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For the first time this season, we were allowed to sit back, stow our throwing chairs in the overhead compartment, and just let the drama seep in and ruminate. It was a night full of back story; a night full of flashbacks; a night full of emerging plot twists. All in all, it was a good episode. Though scoring low on the WTF? scale, Ordinary People gave us some long-awaited insight on the Original Vampire Family. We finally know the identity of the family’s patriarch (Was that really a surprise?), the identity of the Original Witch (That was most-definitely a surprise), and we finally know the true origin of TVD vampires. Last night, our favorite characters delved deeper into the roots of Mystic Falls and there is no turning back now. With these new revelations, the plot thickens. So grab your Damon blanket and matching pillow, pop some popcorn, and get ready. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

This week, we once again find ourselves searching the corridors of the Lockwood caves. Alaric brings his young ward (Elena) to see the unusual happening beneath the soil of Mystic Falls. BOO! What the hell, Damon? Our vampire friend is back to his normal self, trying to help Alaric and Elena decipher the ancient (a.k.a. “really, really old”) story carved on the stone walls. Hybrid. Werewolf. Witch. Vampire. All the makings for “The Lockwood Diaries: Pictionary Style.” Thanks, Damon. While that is all fine and dandy, Alaric points out the most unusual part of all this. Names. No, not just any names; names of the original family. Niklaus. Elijah. Rebecca (Yes, I know your name is spelled different. Just go with it). Michael. Michael? Oh, yes. Meet “Papa Original.” What?

Local history teacher and wannabe Indiana Jones, Alaric, photographs each marking and tries to put together the unabridged story. Meanwhile, a teasing Damon is helping Elena with her fight training. After last week, it’s nice to see her getting back to being Buffy. The trio debate over what exactly the images lead to. Michael? We’ve already found him. A weapon to kill Klaus? Hopefully. They decide to call in some help; and who better to help than an Original Vampire?

Speaking of . . . Barbie Klaus is making the most of her time at Mystic High. When Elena approaches and hands her a photograph of her etching on the cave wall, wondering why all this time she has been running away from her own father, Rebecca appears nervous and distraught. She refuses to answer any of Elena’s questions, even when Elena hints that they will just ask Michael. The scared vampire flees without another word. Until some time later, Barbie Klaus requests the presence of human Elena. The two need to have a little chat. After a makeshift runway show with some compelled locals, Barbie Klaus (who obviously has a screw loose) willingly – sort of, kind of – gives up some information. At least, information she is handing out on a need-to-know basis. Well, that was easy.

Flashback! In ye old Viking times, Rebecca begins to write her name on the cave wall with a blade. Klaus (A very blonde and curly-haired, Klaus) teases her about being so unladylike. Father will not like this at all. Klaus voices his fears about his Father, but Rebecca hears none of it. They will stick together no matter what. As the blonde leaves to help her mother, she swiftly hands the knife to her big brother, effectively cutting his skin. Human!

Klaus and Elijah (Yay! I missed you) are enjoying some brotherly competition. The two spar and joke, while their family watch on. Michael is displeased. He chastises Klaus for being foolish and impulsive, threatening the young human with a blade to his somber heart. Michael’s a jackass. Agreed?

Rebecca also informs the human on some Original Vampire Family facts; how the family came to the new world and why, etc. They sought to live their lives amongst the fast and strong – werewolves. The two families lived in peace until one day, Klaus and his younger brother Henrik snuck out on a full moon to watch the men turn into beasts. Henrik fell victim to the wolves and died. So sad. The family’s friend and witch, Ayana, could not help bring the boy back. The peace between the two families ended and Michael sought a way to conquer their enemy.

Flashback! Michael and his wife, Ester, plead with the witch, Ayana to call upon the spirits to help find a way to protect their children. Rebecca listens upon the conversation as Ayana refuses to help. The consequences are too great. It will be the beginning of a plague, she warns. Ayana leaves. Michael refuses to give up, he calls upon his wife to conduct the spell.

Say what? Yes, this is where it gets to be somewhat complicated. We all know the Original Witch created the spell that turned Klaus into a hybrid. We also know that the witch has been creating trouble on the other side and really hates Klaus. From what Rebecca has told us, the Original Witch was also the one who turned the human family into vampires. So that would mean . . . ? That would mean, that Klaus’ mom is the Original Witch. Well, this just got a lot more interesting.

Turning the human family into vampires was a way of protection. Michael did not want to run anymore. He wanted to fight his enemy – be superior to them. With increased speed, bite, and agility, they could do anything. Calling upon the sun and the ancient white oak tree (!) for immortality, the Original Witch (also known as Klaus’ mum) transformed her family into vampires. Though, she still remained a witch.

Flashback! The night of the transformation: With the spell complete, there were a few things still to be done. That night, Michael offered his children wine laced with blood, then drove his blade through their hearts. Ouch. Even though we didn’t see it, the image still isn’t pretty. Rebecca and Klaus awaken from death to find their father awaiting their full transformation. To complete the ritual, they had to drink more blood. Michael forces the blood of a young human girl upon the two. At first, the pair refuses to drink, but ultimately Rebecca concedes as the euphoric taste of power dripped down her throat. It’s obvious, Klaus wanted no part in this. And as Ayana warned, with the spell came consequences. The sun was their enemy. The flowers beneath the white oak tree burned. It was proclaimed that the tree that gave them life could also take it away. They burned the tree to the ground. They could now live forever without threat. Though, the most unexpected consequence was the blood lust. They could not control it.

When Klaus made his first human kill, it triggered his werewolf gene. As some of you may have forgotten, Klaus is the result of his mothers one night stand with a werewolf. He is not Michael’s biological son. In order to control the wolf inside, his mother (Original Witch) created the hybrid curse to keep him in-check. After that, she turned her back on him. Not cool. Outraged at his wife’s deception, Michael went on a rampage. He killed the entire village, then came home and ripped his wife’s heart out (literally). Klaus saw first-hand the events that took place. Michael fled and the family scattered; all except Rebecca, Klaus, and Elijah. All for one and one for all. The family would stick together no matter what. “Always and forever.” Hear that epic music swell! Rebecca vows that if any harm should come to Klaus, Elena will be the first one to be ripped apart, piece by piece. Warning received loud and clear. Jeez.

Later, with Bonnie and Elena’s help, Alaric makes some progress on decoding most of the symbols, except one. Huh. That’s strange. Light bulb! Elena makes a discovery that will shock Rebecca to her core. Michael did not kill her mother. Klaus did. The symbols on the cave wall describe the story of the Original Witch’s death. The hybrid, all alone and rejected by his mother, ripped her beating heart out. Rebecca is in disbelief. When Elena tells Barbie Klaus that her brother’s evil reign needs to stop, the blonde vampire takes hold of the humans throat. Though, it’s no use. Rebecca knows Elena is telling the truth. The vampire breaks down. Everything she knows is a lie. Okay. This is kinda sad.

Meanwhile, Damon pays a visit to his chained up, pouty Ripper brother in the Forbe’s underground vampire jail cell. “It’s family day at vampire rehab.” Damon admits he’s not in favor of Elena’s plan. You know the one? The one where they try to starve the Ripper out and make Stefan feel again? Yeah, that one. He figures the best thing to do is to let Stefan out. What? Damon! What are you doing? Taking Stefan to a bar. Oh no. Damon seems to being throwing out the rule book entirely and giving in to Stefan’s taste for fresh human blood. Like the nice guy he is, Damon compels the bar wench to offer her veins like an all you can eat buffet. Bite. Suck. Drink. Thanks to Damon, