TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Sun Also Rises”

Oh. My. God.

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Hello, my wonderful fellow TVD fans! I hope you’re all in good health this morning, considering last nights nail-biting, pillow throwing, sit on the edge of your seat all new episode of The Vampire Diaries. If you need a moment to fully recover, by all means, feel free to catch your breath before we recap this awesome episode. In the meantime, I think we can all agree on one saying that can accurately describe our reaction to “The Sun Also Rises” . . . Holy Crap! What happened last night? Everyone was sacrificing themselves, people were dying left and right, and we were misled by one we thought we could trust (I hate to say, I told you so). Plus, there was that gigantic confusing loophole that was definitely good news for Elena. Yes. Holy crap, indeed. In an episode more fitting for a season end, this weeks Vampire Diaries left us in stunned silence and made us reaffirm our love for this amazing show. Now, you know the drill. The unlucky few who didn’t see yesterdays latest chapter, look away, this is a SPOILER ALERT!

Be careful, Matt and Caroline! Tyler – in his super ferocious wolf form – is trying to kill the pair, but Matt makes sure that doesn’t happen. He shoots the wolf, yet manages to only injure him. Good friend that she is, Caroline tries to calm the wounded wolf down, under Matt’s protest. Eventually, the duo safely make their way out of the Lockwood’s cellar.

Across town, and injured Damon (You remember that nasty wolf bite) is showing his newly acquired wound to Katherine. He asks the vampire bitch if she knows of a cure. She doesn’t (Typical). Damon knows his case is hopeless. So where does this leave the former lovers? Katherine demands a goodbye, but Damon refuses. Ending on good terms is not something our favorite vampire cares to participate in. Katherine willingly led Aunt Jenna to her vampire death. He wants nothing to do with her.

Meanwhile, Aunt Jenna the vampire is slowly coming to terms with her current situation. She remembers Klaus kidnapping her and feeding on his blood, but nothing more. Elena reminds the newborn about that vampire history lesson they had a couple of weeks ago. Think back. How does someone become a vampire, Aunt Jenna? Yep. You are correct. Klaus killed you while you had his blood in your system. That equals one new baby vampire who’s definitely hungry, seeing as how much you’re enjoying snacking on Greta’s blood supply. Elena tries to stop her, but Greta and her witch ways trap the human in a circle of fire.

Bonnie. Jeremy. It’s nice to see you. We missed you last week. What have you been doing? Oh, I see. They’ve been hiding out from the big bad vampire, Klaus; and searching for an alternative way to keep Elena alive. Just a normal week for these residents of Mystic Falls.

Hey, Elijah. Where have you been? With Stefan and Alaric in tow, the vampire tells the team that the sacrifice will happen like this. First, Klaus will kill the werewolf, then the vampire, and finally the doppelgänger. When Klaus is in mid-transition, that’s when Bonnie will save the day and Elijah will kill his brother. It’s a simple plan, really. Taking a moment to talk alone, Stefan asks Elijah for reassurance. There have been many times when Stefan wanted to kill Damon, but he never could. It’s a difficult situation. Elijah remarks that Klaus is not his only brother, he had a family, but Klaus killed them all and made sure he would never find their bodies. Elijah is set on revenge. “I won’t fail you.”

As the group approaches Bonnie and Jeremy’s hide out, Stefan gets a call that Alaric does not want to hear. It’s the vampire hunters job to tell a still hopeful Jeremy about the latest development, while Stefan breaks the news to Bonnie. The witch wants to go immediately and save Jenna, but there is another plan in place. Their going to offer another vampire in Jenna’s place. Okay, Stefan. Who would that be? “Me.” Oh, hell no!

At Camp Klaus, Jules is being put in place for the sacrifice. Everything is as it should be. Klaus has his werewolf, vampire, doppelgänger, and moonstone. It’s time to start this party! Greta beings to chant as the fire begins to blaze. Klaus approaches the werewolf. In one swift movement, Jules is on the ground with her heart in Klaus’ hands. One down, two more to go.

