Album Review: Bobby Long – A Winter Tale

“I heard a lonely voice cut through the rain”

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If you find yourself listening to an album and unable to decide exactly which song is your favorite, you know you possess something invaluable. I’ve been a fan of Bobby Long’s for a couple of years and he always manages to surprise me. Now, with his debut album, I find myself completely amazed.

To go from warm acoustic songs like Dead and Done (Currently my #1 favorite on the album), to the electric and vivid A Winter Tale, it’s something few people could pull off successfully. Bobby manages to transition from one form to another almost seamlessly.

To already established fans, this album will seem like a wonderful trip down memory lane with previously released tracks like the sweet and rich The Bounty of Mary Jane and the English-folk inspired Being a Mockingbird, both rejuvenated for the record. While newcomers will be pleasantly surprised by the raspy, swoon worthy sound of the young Brit’s raw and genuine voice singing Who Have You Been Loving, a bluesy and noteworthy addition.

One of the most unforgettable standouts on the album is the poetic, soulful ballad Two Tone Lover. A pristine piano melody, sweet background vocals, and a lively horn section complete this charming tune. “Cause I’m a two tone lover, I’ll drop a heart for the change, And the hole’s been dug in my heart, sweet darlin’, Take them down to your road, to your road, And they’ll know not to want you.”

If you’re looking for the acoustic sound we all love from Bobby, then look no further than Sick Man Blues. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, yet still has that signature modern folk style, I introduce you to In the Frost. The chorus is exceptional and will have you singing into the late night. Quickly becoming another front-runner to being my favorite is Penance Fire Blues; a rustic, country-folk inspired toe-tapping, catchy strumming song that you will definitely love.

The most sensational part of the album is the pure poetic lyrics that fill every song. Being able to listen to the captivating music while deconstructing the lyrics is just another reason why this album brings insight to life, love, and the world of music. Bobby Long is one of those artists that can make you lose yourself to the music. The album is amazing, there is no doubt about it. I’m positive we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Bobby and his music in years to come.

Album Rating: A

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Did you buy Bobby Long’s debut album? What is your favorite song? What did you think of the album? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    This album is like a giant cozy blanket for me during this cold winter we’ve been having. I am absolutely in love with his voice. The songs are lyrically complex and interesting while being put to simple instrumentation, which works out perfectly; this boy can definitely write a song, that’s for sure. There are two songs in the running for my favorite right now (but with this album, I’m sure that will change frequently with how good they all are), one being Penance Fire Blues and the other being Two Years Old.

    Ah, this album makes you want to grab a cup of tea or hot cocoa and sit by the fireplace as you listen to it (now all I need is a fireplace).

    1. I agree with everything you said. His voice and his songs are just utterly fantastic and comforting. Bobby is an amazing musician, which why more people need to get with the program and listen to his music. I know, every time I think I picked out my favorite song, I listen to the album again and it changes. That’s when you can hear me yelling, “I love them all. I can’t choose!” 🙂

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