TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “As I Lay Dying”

Stefan’s Been A Bad Boy: Part 1

Source: Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Holy super awesome Season 2 finale, Batman! Wow. I can’t believe it’s over. What a season, eh? What an episode! While it may not have been action packed, chair throwing material (*cough* Except for one moment *cough*), it put us right where we wanted to be. In Damon’s bed. It was a night to put away the last remaining season 2 mysteries (Will Stefan find a cure? What happened to Klaus? Are they ever going to have another Mystic Falls town-wide event?), and bring out & introduce the season 3 plot lines. Hello. How are you? Too bad we’re going to have to wait until September to meet again. Last nights epic season finale of The Vampire Diaries was a night of shock, desperate measures, and one short, albeit sweet moment (Delena lives!). It did not disappoint. But you’ve already watched it, right? So I don’t need to tell you. I know! You just want the super fun, super snarky recap. Well, let me help you with that. Please, sit back and enjoy. For the two of you who have yet to watch, SPOILER ALERT!

It’s big sister/cousin Elena. How ya doing? Can I make you some tea? It’s nice of you to be looking out for Jeremy. He needs you. He – but mostly the viewing audience – also need you to make up with Damon and forgive him. You know, so we can finally get to the good stuff between you two. Of course, you need time to think. I understand that, but look at him! Listen to his words! “I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness . . .” (Husky voiced Damon is speaking now) “But, I need it.” See, Elena? We’ve only got so much time, but you reject his apology once again. I bet you wouldn’t feel the same way when you find out what’s behind that tight black shirt sleeve of his.

Oh, Damon. This can’t be easy for him. Returning to the Salvatore Mansion, the vampire with the werewolf bite looks once more at his impending doom (Damn you, Tyler!) and opens the curtains to a bright, sunny day. Basking in the light for a minute more, the vampire takes off his ring. Wait. Um . . . Damon? What are you doing? In an instant, he starts to burn. If Damon is going out, he’s going out on his terms. What?! Only, Stefan isn’t having any of that. Thank goodness. Team Damon’s faux bouffant hero tackles the brother to the ground and locks him in the basement. Stefan is going to find a cure. Damon is not dying today.

Oh. Hey, Klaus. I didn’t think we’d see you so soon. Why, it looks as though you’ve just experience your first werewolf bender. Did you have fun? Elijah! I know I shouldn’t be happy to see you (Remember that stunt you pulled?), but I am. Klaus catches our former ally up on some minor details. You know, little things – like, how his super scary hybrid self can turn his werewolf powers on and off at will (Cool, huh?). After picking up his brother’s mess once again, Elijah demands that the hybrid take him to his family. Klaus rather take his time.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Elena are trying to have a little fun after recent events. With a very Alice-esque Caroline in tow, the trio begin movie night. Yes, TVD writers. We get the analogous familiarities between Gone with the Wind and the Salvatore’s past. When Stefan whisks his lady-love away for a short convo, he finally lets her in on the big secret. Yeah, I’m sensing some guilt there, Elena. Maybe you should have listened to Damon, huh? Stefan warns his human that now would be a good time to talk to the dying (He’d better not) vampire. 

Back in the basement, Damon isn’t doing so well. Thinking (Or hallucinating) of his times with Katherine (I really like your curly hair, Damon), Damon realizes through an image of Elena that the entire time he was pining after Katherine, she was playing him like a fiddle for her own selfish reasons (No, duh). At the Grill, Stefan calls a rather distraught (Yet, sarcastic) and somewhat drunk Alaric for some help. He needs Alaric to watch after his bromantic partner-in-crime. When Alaric reaches his friend, Damon reminds him of all the things he’s done worthy of Alaric’s hatred (Turning Isobel, Jenna’s demise, etc). Alaric doesn’t care. The vampire hunter spikes the Damon’s wound just to shut him up.

