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“Shock and Aw” is one way to describe last nights all new episode of The Vampire Diaries. The follow-up to one of the most exciting episodes of the series did not disappoint. In fact, it delivered a heaping plateful of surprise flavored awesomeness. Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a moment that totally knocked us out of out seats and maybe had us clutching onto our super-sized Damon throw blankets (Oh, Matt!). I actually believe we hit that point a couple of times within the hour. On the other hand, there were moments that made us shed a few happy tears. Those sweet acts of love made us clap for our favorite couples Caroline & Matt (Do we have a cute combined name for them yet?) and Jeremy and Bonnie (Beremy!). It was a great episode, don’t you think? So for all of those who have seen last nights episode, Damon and Stefan will escort you onwards and downwards (We’re trying to teach them how to properly take care of their humans). The rest of you will have to wait at The Grill, because this is a SPOILER ALERT! P.S. Don’t let Doctor Martin catch you.

The Salvatore Mansion. Figuring on how many times we actually visit here, I think we can just call it The Mansion. Elena is trying to make it to school (Yes, they actually remembered that they do go to school) on-time, after her sleepover with Stefan. Though, I highly doubt any actual sleeping was going on. Flirty Stefan makes an appearance and convinces Elena (With his tongue) that staying in a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt. Meanwhile downstairs, Damon takes a sip from his glass and politely speaks a “good morning” to Elena. Wait a minute . . . something isn’t right. Can you sense it, Damon? He can, because he sends “Elena” flying into a wall. He thinks it’s Katherine. Only, she’s making a pretty good case that she is indeed the human that was attempting to pry herself out of Stefan’s arms a second ago. Enter Stefan. He see’s Damon about to neck crunch “Elena” and put’s two and two together. Could it be Katherine upstairs? Let’s see, shall we? With vampire speed, Stefan Salvatore replicates Damon’s stance with “Elena.” Wait. Hold on. All this weird doppelgรคnger stuff is confusing me. We need to sort this out.

So, which one is Katherine? Okay. I see. Yes, as we all suspected (Didn’t we?) the vampire bitch was the one who gave a morning hello to Damon. Conversing in Stefan’s bedroom, Elena makes it clear she really, really doesn’t want Katherine anywhere near her or Mystic Falls. Yet, Katherine is set on staying. She wants to help kill Klaus (I knew it!). Egotistical vampire that she is, Katherine feels as if she is the only one who can actually help and get the job done. Everyone else, disagrees.

At school, Matt tells an eager Caroline that she better make up her mind. It’s her move. Seriously, if you don’t grab Matt and kiss him by the end of this episode, I will be severely disappointed, Caroline. In the meantime, Stefan and Elena finally come back to school and I continue to make fun of Stefan’s car. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that a stupid shiny Volvo has ruined me for all other vampire cars. I can’t decide. Once again, Stefan takes Katherine side, claiming that they need her to divulge whatever information she has on Klaus. Elena just wants her gone. From that crooked smile (attempt) on Stefan’s face, I really believe that Stefan thinks Elena is jealous of Katherine. Why is that so funny, Stefan?

Hey, it’s Alaric! I missed you. He proceeds to tell Elena that he really wants to stop lying and tell Aunt Jenna what is going. It’s the only way they can be together. Yet, he believes it’s Elena’s call to make on whether Aunt Jenna knows the truth or not. The human wants more time. How do you tell someone that vampires, werewolves, and witch’s exist? Well, at least we know Alaric won’t drag her behind the school and make her say it . . . out loud. I hope.

Wow. School ended fast. Stefan and Bonnie make an appointment to speak to the Martin’s at The Grill. Stefan tells them that Elijah’s dead, but that doesn’t mean that the two party’s shouldn’t work together and take down Klaus. It is what they both want.

Back at The Mansion, Damon is using his favorite flame thrower to make Elijah barbecue (Would you like that Original, or extra crispy?). Katherine finds him and admits that she knew Damon would die if he used the dagger (Why do you continue to hurt that poor man?). Later, Damon starts glancing through the Johnathan Gilbert journals. He’s trying to find the location of the Mystic Falls Witch Massacre (See last week’s episode). He asks Katherine if she knows anything, but once again, she lies and says she doesn’t. Then she starts to tell the truth a few minutes later (What?). When a witch dies violently, they release a magical energy, marking the place of their death with power. Stefan conveniently returns from his meeting with the man-witch’s to tell the two vamp’s Elijah’s plan to kill Klaus. There is no special weapon (At least, not another one) to kill an Original, but if you had enough power, you wouldn’t need one. Okay. Now everything is starting to come together.

