple? Is Elena finally falling for Damon? Does Damon have a new plaything? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved this episode! I completely agree with the whole Uncle-John-is-a-creeper thing; it’s always a little uneasy whenever he’s on the screen. On a less-creepy note, yay for Bonnie and Jeremy! They are totally cute together, an its about time that it’s happened!

    My eyes were glued to the TV whenever they showed Caroline in the cage; I really didn’t see any of this coming, particularly the sadistic Brady. I’m glad that Tyler helped the girl out, though; you just never know what a person with a grudge is going to do.

    To end my comment, your pick for best line of the night was spot-on; I LOVED that line. Nothing like a good chuckle before all the vampire-on-werewolf action.

    1. I know! It is about time. Jeremy and Bonnie were adorable together, but we still don’t know if their dating. I need to know! 😉

      Caroline and the cage was horrible (Yet I couldn’t look away either) and sad. Plus, it was kind of graphic for the show, don’t you think? I know we didn’t see that much blood, but it was . . . not right. I’m glad that Tyler helped too. I wasn’t sure if he would at first.

      I loved Damon in this episode, and that line was just perfect.

      P:S: Team Vampire! 😉

  2. miseryofmidnight says:

    Let’s just say that Caroline has officially become my favorite female on this show. Wow when she got shot i was in absolute shock. Literally, my mouth hung open for a while and then I started punching a pillow.

    Wow Tyler. Not cool. I get that you’re is hurt over Caroline being involved in Mason’s death and confusion over being a werewolf but no excuse Caroline is (was) your friend. How could you?!

    I am seeing a trend. Please don’t tell me that at the end of the next episode Damon is gonna declare his undying love for Elena and his tortured existence to some female and
    then promptly kill her. Seriously, we may need a vampire friendly shrink on this show just for Damon. And yes I did hear a collective gasp when the show started with the Damon/Shower/Towel scene.

    Okay. So I really wanted Beremy together but this sort of creeped up on me. They were not in the season premiere and I am pretty sure the last time they were together was in the tomb with him trying to help her…no? How could they not show the hookup?! Shame on you TVD.

    BTW, At Caroline’s

  3. miseryofmidnight says:

    …Elena was the one who said “I love you first”. Total aside…Stefan and Caroline should totally end up together. Their friendship does seem to be the kind to develop into something more…he obviously has a soft spot for her,

  4. Yes, I totally agree. Caroline is like the Jessica (TrueBlood) of The Vampire Diaries. When she got shot, I vaguely recall gasping, then shouting “What?”, then throwing my pillow across the room. Of course, they had to go right to commercial after that. It was the most torturous 3 minutes ever. lol

    As far as Tyler goes, I thought that he still had some good in him, after he saved Caroline and he went to apologize; but then he went and basically joined that pack of werewolves. Yeah, he was hurt after Caroline disowned him, but to join Jules? Not. Right.

    You know, I think that Damon is going to be all mopey and confess his love for Elena to random victims, but I don’t think it will last that long. I think maybe before season end, he’s going to actually tell Elena his true feelings (At least I hope). Yes, Damon needs his own personal shrink. Dude has issues. 🙂

    Yes! When the hell did Beremy get together? We missed their love connection. Again. Not. Right.

    I watched that scene at Caroline’s again, and Elena does say “I love you” first. Sorry. I fixed it in the recap. Thank you!

    I know! When Stefan brought Caroline home, there was definitely more than friendship in the air. I so want them to get together.

  5. setinmotion says:

    may i mention that my television is the terrible and somehow i missed the cliffhanger…and more importantly i missed damon in the bathtub. damon. in. the. bathtub! GAH!! but i did see him in the shower. hooray! and he was wet. was there more we could ask for? (actually you already addressed that…yes. butt please)
    so if i get this straight damon is still killing people etc etc (which makes sense cause i thought they werent going to address that at all) and john is in cahoots with katherine?

    im thoroughly confused.

    misery, i agree completely! i am feeling a little something something between stefan and caroline-i know hes with elena but im a shameless delena fan and he DOES seem to spend more time with caroline these days (plus, you know. shes already a vampire. handy).

    hmm. tyler. butt-head move at the end there. i want to know why jules wants him so much. she says its to take him under her wing but i think it’s something more. thoughts? hmmm…

    also. the shot to the head was the worst. and then when its still in there and she pulls it out? yuick. too graphic. haha even my dad was like what is this you’re WATCHING?!? when damon randomly pulls some werewolves heart out.

    oh and beremy? (is that what you’ve settled on?) weird. they were acting very couple-y but last i knew they werent a couple…

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