Supernatural Rewind: “Unforgiven”

The Spiders Revenge

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Don’t. Scratch. The. Wall. How many times did Dean have to tell you this, Sammy? It’s not that difficult to understand. Don’t scratch the wall. Damn. You scratched the wall. The last minute of Friday’s episode was one that mirrored Dean’s Hell in the season three finale; totally shocking and heartbreaking. Only, this time I wasn’t expecting it. Yes, Sam had scratched the wall, but was it really that bad? I would just consider that memory a small flesh wound. Why? Why did that have to happen? Couldn’t we have had a little bit more time with Old Sam before everything went to hell, literally? Yes. You’re right. We are getting ahead of ourselves, once again. For those in-the-know, please proceed onwards and downwards. The rest of you, hang-out up here for a while. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

This week, Supernatural gave us one unconventional episode – seeing as it was mostly told via flashback – back to the soulless year when Robo-Sam was hunting with Grandpa Samuel.

Cue flashback #1. Soulless Sam appears unapologetic as he shoots at several unnamed targets off-screen, while Grandpa Campbell seems a bit concerned about our boy and disgusted at the scene before him (That’s definitely not good). Making their escape, the dynamic duo get pulled over by a local cop. Seeing the blood stain on Sam’s jacket, the cop intends to arrest the two. Only, Robo-Sam doesn’t like that idea and proceeds to punch the officer’s face in (Ouch). In a strange turn of events, it is Grandpa Campbell who argues with Sam over his handling of the situation. “You think there are maybe calmer ways we could have done all that?” Sam just ignored him and drove into the night.

Fast forward a year. After Dean returns from a quick fast-food run and doe-eyed Sam catches up on current events, the two discuss the lack of recent action in the hunter world. It’s then that Sam receives coordinates. I highly doubt I was the only one wishing it was Papa Winchester on the other line (That would have been so awesome). Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Sam couldn’t identify the mysterious texter, making Dean overly suspicious about the origin of the message. He even told Sam to ignore it. With little convincing from his baby brother, Dean agreed to check it out.

Later, Dean and Sam found themselves dining at the local fish joint, and trying to figure out exactly what kind of supernatural monster they were dealing with. Leaving to explore the ‘Poop Deck,’ Dean leaves Sam to re-acquaint himself with a familiar feminine face. Actually, Sam had no idea who the woman was, until she started to put pieces of the puzzle together for him – she called him “Agent.” It seems that he met and had hot bathroom sex (“Cuff me”) with her while on a hunting trip with Grandpa Campbell (Sam started to remember visiting the town before, while he was in the car with Dean. Then, at the restaurant, Dean found a picture of Sam on the cheesy makeshift man vs. food wall).

Knowing Sam was in Robo mode during his last visit to the town, Dean wanted to leave immediately. Yet, Sam knew he had to stay. Figuring he didn’t kill the monster he was hunting the last time, Sam decided he would finish the job once and for all. Dean wasn’t having any of that. Worried (And rightly so) that Sam’s memories of hell would come back if he tried to remember too much, Dean argued with Papa Winchester’s motto’s that they indeed needed to leave. Only, Sam played the redemption card and won his big brother over.

Dean suited-up (I love that man in a suit) to investigate one of the missing girls (Who Sam also had “Loud and athletic” sex with), while Sam managed to get arrested by the cop he face-punched in the beginning of the episode. After hours of being locked up, Sam was greeted by the wife of the missing Sheriff of the town, whom he befriended and admitted his real occupation too (Really, Robo-Sam?). Sam tried to convince the woman (Brenna) that he had no memory of her husband and told her that if she let him out, he would find out what happened.