You know Elena, now isn’t the best time to talk to Damon. Seeing as how the Sheriff is in your way. Why? Oh, that’s easy. Mrs. Lockwood is out for blood. Marching into Sheriff Forbes office, Tyler’s mom demanded she fix this vampire problem, or someone (That means you, Sheriff) would be out on their behind. By the looks of it, I don’t think the Sheriff liked that plan. She came up with her own. Of course, it wasn’t a very good plan.

Sheriff Forbes and a single deputy invade the Salvatore home. Really? Just the two of you? Good plan. Good plan. While Alaric runs and fetches a blood packet for Damon, the Sheriff locks him away in the cellar. Really? Without further interruption, the Sheriff eyes a seemingly unconscious Damon. Well, it looked like it. He just wanted to have some fun, that’s all. Damon pushes the Sheriff into a wall (Ouch) and makes his escape. Not good.

When Alaric calls Jeremy, he wants to ensure Elena’s safety with her little brother. Only, Elena’s at the Police Station with vampire hater, Sheriff Forbes. Jeremy, Caroline, and Bonnie begin the search party for Elena and Damon. Finding his away to the town square for movie night, a very sick Damon is helped by Jeremy. Well, that was easy. One down, one to go. The duo make their way to The Grill, only to find Sheriff Forbes and her gun. Wow. She moves fast. Aiming the gun (You do know that won’t hurt a vampire, right?) at Damon, the Sheriff fires one shot. BANG! It all goes so fast. One minute Damon is in the way, the next it’s Jeremy. WHAT?! NO! GASP! HELL NO! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING! Their not. Jeremy goes down instantly. Bonnie and Caroline come to the rescue. Wait! Jeremy still has his ring. But according to Bonnie, that only works if supernatural creatures kill you (Really? Are you sure?). So, they try the next best thing. Caroline tries to feed our poor Jeremy her blood. It doesn’t work. He’s gone. No. No. No. There has to be a way. The distraught Bonnie (With Alaric’s help) take Jeremy’s body to her witch lair. Bonnie requests the power she needs to resurrect Jeremy from her dead witch friends. But, they’re not so willing. Bonnie relentlessly chants for a different outcome. She pleads to Emily for help. The dead witch warns Bonnie that there will be consequences. The fire burns dim. Nothing happened . . . just joking! Jeremy comes back to life! Yay!

Needing to find Damon and quick, Elena throws a chair (Chuckle. Giggle) through the police station window to make her own escape. Searching the crowd, Elena finds a quickly deteriorating Damon. His hallucinations continue. While a human Damon chases Katherine, Elena tries to help the ailing vampire. He pushes both Katherine and Elena against a tree (This would be fun if Damon wasn’t dying). Katherine allows Damon to drink her blood, as Damon slowly finds himself taking a sip from Elena’s neck (This would be fun if Damon wasn’t dying).

Later, a regretful Sheriff Forbes and her daughter connect. Caroline confesses that she does not want to lie anymore or be scared of her mother. Caroline doesn’t want her mother to be afraid of her vampire daughter anymore either. Hugs!

Stefan makes his way to Bonnie’s creepy witch lair, hoping the dead witches of past can help Bonnie find a cure for Damon’s werewolf bite. Bonnie calls upon her sisters, and Emily answers. The dead witch refuses to give the desperate vampire a cure, but Bonnie picks up a hint along the way. Klaus. Next stop for Stefan, Alaric’s former bachelor pad. Yeah, we still know you’re there, Katherine. Stefan requests a favor of the hybrid (Why is he still in town?), but Klaus needs to handle one more thing before they can iron out the details of their business arrangement. He steps away for a moment, allowing Elijah to somewhat (Not really) make amends for his decisions the last time he saw Stefan. He reminds the Salvatore brother how his decision was based upon the promise that Klaus could reunite him with his family. “And so I shall.” STAB! What? Not again! The evil hybrid stabs his brother, Elijah, with the magic dagger. No! Elijah is once again (What is that? 3 times now?) at the mercy of the knife. Damn. I really wanted him to stay this time. 