A little later, Elena and Aunty J share a few words. Elena apologizes for their current situation and makes Jenna promise, that if she has a chance, she’ll run. They can’t leave Jeremy without a family. When Klaus approaches his newborn, he finds an unexpected surprise. Stefan. He wants to make a trade. With Aunt Jenna’s new super hearing, Elena is witness to the conversation. Uh. Oh.

At the hideout, Uncle John gives Bonnie the Jonathan Gilbert journals in hopes to find an alternative for Elena’s death. As luck would have it, Uncle John knows the exact spell they’re looking for (How convenient). Uncle John tells the story of a mother who asked for Emily Bennett’s help to save her dying baby. Emily cast a spell that bound the life of the mother to the child’s. When the child died, the mother’s life force traveled through her, and the baby survived. How does this help Elena? Well, Elena gets to stay human if her soul stays intact. Okay. If the spell works, Elena will remain a human and live happily ever after like she wanted. After a few witch words from Bonnie, it’s all set. Not only is Jeremy and Alaric safe from harm (Yay!), but Uncle John’s life force is now tangled with Elena’s. There is no way for this to go wrong . . .

As far as Klaus is concerned, Elena is in quite the predicament. There is no choice for the human. Klaus stabs Stefan in the back, only wounding the vampire. He has other plans for Stefan. Now, it’s Jenna’s turn. “It’s alright, Elena. I know what I have to do.” A brave Aunt Jenna, runs past Klaus and takes a bite out of Greta. She’s going to fight, but it isn’t enough. Klaus is already there. One stake to the heart, and Aunt Jenna is gone. GASP! Let’s have a moment of silence for our favorite ineffectual caretaker. We will miss you. *Sigh*

There is just one more thing to do, for the curse to be broken. “It’s time.” Elena makes her way to the makeshift alter, ignoring Klaus’ hand. Stefan tries his best to fight, but it’s no use. He’s too weak. Klaus sweeps the humans hair away and plants his teeth on her neck. He bites, drains. Elena collapses on the ground. The curse is broken. As the full moon is in view, Klaus beings his werewolf transformation. Bones break and twist, but the hybrid did not expect this. Bonnie. As she works her new all-powerful witch powers, Damon breaks Greta’s neck then takes Elena back to the hideout. Klaus is the final obstacle. The hybrid screams. Elijah looks upon his dying brother and attempts to rip the hybrid of his heart, but Klaus speaks first. He tells Elijah that he knows where their family is buried. Klaus will take him to them, if he is freed. Elijah is reluctant to believe, yet ultimately does. “I’m sorry.” The vampires are gone.

Just out of harms reach, Matt and Caroline find shelter at the Lockwood Mansion. It seems this is the perfect moment for Caroline to confront Matt. He confesses to talking vervain and tells the vamp that the charade he put on (to spy on her) was the Sheriff’s idea. A bump in the night startles the two, but Caroline finds a wounded Tyler – in his human form – on the front step. While Tyler recuperates, Matt breaks the news to Caroline. For a few days everything was going really well, Matt thought maybe they could be together. Yet, he doesn’t think he can. Matt has bills to pay, an absent mom, school. He doesn’t need anymore drama in his life. With that, the vampire and the human part ways. Later, Tyler is there to comfort his vampire bestie.

Elena lies unconscious. Damon warns the human not to come back as a vampire. He couldn’t stand her hating him forever (Awww). The minutes pass, nothing happens. Uncle John looks upon his daughter until she returns to her human life once again (Like we had any doubt). Stepping out into the sun, Uncle John collapses. What he failed to mention in his story, was that when the spell was complete and the baby was brought back to life, the mother died in its place. Uncle John willingly sacrificed himself so that his daughter would live a happy human life, like he wished. It’s kind of hard to hate him now, huh?

Preparing for the funeral, Jeremy gives Elena John’s ring and a letter. She begins to read. John tells his daughter he wished he would have listened to her and apologizes for failing as a parent. He wishes Elena to grow old and have a child of her own, so she will be able to give his ring to them. He doesn’t ask for forgiveness, but asks her to believe his words. Whether a human or a vampire, John will always love his daughter. Insert tears here.