Across town, Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline are starting their girls night in. We’ll just ignore the obvious product placement here, and say that the trio are trying to deal with their issues with pizza and ice cream. Hey, it’s Aunt Jenna. Pssst . . . Elena. Invite her to join you. Don’t be rude. She needs cheering up. Yeah, that awkward conversation telling Jenna that there’s probably a good reason why Alaric is lying to her didn’t help, girls. Why don’t you all go out and hear that new band down at The Grill. Good. Get out of here.

Cut to Doc Martin and Son. They’ve looked for the witch burial ground, but came up empty. Doc Martin knows the Salvatore brothers won’t be able to find it either, and tells his son that they are the enemies, not their would-be helpers. The two of them will get Britta (Daughter/Sister) back with some help; Elijah’s help (Say, what?).

Lighting the power candles, the father channels his powers into his man-witch son. Using some weird psychic spell, Luca finds part of himself looking for a dead Elijah in the Salvatore home. Damon looks around, feeling something off, but see’s nothing. Luca makes his way to the basement and finds Elijah . . . and Katherine. It was the perfect time for her to pour herself some blood. She looks around and see’s nothing out of the ordinary, until the dagger in Elijah’s heart starts to pull out. That shouldn’t happen. The vampire bitch immediately pushes herself onto the dead Original and tries to keep the dagger down. Using all his power, Luca fights back against the vamp, but it’s no use, she’s too strong. Taking his father’s advice, Luca – mentally – shoves a stake into Katherine. This is getting good. She calls out to Damon for help. Seconds later, he pulls out his favorite flame thrower and sets fire to the assumed empty basement and Luca. Yes, you heard right. He also sets fire to Luca. That man-witch is dead. It’s time for some vengeance. Dun. Dun. Dun!

Girls night out has just started at The Grill. Alaric spots Jenna at the bar. She goes off. Whatever he is keeping from her, she is sure that she can handle. He needs to trust her. Meanwhile, Matt starts to ignore Caroline. Her friends try to convince her to make the first move, but she’s afraid that all those secrets are too much to hide. Thankfully, Elena ponders that maybe the best thing to do is to tell everyone the truth. Lying to them to keep them safe is actually hurting them. It’s about time you figured this out. Even though Elena has this new-found wisdom, she doesn’t tell Alaric to confess to Jenna. She see’s how much lying is hurting their relationship, yet she still does nothing. Why?

Instead, Elena’s new wisdom kicks some life into Caroline. The new vamp takes the stage and decides the best way to tell Matt her feelings is to sing (Awww). Who knew Caroline could sing? I didn’t. Look at those two stare at each other. So sweet. Hey there, Matt. What are you doing? Okay. Just go ahead and make out with Caroline. Forget we’re even here. Awww. I love these two together.

Slowly, Katherine begins to heal after her close call with that wooden stake. Damon brings her some blood and another wooden stake. What is going on today? Just a little payback for Katherine’s lies about the dagger and how it would kill him! He wants the truth. Oh, and she’s willing to give it now. Uncle John and Isobel want Stefan and Damon out of Elena’s life. No surprise there. Uncle John also gave Katherine a deal (So that’s why he was in the tomb). He knew Elijah’s death would get her out of the tomb, so he gave the vampire bitch a choice. Either she stays in Mystic Falls and help with Klaus, or he would kill Stefan. Wait. There’s more. John told Katherine she could only save one Salvatore brother. She choose Stefan, giving Damon (And us) another reason to hate the bitch.

Ooh! Matt and Caroline make-out session in the ladies bathroom! Yeah, Bonnie. This would be the perfect time to ask Elena if she approves of you dating her brother. Why not blurt it out? Oh, you did. Looking rather confused at the situation, Elena finally gives Beremy her blessing. Yay!

Doctor Martin? What are you doing here? Okay girls, maybe tonight wasn’t the best night to have a girls night out at The Grill. I suggest you leave. What? No, Bonnie. Don’t confront Doc Martin. Stupid, powerless witch. He needs to find Elena. Bonnie refuses to tell him where she is. Ooh. No need to cut off all the lights. Ooh. Please, don’t do that. Please, don’t set the bar on fire! Don’t hurt Bonnie! Doc Martin, you are giving doctors with supernatural powers a bad name. What would Carlisle say? Matt go help put the fire out. The rest of you scream and run. Elena, you talk to the bad doctor while Caroline tries to kill the man-witch. Well, that didn’t work. Come on. Do you have to use that stupid vampire mind meld on Caroline too? Matt! Yes. Wait. No. Doc Martin did you just shove a broken bottle into Matt’s neck, while I screamed out in horror. Yes, you did. Seriously, I don’t think I can breathe. That’s it, Caroline. Give Matt your blood. This is not the way I saw this night going.

Elena and Stefan return home to find a guilty Bonnie (There’s no reason you should feel guilty about Luca’s death) and a reassuring Jeremy. Stefan asks, “Did you check the house?” Of course, they did. No, you didn’t? Idiots. Seriously, all of you are in need of an intervention. You have no concern for safety. That’s it. I have no other choice. We need Edward. Yes, we’re all going to sit down and discuss what it means to be a vampire/witch/and or little brother and to protect your human. This ends here.

Elena goes upstairs to splash some water on her face. Oh, hey Doc Martin. I didn’t see you there. What? That’s okay Elena just go all vampire on him and take a bite out his neck. Wait. What? That wasn’t Elena. It was Katherine. Finally, this confusing doppelgรคnger thing comes in handy! Good thinking. Bonnie bends down and looks at the dead man-witch. Surprise! He’s not dead. He grabs Bonnie. Stefan snaps his neck and we are officially down two man-witch enemies. Wait. Does that mean Bonnie won’t be getting her powers back? That’s not good then, is it?

Is all the drama over? I don’t think I can take much more. Okay. Maybe just a tiny bit more. Katherine is expecting a thank you for all her hard work, but Elena refuses. She still wants the vampire bitch out of Mystic Falls. No deal. They need to kill Klaus, and the only way that’s going to happen, is if Katherine helps. She wants to reassure the human that until Klaus is out-of-the-way, Elena has no reason to fear her. Yeah, right.

Alaric and Jenna. Jenna and Alaric. We’ve seen so much of you two the past couple weeks, it would be a shame if you two broke up. Alaric tells his her that Isobel is dead, but he can’t tell her all of the details. He. Just. Can’t. However, he can tell her “I love you.” Yes, he said those lovely words Jenna. What are you going to do about it? “Goodnight, Ric.” What? No. You march right back to his side and kiss him like your life depends on it. No? Fine. You won’t. I will. Gosh, you make me so mad. He loves you. That’s the only thing that matters. Gah!

Beremy! Please, take that sad scene out of my mind. Distract me. Okay, Bonnie. I didn’t tell you to shove your tongue down Jeremy’s throat. Touching. I can handle some light touching. Wow. Did the lights just flicker? Yeah, they did. Bonnie! You have your powers back! Yay! Wait. That was a little too easy. There has to be a catch. I was right. When Doc Martin grabbed Bonnie he gave her powers back, but he also gave her a message; a message on how to kill Klaus.

Cut to Damon (Wait. Why won’t you tell us how to kill Klaus?! We need to know) on his big fluffy bed reading the Johnathan Gilbert journals (Don’t ignore me!). Katherine plants herself next to him and spills another secret. She turned Emily Bennett (See season 1) into Johnathan Gilbert. Why are we not surprised? In return, Katherine asks Damon to spill a secret of his own. Where is the witch burial ground? He won’t answer her. Good. Don’t. Oh, no. She’s likes the rough, strong Damon. She moves in for a kiss. No! Closer and closer. “Katherine there are six other bedrooms in this house. Go find one.” Burn! Take that. He has eyes for only one woman . . . who looks exactly like you.

Matt. Oh, Matt. You’re awake and alive. Caroline tells him that by drinking her blood, it healed him. Yes, I would look disgusted and confused too. “I’m a vampire, Matt.” Thank goodness. The lies for this couple are over. Maybe they can finally be together now. See, Caroline agrees with me. No, Matt. Don’t freak out. Yes, your sister was a vampire, but Caroline didn’t kill her. She didn’t. You have to believe her! Hey, don’t cut to another scene. Not. Fair.

Ding-dong. Someone is at the Gilbert home. This isn’t going to be good. Who can it be? Maybe it’s Stefan in need for a quick “visit.” Or maybe it’s Alaric. He’s finally ready to confess everything to Aunt Jenna. Heck, it could even be Elijah. That wouldn’t surprise me. Okay, just open the door Aunt Jenna. Isobel. Isobel?! What the hell?