So, what shall Klaus do with Stefan? Why, stab him with a stake, of course. Luckily, the vampire is only left with a flesh wound. Stefan vows to do anything Klaus requires, if he will give him a cure. Klaus contemplates this for a moment and makes his counter-offer. Klaus will gladly give Stefan the cure . . . Wait. What is the cure, Klaus? Oh, how could he forget. With Katherine’s help, let Klaus demonstrate the cure for a werewolf bite. The hybrid takes a nice juicy chunk out of her arm where we find a freshly made werewolf bite (Ew, gross!). Then, oh so simply, he feeds the vampire bitch his blood and surprise! She is all healed. The remedy for a werewolf bite is Klaus’ blood (Yay?). What does the sadistic evil vamp want in return for his special blood? Well, that’s a bit tricky. He wants the old Stefan to join his ranks. As in, the Stefan who was hopped up on human blood and killed a whole bunch of people. That Stefan. Willingly, he agrees. What? No. Are you crazy? At Klaus’ request to show his allegiance, Stefan downs packet after packet of human blood. Why? Stefan, why? Stefan agrees to Klaus’ terms. Stefan will leave town with Klaus (and be his lackey) if he will give Damon the cure. Everything is set. Upon his orders, Katherine is to bring the cure to Damon, but Stefan believes she won’t get as far and fail in her task. Damn.

Finally, getting Damon all snuggled up in his bed, Elena tries to comfort her dying friend. Oh, I love this scene. Elena refuses to leave the vampires side. Wow. You are really sweaty, Damon. Our favorite vamp comes to the realization that blaming his brother all these years for his unfortunate fate was wrong. He was to blame. Damon made the wrong choice in loving Katherine. Damon asks Elena to tell Stefan he’s sorry. Damon believes he deserves to die. When Elena protests, he calms her reactions. He says, that it’s okay. Everything he’s done up to this point has allowed him to meet Elena. Not going to cry. Damon also knows that she loves Stefan, but Elena should also know that he loves her too (!). Not going to cry. Taking the words right out of the Bridget Jones playbook, Elena tells Damon she likes him just the way he is. Is that a tear? Closing his eyes, Damon drifts as Elena plants one soft chaste kiss on his lips. Okay. I’m crying. “Thank you.” Actually, Katherine thinks Damon she be thanking her. She’s the one who brought the cure (O.M.G! She did something nice for a change). Damon sips Klaus’ blood and finds his strength (Double yay!) Katherine tells the pair the price for such a miracle. Stefan. He sacrificed everything to save his brother, including Elena. Wow.

With Stefan in tow, Klaus returns a still sorta-kinda dead Elijah (Will someone remove that knife, please?) to his family (Coffin. Classic). Testing his patronage once more, Klaus requires Stefan to do one more thing. He must hunt a be a true ‘ripper.’ Much to our dismay, he succeeds. Darn it!

Side note: Now, I swear the writers were trying to have some fun with us here. Notice the warehouse they’re in? Look somewhat familiar? Doesn’t it look like the perfect place to store priceless artifacts? *eyebrow wiggle* Isn’t that right, Doctor Jones?

Back from the dead, Jeremy wonders what side effects will come about, because of his new lease on life. Hearing something go bump in the night, he looks around his forlorn home. CREAK. CREAK. Who’s that? CREAK. Huh? Why are you following Jeremy? You look familiar. LOUD DRAMATIC MUSIC. What the? Dead vampire, Anna? Dead vampire, Vicki? “Jeremy.” To be continued .  . .

The Vampire Diaries

The season is finally over. What shall we do now with all these vacant months and no Damon fix each week? What did you think of last nights finale? Love it? Hate it? Did your predictions for the finale come true? Will Elijah ever return? What did you think of Stefan’s sacrifice? Did he do good, or was he all to willing to fight for the dark side? How awesome was Alaric? What did you think about that Delena scene? What will become of Jeremy? Does he have a new skill as a ghost whisperer? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Oh dear. It’s all over no more TVD drama till September. How will we ever manage? I really can’t think about it but this finale was the SWEETEST thing EVER. The opening scene and the sweet soundtrack of Ingrid Michaelson playing in the background made my heart hurt just a little bit. I could tell from that, that this episode was going to be a doozy. I read a lot of people say that last week was more action packed and suited for the finale but last night really gave me some gasps and was much more emotional for me than last week’s episode.

    Gasp #1: Klaus killing poor sweet Elijah (Truth be told Klaus did keep his word – in his own way). Man how evil is he? But I like it! Is it bad of me to like Klaus a little more with every twisted act he performs?)

    Gasp #2: Evil Stefan a la more blood binging than we have seen all season. This was a buildup throughout this episode but still gasp worthy. I never saw it coming. (BTW this is probably the best thing to happen to Stefan’s character. I couldn’t take any more of his heartless goodness. Makes things so much more exciting. I’m just wondering how much of him we will see next season. Surely we can’t be expected to see him & Klaus travel around all season on a killing spree? That can’t be very exciting.)

    Gasp #3: Sheriff Forbes killing Jeremy. I was in shock for that one, I honestly didn’t think the writers would do that but nothing seemed to be working and I was more in shock than anything at this point.

    Gasp #4: Anna and Vicki. Wow. Wow. I don’t know what this means. Obviously it is a curse on Jeremy but why? Is it that he will be able to see dead people, vampires or will he just be haunted by vampires he loved/loved him? I hope for the 1st just because I want to see Lexi! Hopefully this is a storyline that can be expanded into Jeremy becoming more interesting in the long run and not just something that he will be rid of in a couple of episodes.

    Also Alaric ribbing on Jeremy….hilarious.

    I am hoping that next season shows Delena’s relationship progressing. I don’t think it will come easy so that should be interesting. Damon will obviously be guilty about Stefan and will focus on finding him but hopefully the humanity he experienced this episode will rub off on his character next season & he will be a sweeter version of himself and Elena will give in.

    Also, I hope all the other characters will have a better development this season. Like Bonnie. (Can we at least see where she lives. Seriously) And Tyler & Caroline.

    BTW. I had no idea what you were referring to in that side note Kim. Oh and you made a couple mistakes in the recap like Elijah pulling a “Student”. That would be kinda weird…

    1. Yes, last week was definitely finale worthy, but I really think they did a good job with the actual finale. Yeah, it left us with more questions, but it did kind of wrap things up in a nice package, while still setting us up for next season.

      Klaus is an evil, mad genius. ‘Nuff said. lol Yeah, I don’t think Klaus and Stefan will be traveling together all season. I’m sure things will change quickly for those two. I agree, I like the direction Stefan’s character is going. This season he was all about feelings and making sad faces. He was getting really annoying. Bad Stefan hopefully will be more interesting. I really want him to step out and show us a entirely new Stefan.

      I NEVER thought that they would kill Jeremy (then bring him back). We all thought it was Sheriff Forbes who’d die, not pull the trigger. It was definitely a shocking, cringe worthy moment. I just hope this new power, curse, or whatever it is, will be awesome. I want him to start participating in the supernatural happenings in Mystic Falls. Yes! Alaric making fun of Jeremy was hysterical. I am so happy that they kept Alaric safe and sound, so we can see him next season.

      Yes! I agree with EVERYTHING you said about Delena. There is no way they will get together easily, but I really hope it will move faster than the previous season. I have no doubt Damon will try and find Stefan (Maybe Elena will help him?). Now that Bad Stefan is in the building, when it does come time for him and Elena to reunite, I doubt she’ll be so eager to forgive and forget. I’m keeping my hopes up that Season 3 will be a Delena season.

