Press Play Friday: Sara Bareilles

“I do it for love”

What time is it? It’s Press Play Friday. Yes, you heard correctly. I know, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My apologies, music addicts. This week, we go to Vegas, write Love Song‘s, and find Uncharted territory (See what I did there?). Thinking about which artist to feature this week had me in a tizzy. After such a long time, I figured this PPF had to be extra special. I needed to find someone who I knew you would love, or maybe someone you already did. That left me with only one option. Sara Bareilles. I know! Good choice, right?

She’s the Queen of her genre and one my favorite artists. She’s one part Pop, one part Rock, one part Blues, and a whole lot of awesome (Sorry. I’ve been watching too much HIMYM lately). With her debut album Little Voice, Sara Bareilles immediately set-up a permanent place amongst the best in music. Not to mention, I think everyone was singing Love Song for about six months after it made routine stops on every local music station. Then in 2010, Sara once again gave radio DJ’s everywhere another excuse to stop taking requests with her mega-hit King of Anything; plus, another amazing #1 album entitled Kaleidoscope Heart.

Whenever I listen to Sara Bareilles there’s always that feeling of comfort and empathy. I think the reason why so many people love her music is 1. Her catchy melodies 2. Her lyrics speak of situations we all can relate too. Love lost, love found, love unrequited; we all know about these things.

I know the most difficult decision I had to make about this week’s PPF, was to figure out exactly which songs to feature. Frankly, there isn’t a Sara Bareilles song I don’t like (Tell me your fav’s in the comments!). So, I decided to feature some of her lesser-known songs from both albums.

Let’s begin our journey with some Love on the Rocks. This jazzy piano tune sparks some serious vocals and is one of those ‘sing into a hairbrush with an open bottle of wine’ songs we all love. Being unable to resist someone and an unstable relationship are both central themes in this love soaked song.

“Hot as hell, cold as ice, sip it slow cause it’s so nice, Dulls my senses, drives my pain, but I do it again, Burns a bit to the touch, dangerous if it’s too much, If this bottle could talk, Love on the rocks.”

Up next, one of my favorites on Kaleidoscope Heart. A guitar focused and folk influenced tune, Basket Case stands out from Sara’s other songs. The soft, soothing vocals and melodies are just part of what I love about this song. Utterly truthful and realistic, Basket Case speaks of lost love and trying to move on, even when it seems like the hardest thing to do. When you feel like there’s nothing left, what do you become?

“He’s not a magic man or a perfect fit, But had a steady hand and I got used to it, And a glass cage heart that invited me in, And now I’m just a basket case without him.”

Not Alone is a bluesy and soulful addition to Sara’s repertoire. The heavy piano and perfect harmonies make this tune something you can imagine hearing in a dark and crowded cafe, with the smell of coffee waving in and out of the small space. I love that type of music, the type that makes you feel comfy and cozy. Plus, Sara gets extra bonus points for featuring one of my favorite directors (Albert Hitchcock) in the song.

“I don’t want to be alone, Sky, don’t let the sun go, I’m not ready for the darkness, Swear upon a heartless soul, And I don’t want to cry when you go, Stay a little longer, you know, You’re making me feel, I’m not alone.”

We wrap up this Press Play Friday with one last song. There is no way I can accurately explain what this song is about, so I’ll let Sara do it for me: “This is about loving someone who doesn’t love you back and … It sucks, right? So lame.” Break out that box of chocolates and your Snuggie, this is Between The Lines.

” I thought I was ready to bleed, That we’d move from the shadows on the wall, And stand in the center of it all, Too late two choices to stay or to leave, Mine was so easy to uncover, He’d already left with the other, So I’ve learned to listen through silence.”

See you next week! – Kim

Buy Sara Bareilles’ music on iTunes HERE

Read my review of Kaleidoscope Heart HERE

Do you love Sara Bareilles? What is your favorite album? Favorite song? Have you seen her perform live? Tell me in the comments!

Hey everyone! I really need you music recommendations. Have an artist, song, or album you want me to hear? Tell me about it in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Sara is amazingly talented. I have both the Little Voice and Kaleidoscope Heart album on repeat (they’re just so good).

    I always knew you had good taste Kim (and I was so gonna start watching Terriers, but then they canceled it) especially now that you chose my fav songs off of the new album. Basket case is so mellow and sad (in the same tone as Bluebird), while Not Alone is so retro and doo wop-y (I think of her in a poodle skirt running around a cemetery when I hear it).

    In cased you missed it, her Chelsea Lately interview was awesome –

    I also love her covers
    Beyonce’s Single Ladies –
    Coldplay’s Yellow –

    I also write about new music on my blog (though quite sporadically). Check it out and tell me what you think –

    Also, this has been in my head, Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars –

    1. WHAT?! You have a blog? Why didn’t you tell me? *Runs and checks it out*

      Justin Nozuka, Matt Morris, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson? I now claim you as my music soulmate 😉 I loved your blog and all the artists and songs you picked! I have a rather fond (maybe obsessive) attachment to Jason Mraz too (P.S Loved that post).

      What else can I say about Sara Bareilles? She’s awesome. That’s it. Basket Case is definitely my 2nd favorite on the new album (#1 is Going To Get Over You). It’s just a perfect, wonderful, sad song. Love it. I haven’t heard any of her covers, but I’m so going to check them out.

      Okay. I just listened to Poison & Wine . . . it’s my new favorite song. Thanks for your suggestion! 🙂

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