The Vampire Diaries

How I hate cliffhangers! What did you think of last nights episode? Did you like all the crazy doppelgรคnger hijinks? Will you miss Luca and Doctor Martin? What will happen with Caroline and Matt? Will she turn him? Now that Isobel is back, will Alaric tell Jenna everything? Why is Isobel in town? What kind of trouble will she make for our favorite Mystic Falls residents? Tell me in the comments!

Is it April 7th yet? What did you just say? Yes, I said April 7th. We have to wait until April 7th to see the next all new episode of The Vampire Diaries?! Yep. I don’t think I’m going to last. Tell me TVD fans, what are we going to do to past the time?

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24 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    OMG. Give me a moment. I have to calm myself down to write this comment. Deep breath…in…out.1, 2, .3…. Last night was AMAZING. I know I probably said that last week, but honestly I had to think really hard just to remember what happened last week. And if I can’t believe what happened last week? Well consider me steamrolled because my mind is shot. Literally, I don’t think I could survive another episode as good as or better than this if they had one next week. I know, I know – when I saw no more new episodes til APRIL 7th. I was like “WHAT!!! WHY? NO!!!!! But considering I am still recovering from last night. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it’s a good thing.

    Kim, awesome post. I have many a fav parts but “Would you like that Original or extra krispy?” had me almost laugh out loud at work and that paragraph on Doc Martin’s tirade through the Grill was hilarious.

    I am so looking forward to next season as it seems all our underused characters might have some amazing storylines. Maroline? Caratt? Caromatt? Mattoline? I give up. Jenna and Alaric and Isobel….can you say love triangle. Awkward…but very very exciting.

    Someone clear this up for me. Now, I never believe a word that comes out of Katherine’s pretty little mouth but somehow the fact that Isobel and John gave her an ultimatum is just weird. I know she wanted out of the tomb but what is it that Isobel and John have/know that make them the ones who are seemingly calling all the shots. I would love to see a backstory on those two. Get on this writers!!

    I could go on and on but all this excitement has gotten me exhausted. I was gonna make a joke about how this episode totally “Eclipsed” last weeks’, what with all the Edward Cullen talk from the last post (and this one). But since I am not a fan of Twilight, I’ll just leave you two to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t think I missed that Carlisle reference, Kim…lol.

    1. I loved this episode too! This whole season has been super amazing. Just think about all the ways their going to try and top all this in season 3 . . . I’m so excited! How are you going to be able to wait till April 7th??? I can’t even wait the normal week. This is going to be torture.

      I have no idea how to combine Matt and Caroline. How long did it take to think of Beremy? I really need to think about this one. Yes. Aunt Jenna, Alaric, and Isobel? This is going to be interesting. Plus, you can’t forget Uncle John. Things are sure to be super awkward and weird with him around too.

      Yeah, you really can’t believe anything Katherine says. If Uncle John really did give her an ultimatum (Remember they never showed any of that conversation. So, she could be lying) I think they need her for something important. Distract Klaus? Or something equally dangerous where there’s a low percentage of her survival? I’m curious too. Why does Isobel have all this insider information. She was doing research as a human, but I think there’s more. Maybe some connection to an Original? Yes!! Need more info writers!

      Not. A. Fan. Of. Twilight?? Really? I’m not sure I can comprehend this ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually, I’m just kidding. I completely understand. Although, I would like to know more about your decision to dislike Mr. Cullen and his universe. But you did get the Carlisle reference, so you must get it somewhat. Hmmm . . . maybe you’re just a closeted Twilighter (Pssst… You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone) lol ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        “Mr Cullen and his universe” lol. I read the 1st book and it was ok but I couldn’t finish the second the one where she was all depressed and semi suicidal. Then I watched the 1st movie but I thought it was horrible. Yes, I said horrible. Lol. Let’s not get into the details and just say it was not for me.

        1. For me, the second book is my least favorite. It’s sad and Edward was being a dumb-ass. So, I understand wanting to stop reading after that. Yes, the 1st movie is terrible. The 2nd movie is terrible. The third movie is … good (Better than the first two). See, even though you’re not a fan and I am, we still have a lot in common regarding the fandom. A.k.a I’m still going to try and convert you. The world could always use more TwiHards. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. miseryofmidnight says:

    oooh, Interesting tidbit I found out. Caroline (Candace Accola) used to sing backup for Miley Cyrus. Sighs. Now I feel really untalented.

    1. I know! I saw that posted on twitter Thursday. I was like “Whaaattt?” She was a really good singer and it was super cute to see Caroline try to woo Matt.

