Supernatural Rewind: “Appointment in Samarra”

Death for A Day

What the hell? A Supernatural recap when there hasn’t been an episode in a month and the show returns tonight? No, you’re not seeing things. No, Dean did not spike you’re ginger ale. No, I didn’t forget about you (I would never!). Yes, I figured that after that Sam-filled cliffhanger (i.e Sammy got his soul back), you needed some time to ask yourself “What just happened.” I think it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only one a little confused, yet utterly relieved that we didn’t have to wait till the end of the season to see our boy Sam get his soul back. Seriously, did anyone see that coming? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So, how did he do it? How did Sammy get his soul back? Well, let’s find out.

Hey, there’s Dean. Hi, Dean! Here comes my favorite hunter strolling up in the Imapla. Where’s he going? Oh, just to see if Dr. Robert (Robert Englund) will kill him for three minutes and then bring him back. Say, what? Yeah. Kill him and bring him back. What? I didn’t hear you. For a few hundred-dollar bills and the understanding that if anything went wrong, he would deliver a letter to Ben (Really?), Dr. Robert will lend his (Almost 75% effective) skills to Dean. Damn. We almost went a whole half-season without one of our boys dying. Oh, well. I guess there’s always next year.

Apparently, meeting up with Death (Without his awesome super slow-motion montage), or rather, asking familiar faced Reaper Tessa to call Death, was the last stop in the Save Sam’s Soul World Tour. Dean wants to cut a deal. Dean will give up the location of Death’s ring (See Season 5) for the return of his brothers soul. Only, not so fast. Death already knows where Dean has hidden the ring and really could care less about it. Death is more interested in teaching Dean a lesson. So Death struck a deal of his own. If Dean could be Death for 24 hours, then Sammy boy would get his soul back – including a nice mental wall to keep those pesky Hell-filled memories at bay.

Seems easy, right? Yeah, not so much. Not only did Dean have to decide which brother to save (Initially, Dean wanted to save almost forgotten brother Adam too), but he also had to decide if the whole “wall” situation was a good idea. That mental wall could only last so long, if at all. If the wall were to break? Well, it would be “Bye, Sam.” Of course, to Dean, that seemed like a reasonable thing to live with, if it meant the return of Old Sam. Yet, New Sam wasn’t too keen on the idea like his brother. Arguing that it was his life and his soul, Sam tried his hardest to make Dean see that it would be him (Sam) that would be suffering when the memory wall finally broke. Reluctantly, Sam agreed to let Dean bring back his soul Death’s way. But do you think that Dean trusted New Sam’s new & improved attitude? Of course, he didn’t. It was Bobby’s job to look after Sammy-Boy.

Slipping on the ring, Dean found himself with the company of Tessa – his guide and assistant for his Tour de Death. At first it seemed easy. His first victim was an armed robber, who he had no trouble sending downstairs to meet his old Hell buddies. The second victim, a pizza-loving heart-attack case who Dean thought had it coming. And the third, was a sick little girl waiting on Death’s doorstep. Dean, being Dean, couldn’t even try to take the girl. He refused. Destiny be damned.

Unfortunately, refusing to kill the little girl started a chain reaction and disorder in the universe, leading to the death of a young nurse. Trying to atone for his mistake, Dean tries to save the nurse’s drunk-driving husband. Only, he had to take the ring off to do so. Realizing that there is some kind of natural order to things, Dean puts the ring back on to kill the young girl – setting everything right again.

Meanwhile, Sammy thought it would be a wise decision to summon Balthazar for a little chat. Yeah, I don’t think so. Sam thought that Angel Balthazar could give him some advice on how to make his meat-suit uninhabitable for his soul – to keep a soul out forever. Balthazar said that he would do the spell for free, seeing as our boy Sam would be a great person to have in his favor. Plus, he hates Dean’s guts, so screwing him over would be an extra bonus. The catch? Sammy had to kill his father. No, Sammy had to kill Bobby (Hell no!).