Final scene: Stefan approaches his brother Damon after the funeral. Stefan reminds Damon that Elena needs a friend more than ever. He needs to be there for her. Elena can not lose another person. Damon displays his werewolf bite for his brother. Stefan vows he will find a cure, but Damon just wants him to keep his secret from Elena. In all his epic fashion, Damon walks away.

The Vampire Diaries

Only 1 more episode left! What are your predictions for the Season 2 finale? What did you think of this weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries? Did you think Aunt Jenna would die? What did you think about Uncle John? Who will take care of the Gilbert’s now? How do you feel about Elijah’s betrayal? Will we see more of Klaus and Elijah in the future? What did you think of Stefan’s choice? What about Elena? Tell me in the comments!

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Hmm. That episode was season-finale worthy however based on the preview for next week I can say that local trouble is a brewing and I am just gonna go ahead and say I told you so a la the Sheriff. But back to this episode. It was really good and at when it was all over it shows just how much family is intrinsic to the storyline of the whole show. I love Elijah and Klaus’ characters even more now. Just because Klaus’ performance was so eerily sinister and calm. Even his transformation was graceful, he’s just so debonair that it makes him so much more horrible. And Elijah. I still think he is honorable but you can’t fault him for his choice. It’s a choice even Damon and Stefan would have made. Family is the Achilles heel for everyone esp on this show.

    Speaking of family my favourite scene was when Damon showed stefan his wound. The range of emotions of Stefans face was priceless acting. Just priceless. I felt it- i did.

    Do we have a name for Caroline and Tyler cuz I definitely see that happening. How sweet are they?

    Bonnie is a total BAD-ASS. When she was stalking through that field I was like OMG. She definitely brought the intensity.

    So five people died. Never saw that coming.

    1. Yeah, how are they going to top this episode? It’s going to be one hell of a cliffhanger, because I can’t see them wrapping everything up next week. I agree. I love that we don’t have to say goodbye to Klaus and Elijah just yet. Their such interesting characters and they bring a lot of ‘fun’ to Mystic Falls. lol

      How about Carolyler? Or Tyoline? Calyer? Remember it took us forever to come up with a good name for Bonnie and Jeremy. I have to agree, Caroline and Tyler are so adorable and sweet together. We need to do their hybrid name justice. This needs some a serious discussion 😉

      I know! I thought for sure Jules would die, but I wasn’t so sure about Aunt Jenna. And I definitely never saw Uncle John’s death coming. These TVD writers sure know how to keep us on the edge of our seats.

      P.S. Is it Thursday yet? lol

  2. setinmotion says:

    Oh. Wow. That episode was AH-MAZING!! I agree with everything you say. When Jules died it was like pffftt whatever, and then JENNA died and I was like Wha?!?! and then JOHN died. Youre right though. He was a dick for every episode he was in yet the way he went out makes us like him…

    Am curious about Alaric’s character now that Jenna is dead. Will he turn on them? hang out with them? Or just bail?

    hahaha. I SO want to see Caroline and Tyler get together! I kinda would of liked if Caroline told Matt to fuck off though because she has done nothing wrong at all but he still gets away with turning against her and may ultimately cause her and her mum to hate/try to kill one another. not cool.

    What about Tyoliner? Hmm..? this will be hard.

    Wow! I just saw the preview for next week. It’s all about Damon!!!! (FINALLY!) Did I hear the words “I made the wrong choice?” come out of Elena’s mouth? Does that mean what I think it does? And what cliffhanger will they leave us on? I’m REALLY hoping it’s something along the lines of Elena kissing Damon JUST have he gets better…and Stefan walking in. Or something along those lines because if they end it with Damon dying/on the verge of dying I might have to throw a chair…

    ALSO-when Caroline and Tyler were hugging under the blanket was Tyler still naked? Cause last I checked friends dont hug naked (or have I just been missing out?)

    1. You know, I really hope (think) Alaric will look after Elena and Jeremy. Do you remember John told Alaric to look after Jeremy? I really don’t think he’d bail, but I guessing on some angst. He can’t leave his best buddy in the world, Damon, can he? lol Of course, I just want more Alaric scenes.

      Caroline did just kind of sit there and take it. When he said he thought he could try, I agree, I wished she fought a little more. When the Sheriff starts making trouble, I think Matt is going to protect Caroline. It seemed like he still has feelings for her somewhat.