  3. miseryofmidnight says:

    and.. i think dead witches’ sister/daughter’s name is Gretta not Britta (had me thinking long and hard about water filters) ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hahaha! I Googled it (I’m so computer savvy), but couldn’t get one right answer. I saw they had Britta, Bretta, and Gretta listed. So, I’m just going to give up and wait till they say it again.

  4. setinmotion says:

    hahaha. LOVED the post. First off DONT LIKE TWILIGHT?!?! I’m sorry but I think I just fell over. Although if you are judging it by the first movie I can understand it…I love it but every time I watch I think “wow the acting really is quite shit” (sorry RPatz)

    haha loved the twilight references, is someone getting a bit antsy for some more fan fic perhaps? and after reading your post I realised that doc martin was named after shoes…he was always going to meet an unfortunate end wasnt he?

    I really really liked Nina Dobrev in this episode. She just does crazy sadistic vampire bitch SO well. And how Damon was like “ehh go away” BRILLIANT-clearly the writers want us to fall in love with him for a reason, right? RIGHT? Although you make an interesting point about what Isobel and John have over her, considering that Katherine could just vampire bite them to town (am I mixing up my metaphors?) Also now that Isobel is back I am curious as to how Damon will react…considering they were going to kill him etc etc. Isobel is quite a fair bit “younger” than they are isnt she?

    Oh and did anyone else like how they mentioned school? that in itself was a shocker! hahaha. but seriously, april 7th? what is there problem? will it still return for season 3 at the beginning of august though?

    oh and it is greta ๐Ÿ™‚ thats what I heard…and I knew about Candice’s singing but was still impressed. Her voice was completed different to what I expected…but in a good way!

    1. Hahaha! We both had the same reaction after finding out Misery didn’t like Twilight. I think we need to orchestrate and intervention for her too. lol Antsy for more fanfic? I think it’s the opposite. I’ve been reading too much (I. Can’t. Stop). How can I not reference Twilight? I’m hard-wired with inside jokes and comparisons. It comes naturally. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Doc Martin really did have an unfortunate name … and end (Yeah, I totally saw that coming). I don’t remember anyone ever calling him Jonas. How can we not fall in love with Damon?? We already have. I think Isobel and John are really going to make a mess of things. And the only reason(s) Katherine is being cooperative is 1. She wants Klaus dead too 2. Isobel and John are blackmailing her with something (I think). Yeah, Damon and Alaric are not going to be happy Isobel is back in town. Though, I think they hate Uncle John even more and Damon has been “trying” not to kill him recently. Yes, Isobel is only like a 10 year old vampire. The boys are over one-hundred.

      I was so happy they FINALLY mentioned school! It was a shocker. I guess Mystic Falls school administration is just as lenient with their rules, just like all the parents. Only in this town could you have “sleepovers” with your vampire boyfriend and get away with it. The rest of the world has to sneak them in through their bedroom window (See. I can’t help myself). I know! April 7th is so far away. I think season 3 is going to start late August or early September.

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        I’m glad you recovered, setinmotion. lol. Somehow I knew i would get that reaction from you both. Umm. Have you seen the amount of TwiHards out there? I thought so. I don’t think there needs to be anymore. But seriously, please help me to understand it. What is it exactly that you guys like about Twilight? You admit the 1st movie sucks and the second book sucks and God knows whatever else is wrong with the whole series, but still seem like die-hard fans. Pray tell what is it that keeps you so passionate. I bet it’s just the “hot” guys. You know which two I am talking about. Lol. Now, please hold on to something – but I don’t think they’re hot at all!

  5. setinmotion says:

    Gah. Ok if it helps Misery I fell in love with Twilight when I was 16 so almost four years ago and it didnt have the hype! I think why it is so awesome is because edward is the perfect guy but bella isnt the perfect girl. she’s relatable. but instead of mills and boons style books it has more to it, so while you are wanting them to get together/get it on there’s all this other stuff going on. plus. vampires. hot. and for the record i dont like jacob ๐Ÿ™‚ not in the books OR the movies-hes a big pain in the ass and hes honestly all that i dont like about the series. and for the movies i just dont like kstew because shes a horrible actress.
    ok done. so go and read them you hear me?

