Supernatural Rewind: “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning”

Season 6 Episode 14

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Okay. I’m going to say something I have never ever said before. I didn’t like this episode of Supernatural. Gah! I know! I don’t even know how I could say such blasphemous words. Please forgive me. The truth is, I felt like this episode was pulling me in so many different ways that I couldn’t like it as a whole. I was prepared for an all out funny episode (With a touch of drama), filled with killer mannequins, Dean’s slapstick humor, and Sam’s pout face. Yes, we did get all that. However, what I wasn’t expecting was the Lisa drama in the middle. I agree, we needed to have closure with Lisa and Ben, but was this the right episode to do it in? It just didn’t seem to fit. We’re used to comedy, drama, and heartfelt scenes in every Supernatural episode. That’s why we love it (Am I right?). But the combination of all these elements in this particular episode left me feeling unfulfilled and somewhat confused. It’s definitely my least favorite episode so far this season. Maybe it was because the title (See above) gave me too high of expectations. Or, maybe it was because we were being teased with previews of next week’s highly anticipated meta episode (Sam & Dean meet Jared & Jensen?). I have no idea. I do know we need to recap and review this episode. Shall we?

We pick-up right where we left off last week, as Sam comes down from his wall scratching seizure (Don’t make me relive that again) and begins to wake up. I don’t know how many times we told Sam “Do not scratch the wall!” (At least 10, I’m sure), but he did, and Dean wanted to make sure he never did it again. Dean the big brother and makeshift doctor prescribed the ailing Sam a cup of joe, some grub, and a few “effective” pills for his ‘I feel like I’ve been hit by a planet’ headache. Dean told Sam he was out for a couple of minutes, but Sam told him it felt more like a week. “You wanna talk about it?” No, he doesn’t. Sam reassured Dean he was fine (Don’t keep your feelings bottled up Sam, just your memories). Dean was less certain about that. He ordered Sam to ignore his memories, shove them down and let them come out as “spurts of violence and alcoholism.” Yeah, Sam. I don’t think that’s healthy either, but you did agree to shut off the memory faucet. I just hope you keep your promise.

You know what you need, Sam? A case. Yes, I think a case is in order. Delving right back into work, the boys found themselves investigating the murder of a janitor who was found in a locked building and with a deep cut on his head (That scene was creepy and fantastic). The EMF was off the charts, but still, the boys found nothing. When another very similar murder accrued a few towns over, the boys were left questioning what kind of town-hopping ghost they were actually dealing with. It was Sam who suggested that a ghost was possessing mannequins.

It was time for some more investigating, when Sam finally ordered his brother to answer the near constant ringing of his cell phone. It was Lisa and Dean did not want to talk. Reluctantly, he picked up the phone to find a nervous Ben claiming something was wrong with his mom. She had locked her self in her room and refused to answer the phone. Dean didn’t think he should go (What if Sam were to scratch the wall again?), but Sam practically shoved the man into his car. Sam could do this on his own. I hope you’re right, Sammy.

Slowly, Sam began to put the pieces of the case together. It seems the two victims (Plus, one fidgety would-be third victim whose interview with Sam had given him away) had thought it would be fun to tease a lonely fellow factory employee with love notes and gifts of adoration. The men set up a rendezvous between the woman and her false admirer. Only, when she arrived, the woman learned it was all a cruel joke. The woman attempted to leave, but one of the men pulled her back. She fell and sliced her head open on a nearby table. She was dead and the men tried to hide it. Quickly and efficiently, Sam salted & burned the bones. It was over. Not so fast. It’s not over. Thinking he was finally free, the third man (Who was very much crazy) came home and insisted that he and his love mannequin (Yes, you heard right) get the hell out-of-town. One head turn later and he was dead as a door-nail.

Meanwhile, Dean arrived at Lisa’s to find her dressed up and waiting for the arrival of a suitor. Not Dean. They had been Parent Trapped. Ben had duped the former couple, because he was afraid that if his mother went on a third date (You know what I’m talking about) it meant splitsville for Lisa and Dean. Dean told young Ben that he couldn’t be around anymore, because he was afraid of the person he would become and he knew that if he stayed Ben would end up just like him. Ben threw one more dig at our boy and told him he was walking out on his family. You could see how much that hurt Dean, but he had to leave. There was no other choice. One cheesy montage later and we knew the journey was over for Lisa and Ben. Farewell. I can’t say that I’m upset, because I really never liked the idea of Dean being with Lisa (He’s supposed to be with Jo!). However, it is sad that we’ll probably never get to see Dean live a “normal” life again. For that, I have to shed a tear.

Since the case wasn’t over, Sam decided to follow-up with the dead woman’s sister. There had to be some other possessed object or a kidney somewhere. A kidney? Yes, a possessed kidney. Well, that’s a new one. The sister received a kidney transplant from the dead woman when she was a teenager (That’s how her ghost could travel). Sam and Dean met up and discussed their options. A bathtub full of ice? Uh, no. Dr. Robert and a black-market kidney? Maybe. Hoo-doo? Okay. Before they could implement their plan, the Impala started up. What? Dean wasn’t in the car . . . Uh. Oh. Dean found himself once again (Wasn’t it season 1 episode 1?) being chased by his baby. He had to trick the car into crashing (No!), but it was actually the sister who paid the price. A shard of glass hit her in her side. She was dead before you could say, “Poor Impala.” Case closed.

It was hard on the boys to accept that they couldn’t slap a big “Win” sticker on this particular case. They may have “managed to save a few dicks, but they also got an innocent girl killed. Sam reminded Dean that even though they had a serious amount of bad luck, there was also good. Sam was Satan free and soul-filled, and it was all thanks to Dean. Sam: “For what it’s worth, I got your back.”


Best lines of the night:

1. Dean: “Maybe we’ll have a Snooki sighting.”

Sam: “What’s a Snooki?”

Dean: “That’s a good question.”

2. Sam: “Nothing. Just how great he was. Went to church. Donated to charity. Rubbed her feet during Glee.”

Dean: “I just threw up in my mouth.”

3. Dean: “They don’t even dissect anything good in here. Anything bigger than Kermit, they use an iPad.”

4. Dean: “I don’t like the way Kim Cattrall is looking at me.”

5. Dean (In reference to the Impala): “Well, seeing as she got car-jacked by Poltergeist, it could be worse.”

What did you think of Friday’s episode? Love it? Hate it? Will Sam scratch the wall again? Are we officially done seeing Lisa and Ben? Are you excited about tonight’s episode? Tell me in the comments!

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