      In my side note, I was referring to Indiana Jones. And thanks for telling me about that Elijah mistake. It’s all fixed now. I have no idea how that got mixed up 🙂

  2. setinmotion says:

    ooooohhhhh that was sooo exciting! And while there were cliffhangers they definitely didn’t make me mad enough to throw a chair 🙂 YAY!

    First off, although Jeremy did but didn’t die (huh?) no one else bit the dust. Very unlike TVD. Also, no mention of Tyler or Matt whatsoever. Are they just hanging out somewhere being dude or something? hahahaha.

    i LOVE the twists that they’ve made for season three. First off, Damon is alive. YAY! Although the whole “you can love both of them” thing was a bit Twilight-y for me. But still. Definite potential there. That look she gave right at the end when she caught Klaus’ blood? innnerrressstting. Was that the moment when she realised she loved Damon in all of his sweaty-sexy glory? I agree though it will be hard because it seems unlikely that she’ll be like “oh well. No more Stefan whose the next brother in line?”

    Bad Stefan? EXCELLENT (sorry, that was a bit Wayne’s World wasn’t it?). I have a thing for bad vampires (bad Angel, bad Spike anyone? Eric?) and since Damon is now the goodie one has been sadly lacking from TVD. saying that it will be interesting how they play this. Will he run around killing him? Will Damon and Elena find him and then what? he continues to kill people…will he want to kill ELENA? I mean they could do the whole buffy thing and give him back his soul, then send him to hell and then resurrect him…but that seems like a lot of effort…

    The whole Jeremy thing threw me as well! I’m also curious if its just dead vampires or just people that he was close to who have died? Does that mean Jenna will come back? What about his parents? And how will this be useful to the overall storyline?

    I’m a bit sad season two is over, sniff sniff, and I’m going to miss these reviews (if you don’t do them next season I’m hunting you down in Chicago (Chicago?) and forcing you to ok?) but I think it ended well and they’ve definitely got kick-arse ideas for the third season.

    I’m just hoping for some Delena, some Forwood and some bad Stefan. Then I’ll be happy I think. And maybe a newbie of some kind…hmmm?

    1. Yeah, I didn’t like the ‘You can love them both’ thing either. It’s obvious she has feelings for Damon, she just won’t acknowledge them . . . yet. This whole season tortured the hell out of us Delena fans. Every time they would get closer, something would pull them away again. It was an endless cycle. Now with Stefan out of the picture for a little while, hopefully we wont have to sit through such torture.

      Hahaha! Don’t worry, your not the only one who has a thing for bad vampires. I think the countless nights I spent watching Angel reruns can attest to that. Oh, and who doesn’t love Eric? Seriously? I do think Bad Stefan will be kind of fun to watch. Plus, I have no doubt Damon and Elena are going to go looking for him. Bad Stefan wanting to kill Elena? I think through his bloodlust he might not remember her and be kind of mean towards her, but I don’t think he’ll try and kill her.

      Oh, Jeremy. I have no idea what’s going on with that whole situation. I think were all curious as to what this new development is all about.

      Awww! I’m going to miss writing about TVD and reading your comments. Haha! Okay. Okay. No need to get feisty. I’ll do my best to keep reviewing TVD (Yes. You will need a plane ticket to Chicago). Maybe next season we should do a few collaborations? With my snark and your awesomeness we could put all other Vamp Diaries recap’s to shame 🙂

  3. setinmotion says:

    Hahahahaahaha. There are other people out there who review Vampire Diaries? Pfftt I don’t have time for them. And anyway you’re also my go-to-girl for anything Twilight related (especially the fanfics of course). But a collaboration? Sure. Not sure HOW we’ll do it but I’m sure we can find a way 🙂

    Oh and I love your snark. I think my mum would too actually. She always enjoys it when I pick on KStew on my blog hahahahaha.

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