Supernatural Rewind: “Like A Virgin”

Are you there, Sam? It’s me, Dean.

Can you feel that? Can you feel the warm tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach, that feeling of satisfaction? Yes. I think you do. Do you know what it is? Do you know what is making you feel like everything is right in the world again? Yes. Supernatural. Friday night marked the return of our favorite show and . . .  wait for it . . . the return of Sam – the caring, sympathetic little brother we all missed and loved. In my favorite episode of the season (so far), Sam returned from his soul-less stint to find a secret-keeping brother and a new case. Like the sweet, sweet memory of a perfect day gone by, “Like A Virgin” brought us back to a place where everything just felt right. Now, Castiel told me to tell you, that the one’s who saw Friday’s episode may go onwards and downwards. The rest of you have to wait for your man-hug, because this is a SPOILER ALERT!

Night. A man and a woman are attempting to fly a small plane through a torrential thunderstorm. Yes, if it wasn’t a bad idea already, the man is yanked from his pilot seat and through the windshield by a mysterious flying being. Cue the sobs and screams.

Back in the panic room, Castiel uses his part-time status as a Soul Doctor to check on still sleeping patient, Sam. Rolling his sleeve down, Castiel breaks the news to awaiting brother, Dean. While Sam’s soul might be in its rightful place, its condition is less than exceptional. “It felt like it had been skinned alive.” Dean tries to reason that it was his only choice, but Castiel still had some choice words for Dean: “If you wanted to kill your brother, you should have done it outright.”

Upstairs, Bobby and Dean sat down for a drink. While Dean held no regrets regarding his decision to reunite Sam with his soul, he was unsure how Sam would handle his old self again. Then it happened. Sam woke up – walking to and embracing his younger brother, in what can be called, one awesome and long-awaited man-hug. That’s it! That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

Sam and Dean fell right back into their old routine, yet Bobby was a little more wary about the newly regenerated Sam – after all, it wasn’t more than 10 days since Robo-Sam tried to kill him. Later, a very hungry (and probably sleep deprived) Sam was being filled in on partial details. Having no memories since his jump into Lucifer’s cage, Sam was told that he was gone over a year (Truth), Dean made a deal with Death to get Sam’s soul back (Partial truth), and there was nothing else he needed to know (Lie).

Dean couldn’t be happier that Sam remembered nothing from his year without a soul, but Bobby thought that they needed to tell him everything. Resistant Dean thought that if they told Sam anything that happened, it might cause his mental wall to break, and no one wants that. Knowing he was going to eventually hear it from someone, Bobby thought that it was best it come from them, but Dean needed more time; time to just be – to be happy that Old Sam had returned. Reluctantly, Bobby agreed.

Getting right back into the groove of things, Dean and Bobby made plans for a nice hunting trip (Plane crash), that was until Sam wanted in too. Making up some absurd excuse, Bobby backed out (Not cool, Bobby). The two brothers were on their own. Cut to awkward in-car moment, as Sam confronted Dean about his promise to live a normal apple pie life. Sam thought he didn’t even try, since Dean seemed to be the same old hunter he was used too (You and I know different), until Dean confessed he lived with Ben and Lisa for a year. “It didn’t work out.” Sam seemed confused.

Then the first stop on the investigation trail led them to the plane crash girl’s home (Remember her?). Finding nothing out of the normal there, Sam and Dean went back to the hotel to do some research. Sam used his Google expertise to find more info on the other two missing girls, while Dean thought research meant steeling the airplane girl’s diary. He had a theory. Purity. Someone was kidnapping virgins. Dean quoted the diary: “I’ve decided. I’m going to give Stan my most precious gift.” With that, Sam replied “Wow. That sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.” Dean, on the other hand, thought he delivered it (Love ya, Dean).

The next day, Sam and Dean visit victim #4 and confirm their theory. The high school student was able to leave the scene barely unscathed, and Dean wondered why.

“Should you really be wearing that purity ring? Really?”

“Well, Matt Barne didn’t count!”

At the motel, Sam Googled his way to another theory. Who loves virgin’s and gold? Besides P.Diddy? Dragons. Calling Bobby for more info, Dean was asked if Sam caught on to his lies. There was nothing to call home about, until Sam started having Skinwalker deja vu. Still think that lying to Sam is the best idea, Dean? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Later, Bobby sent Dean to visit an old “friend” and dragon expert Dr. Visyak in San Fransisco. The Good Doctor told Dean that there was only one way to kill a dragon and it was impossible to find, that is, unless you’re Dr. Visyak. One problem: the blade (formed with dragon’s blood) he needed was stuck in a stone (Fail). Through a couple of short hysterical comedic moments (Maybe funnier than “Fight the fairies!”), and one blown up rock later, Dean was able to extract the now broken sword.