Coming back to Bobby’s place, Sam sits down for a drink with his old friend, before attacking him. Only, kick-ass Bobby got the drop on him first with a nice blow to the head. Not so fast there, Bobby. Sammy boy got away before you could tie him up. Taking out his shotgun, Bobby searches for the desperate hunter. Shredding a door with an axe, Sam almost gets our favorite Uncle, that is until Bobby drops his ass down a trap door with a titanium door. “Get comfy.” While we wait for Dean . . . Wait. What? Sam escaped through the roof of the panic room? No. He did? Damn. A quick trip to the barn outside to look for the escaped Sam, Bobby finds himself knocked out and tied up. New Sam almost finishes the job, until Dean shows up in the nick of time. “Hi, Sam. I’m back.”

Of course, this little incident brought Sam back to his favorite spot in Bobby’s house – the panic room. Dean didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t keep tying Sam up every time he got out of line. New Sam is capable of anything. Luckily, Death brought some greasy bacon dog’s, a couple beers, and a slew of advice and information for poor Dean. Death began to complain about the job, while Dean confessed that if he knew about the “natural order” he would have killed the little girl right away. Thinking that Dean learned a little something about life and the way that things are supposed to be, Death brought back a little piece of hell with him – Sam’s soul. First, he explained that besides creating mass destruction on a global scale (By never dying), Dean actually had some use. “Right now you’re digging at something . . . I want you to keep digging. It’s about the souls. You’ll understand when you need to.” Souls? I think I hear the second half of the season storyline entering.

Within seconds, Death made his way to the panic room. Opening up his black bag, Death pulled out a ball of light and shoved it right back where it belonged. Yes. Sam has his soul back with a fat ol’ warning label. “Don’t scratch the wall, because trust me, you’re not going to like what happens.”


Best Lines of the Night:

1. Dr. Robert: “I thought for sure, Death had you by the twins.”

2. Sam: “So is this the part where you pull a gun on me and lock me in the panic room?”

Bobby: “Do I have to?”

3. Balthazar (On Sam’s soul): Michael and Lucy are hate-banging it as we speak.

4. Bobby: “Don’t say, ‘Here’s Johnny’.”

Supernatural returns TONIGHT (2/4) at 8pm central. Don’t miss it!

What did you think of the episode? Did you think Sam was actually going to kill Bobby? Did you like Dean being Death for a day? Did you actually think Sam would get his soul back? Will Sam be his usually self again, or will we see another all new Sam? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Ah, finally a recap about this episode (not a complaint, since I understand your reasoning for holding off). Not that it mattered, since someone decided to push back the continuation to tonight (that is a complaint). I kinda thought that Sam would get his soul back, especially while I was watching this episode and he was trying to kill Bobby; I just knew they wouldn’t do that to poor old Bobby. But man, soul-less Sam sure is one slippery guy! I liked the whole “Dean plays Death for a day.” It definitely gave him some perspective on life (and, you know, death); it’s a tough pill to swallow when you realize that you just can’t save everyone simply because they don’t deserve to die.

    I really wonder if Sam will just revert back to his former self with his soul re-implanted. Since he was without it for awhile, it would make sense that there would be some sort of complication, or, at the very least, that it would take some time for him to readjust to having it back. I guess we’ll see soon enough, though!

    1. I love how the CW pushed SPN back a week to promote The Vampire Diaries and Nikita (Because of American Idol), when it didn’t make a difference in ratings. Seriously, that was a huge mistake. Everyone was so mad . . . I was so mad . . . It doesn’t make sense. Arg! Okay, enough ranting.

      By mid episode, I thought that Sam would get his soul back. I was more surprised by Dean’s plan to talk to death. Where did that come from? No one said anything about the new plan last episode. It just came out of nowhere. I was so confused. New Sam is totally a character. He’s like Super Sam. I liked the “Death for a day” thing too. Dean is so used to trying to save everyone, that when he finally realized he couldn’t, it was kind of heartbreaking.

      I don’t think Sam will go right back to his old self. I’m sure some Hell memories are going to get through and he’ll remember some things about being New Sam (Hunting techniques, etc). However, part of me wishes that Old Sam would come back as his adorkable self and that would be it. I can wish can’t I? lol 🙂

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