      CaTyler?? Hahaha! Yes, I’m pretty sure Tyler and Caroline were hugging naked. I had to do a double-take when I saw that scene. I know friends (or rather werewolves) who hug half naked – since they don’t own a shirt *Shameless Twilight reference* 😉

      Yes! A Delena moment would be perfect! I’m definitely scared as to think what kind of cliffhanger these writers are going to give us, because Damon on the brink of death equals not-so-happy fans … and chair throwing. The list of people they know who can help find a cure is getting pretty short though. Is it possible that Bonnie could find a cure? She is all-powerful now, I’m sure she can whip something up.

      1. miseryofmidnight says:

        I may have been seeing things in the preview but didn’t Stefan call someone on his cell and say that he needed a cure and then all of a sudden he was talking to Emily?

        I read somewhere that Caroline & Tyler are generally called ‘Forwood’ based on their last name. Like?

        1. I did see Stefan on his cell phone, but I never saw Emily. Now, I might be imagining things, but I swear I saw Stefan talking to someone (I think it was Damon) through some kind of jail cell looking bars. Did Damon do something not so nice, and is now in the Salvatore basement or Lockwood cellar? I also read that next weeks episode will have Damon remembering his time with Katherine, while he’s spending time with Elena. There’s that Delena moment we were asking for. Hopefully, it’s the right one 😉

          ForWood? Hmmm . . . I think I like 🙂

  3. setinmotion says:

    Misery I think you were right, I saw Stefan talking to “Emily” too and her saying that it was Damon’s time to die…which then cured a scene of Damon writhing in agony.

    Ah! I was curious about the flashbacks with Katherine, that should be interesting! I’ve missed Katherine a little bit lately to be honest.

    Hahah ForWood is definitely better than anything we’ve come up with. And I LOVE Shameless Twilight references. But this is a werewolf I actually like…I can feel the beginning of a crush on him!

    Hmm…with the whole Matt/Caroline thing I was more annoyed that she didn’t dump HIM. Sure she could have fought…but then she wouldn’t of gotten a naked hug. Nothing has happened between Tyler and Caroline except for a kiss right?

    I’d say that Damon probably goes a bit nutso what with his dying etc because that’s what happened with Rose remember? And then there is Sheriff Forbes running around with a gun?

    I’m interested about the bit where Damon is talking to Elena and she’s like “don’t Damon” don’t WHAT? Kiss me? Die? Turn on me and become a bad vampire?

    Thoughts? Quite seriously, I’m going mad. And if they end on a cliffhanger…well does anyone fancy a trip to Atlanta with their favourite throwing chair?

    1. Wow. I must have seen a different preview, because I never saw that. No, nothing else has happened between Tyler and Caroline and we’ll probably have to wait till next season to see them again (except maybe just a line or two in the finale). I agree, we can probably bet that Damon is going to go a little crazy. And if the Sheriff is making trouble … not good. Is anyone else thinking that by the end of the episode, the season 2 body count might be a little higher? Dying Damon + Elena = Love confession. That’s all I need to say about that. Hahaha! You KNOW they’re going to end with a cliffhanger, the question is, will it be worth traveling to Atlanta with your favorite throwing chair? lol 🙂

  4. setinmotion says:

    Haha i definitely agree, the body count is going to go up, the question is WHO? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheriff Forbes dies, particularly if she is going after both Damon and Caroline. The question is who would kill her? Because either way Caroline would be sad…and possibly pissed?

    Hahaha you make a good point. I honestly don’t care about the cliffhanger as long as Damon is alive and well and we’ve had some good quality Delena time. My ideal cliffy would be Stefan seeing them kiss….but I’m a mean horrible person tehehe.

    We don’t get previews here so I youtubed it so it might have been a different one?

    1. I’m guessing Sheriff Forbes too, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Matt. He really doesn’t have that much of a storyline anymore. I kinda of see him protecting Caroline from her crazed vampire hating mother . . . but who knows? We’re just going to have to wait a few more days 😉

  5. setinmotion says:

    Hmm….Matt dying? I could see that. Very convenient but then we’d have to deal with Caroline mourning wouldn’t we?

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