  6. Yes! Twilight was so much more fun when the whole world didn’t know what it was. I miss those days. * sigh*

    Hi. I’m Kim and I’ve been dazzled for 2 years and 6 months (Wow. It seems longer than that). I love Twilight because it’s a love story. That’s the whole point of the book. They go on this crazy journey, but no matter what happens, in the end, it’s about Edward and Bella being soulmates. To find that one person who loves you unconditionally and loves you for who you are is something we all wish for. We get to experience that through Stephenie Meyer’s amazing characters. Yes, I said amazing. The characters are my favorite part.

    As far as the movies are concerned, I was severely disappointed in them, but I still can enjoy them. The fandom has the best inside jokes when it comes to the movies. We don’t make fun of them (sometimes we do), but we appreciate them in their own special way by talking about Jorts, bouffants, the leg hitch, monkey men, spider monkeys, “Clair de lune is great,” “paper cut,” the list goes on and on. Hey, Setinmotion! You know the lingo, right? lol

    P.S. We can always use more TwiHards ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. setinmotion says:

    Of COURSE I know the lingo. personally the say it…out loud has to be the best one. I do like the hair jokes though ๐Ÿ™‚
    although you lost with jorts?
    and seriously kim i could not have said it any better myself. sigh. when will another series like that come out?
    plus misery if you read the books you can then get obsessed with the fan fic.
    and we mean obsessed.

    1. Yes! “Say it. Out loud,” has to be the #1 line quoted. Or “Hold tight, Spider Monkey.”

      The lovely people at Letters to Twilight (If you don’t know them, you are seriously missing out) have coined the term jorts for the Wolfpack. The combination of jeans and shorts seem to be their favorite article of clothing. lol

      She can get obsessed with fanfic? What is this fanfic of which you speak? I know nothing. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. setinmotion says:

    bahahaha. you’re right. you have nothing to do with my fan fic addiction. which sucks because that girls awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Awesome? Well, then I might just have to own up to having a little part in this fanfic addiction of yours. lol And since when are you a full-blown addict? Did Fifty Shades have something to do with this? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. miseryofmidnight says:

    Yes I admit to remembering the two lines mentioned. Unfortunately I do not get giddy upon hearing them spoken lol.

    I find it highly unlikely that I will be reading Fan Fiction or become a Twihard anytime soon, but you two will be the first to know.

    Just to clarify, you guys like the “characters” and the “relationship”, right? Well then, good to know you’re not suffering from some crazed body/hair ogling Jacob/Edward fanaticism. Or is that a side effect?

    1. Giddy? I wouldn’t say giddy. Maybe having a uncontrollable urge to laugh, because those lines are horribly cheesy.

      You have to let us know! We will be your guides through the world of Twilight. lol No fanfiction? You might like it better. I usually only read all human stories, and most of them just use the characters names and personalities. It’s hard to describe, really. The stories have nothing to do with Twilight, but yet they do (It’s complicated. I know).

      Jacob? Who is this Jacob?

      Fanatic: A person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something.
      You were talking about hair ogling Edward fanaticism? Obviously, you know nothing about Robert Pattinson and his sex hair. Damn. I love me some Rob sex hair ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. setinmotion says:

    see I’m different. I’m all for the characters and the storylines but the actual actors who play him? not so much. don’t get me wrong i love me a bit of rob pattinson but im not obsessed with his hair.

    and to quote kim “jacob who?”

    i agree though. the best twilight stories have “edward” and “bella” in them but its more their names and how they look and that’s basically the extent of it. some of them are actually really good and quite hilarious. (plus smutty. gotta love the smut)
    ooh speaking of kim im currently reading the office. so far looveeesss it. damn edward is sexy when hes an arse isnt he?

    and we promise we wont tell anyone if you love twilight in the end ๐Ÿ™‚ promise

    1. Once again, my attempt at humor fails me. I love me some Rob too (and his hair), but I’m not obsessed (too much). lol See, I should never try to be funny. It doesn’t work.

      I know! Just give me an Edward with a foul mouth, some issues, and an attitude, and I’m done for. The Office is really good. I don’t know why, but I love it when Edward and Bella work together. My favorite office type romance fanfic has to be His Personal Assistant. This story has to be in my Top 10.

  11. setinmotion says:

    haha yeah my personal assistant is great. i dunno im loving that they hate each other in the office because you know its going to change but you dont know when…its very interesting. thats probably the only thing i dislike about the original twilight stories. edward and bella hate each other at the beginning and then all of a sudden they’re in love. and its like whhaaa? oh ok

    if it helps i find you funny ๐Ÿ™‚ just when you try not to be. so im not sure if thats actually a compliment or not…

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