Once again, a fugitive, Sam started researching, only to find out “Cuff me” had gone missing. Dean told Sam to stay put while he obtained more information on what happened, but did Sammy stay? No, he didn’t. He went to visit Brenna, the Sheriff’s wife. Looking through case files, Sam began to remember bits and pieces. The monster in question? An Arachne. Surprised and confused at all the new information his memories brought up, Sam left, only to be confronted by an angry dean (BTW: The spider-like creature in a meat-suit had been watching Sam). Dean figured out that everything had been a trap for Sam and the brothers needed to get the hell out of dodge. Again, Sam didn’t want to leave. The wall collapse was the one and only thing on Dean’s mind. Do. Not. Scratch. The. Wall. Sam didn’t care (It will, or it won’t happen). He just wanted to set things right and he needed his brother to back him up. “Alright. Why not?”

With their Martha Stewart crafted photo and evidence wall (String included!), Sam began to remember even more about his time in the small town. Needless to say, it’s wasn’t very good. Flashback: Sam thought it would be best to draw out the Arachne, instead of finding it themselves. Using the Sheriff (Roy) as bait, and without his knowledge, the boys planned to follow Roy and the Arachne back to Spider Headquarters. Once at the spider lair, the Grandfather and Grandson team found the spiders collection of human meal-time snacks. The victims had all been bitten and wrapped up in a spider web cocoon. One Arachne slice and dice later, Grandpa Campbell told Sam that they needed to get Roy to the hospital. Sam disagreed. “He can’t be helped.” Robo-Sam put the victims out of their misery.

Flash-Forward: Dean and Sam make an urgent call to Brenna, thinking something is wrong (Yeah, it is). It’s Roy. Roy and the others weren’t bitten – they were being turned. The few rounds Robo-Sam shot into them didn’t do anything, except give Roy one serious case of vengeance. Well, it was a nice plan, Roy. Yet, I think the part where Sam decapitated you wasn’t on the roster, was it? Oh, well.

At Camp Winchester, Dean gave Sam the “It wasn’t you” speech. It did little to help his little brothers restless mind, but Dean reassured him that everything was going to be okay. Then it happened. A hard thud found Sammy on the floor convulsing. A terrified Dean tried to talk to his brother, but the audience was given a more distressing and sickening sight. The camera slowly progressed into the younger brother’s eye. There we found Sam Winchester being burned alive and screaming in murderous pain. Cue the collective GASP!


What a cliffhanger! What an ending! I don’t think I remembered to breathe, at least until a couple of minutes after the preview for next weeks episode finished. We were slightly reassured by Sam’s seemingly fine appearance in next episode, but who knows how long it’s going to last. The real question is whether or not the burning image of Sam was of his time in hell, or his skin free soul. You tell me, readers.

Best lines of the night:

1. Sam: “So Mel Gibson really took a turn this year, huh?”

Dean: “Or he’s possessed. Seriously. Think about it.”

2. Dean: “What was that? She just cougar-eyed you.”

3. Dean: “I gotta say, man, you got around. I mean, soul-less or not, I’m actually kind of impressed.”

4. Sam: “I almost shot you . . . again.”

5. Dean: “My spidey senses are tingling.”

Happy Unattached Drifter Christmas!

What did you think of Friday’s episode? What will happen to Sam? Are more soulless Sam memories coming? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Ok, so I’m a little late to comment, but what can you do? Life beckons sometimes. Anyway, back to what matters: the boys. All I kept saying throughout his whole episode was “Oh Sam.” Every time a flashback came on the screen, I would get tense just waiting to see what soulless Sam got into this time. You don’t know how relieved I was when Roy told him that by the time Sam shot him, it was too late. That is not something I want on Sammy’s conscience (that sounds kind of motherly; kinda weird). The ending absolutely killed me; I actually started arguing with the TV. I have a feeling that it isn’t too serious, maybe just a small dent in the wall. I don’t know if I can handle anymore Sam flashbacks, but it’s entirely possible that we’ll see another one. I’m kind of hoping it’s not for awhile though. I actually want to see a few self-contained episodes to get the good-old duo back in the swing of things with a little less drama.

    1. I know! I don’t think I can take any more flashback’s either (But I know they’re coming). Every time he would remember something I was like, “Well, there’s another crack in the wall.” I knew it would be only a matter of time before the wall would slip, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. The ending was so painful to watch. I agree, I would love a whole bunch of no flashback episodes before more drama begins.

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