Meanwhile, Sam was unhappily trying to find the home of the cave dwelling dragons, when he called upon Cas for some answers about his year away. Eagerly, Cas spilled the beans (No. No. No) and denied gigantor of a man-hug.

Searching the sewers (That was Bobby’s idea!), the duo find more than their fair share of missing virgins and dragon gold. Maybe you were expecting giant winged creatures that breathe fire (See Reign of Fire)? Yeah, no. These dragons are merely human (meat-suits?) with fire flamed hands who really can’t take a beat down. Sam and Dean won round one (Dragon #1 escaped. Dragon #2 met his end) and the virgins were set free.

Back at Casa de Bobby, Dean was busy sorting through his newly found fortune (Those dragon’s had it coming), and Sam was busy trying to apologize. “For what?” Yet, Dean knew exactly what. Sam wanted to make amends for what he did with his year without a soul, but Dean wasn’t to happy with the idea. Before any more words could be spoken, Bobby brought them a dragon’s lesson in purgatory – a human skin book with instructions on how to visit and summon Mother. Mother, the newest Supernatural baddie (I miss Crowley). After one virgin sacrifice (Mother‘s new meat-suit) we get a chance to see what Sam and Dean are going to have to face the second half of the season. Now, I’m a little confused and skeptical about this new character. I really don’t know what to think. So, give me your thoughts.

“We have so much to do. Let’s get started.”


Best Lines of the Night:

1. Bobby: “Like my Daddy always said, ‘Just because it kills your liver, doesn’t mean it ain’t medicine’.”

2. Dean (To Bobby): “Why the poop face?”

3. Dean: “As far as I’m concerned, it’s a gift horse, and I’m not looking for teeth. I’m sending Death a damn fruit basket.”

4. Sam (In reference to Bobby): “What was that?”

Dean: “I don’t know. One part rage, three parts liquor?”

5. Sam: “Who would want virgins?”

Dean: “You got me. I prefer ladies with experience.”

6. Sam: “So, what? You think Batman tried to rape her?”

Dean: “Well, he does carry a lot of rage.”

7. Dean: “Well, I think it just goes to show, that being easy’s pretty much all an upside.”

8. Sam: “You know, it’s comforting. I died for a year, came back, and you’re still not funny.”

Dean: “Shut up. I’m hilarious.”

9. Dean: “Could you make a few calls?”

Bobby: “To who? Hogwarts? . . . Fine.”

Dean: “You’re a gentleman and a scholar.”

10. Dean: “Son of a bitch! That’s really on there.”

11. Dean: “What if dragon’s like nice hotels?”

12: Dragon #2 : “Where’d you get that?”

Dean: “Comic-con.”

What did you think of Friday’s episode? How do you feel about the return of Old Sam? Will we ever see more of Cas? Who is Mother? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    Ah, finally-Old Sam has returned! I like how they decided that he wouldn’t have any recollection of his time without a soul; it allows the Old Sam to instantly get back into the story while also allowing for some interesting plot elements, such as Sam learning of what he was up to. Now we can go back to just calling him Sam.
    I love how any creature seems to be able to take on the form of a human. When they mentioned dragons, I was wondering how that was going to work, but it seems pretty obvious that dragons would also be able to have meatsuits, in retrospect. When Dean was led into the room with the sword in the stone, I started to laugh, especially since he couldn’t pull it out (sorry Dean, you’re just not King Arthur), and how would Dean rectify this? The only way that makes perfect sense: strap some explosives to the stone and wait for the boom.
    I’m not sure about the Mother character, either. I guess it may be a little too soon to really have any thoughts on it, although she will probably be a more serious villain than Crowley.
    To end my comment, my favorite lines of the episode were 8 and 12; so happy Sam is reunited with his soul!

    1. Yes, Sammy’s back! I feel like doing a little dance every time I remember we wont be seeing Robo-Sam anytime soon. I agree. I liked how he didn’t have any memories of his past year, but when he finally learns what he did, I just hope he doesn’t go back to any old habits. I was a little worried about Dragons too. I really didn’t want to see giant winged creatures (Yay for meatsuits). Dean and the sword . . . I can’t think about it without laughing. You know the scene wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t yell one or two “Son of a bitch!” #3, 464 of why I love Dean Winchester. lol

      It is too soon to be putting down Mother, but the way they placed it with Sammy coming back, the two storylines really didn’t mesh for me. I would have liked to see it the next episode, after Sam had some time to learn more about the year away and Crowley’s search for purgatory. BTW: Is it Friday yet? 😉

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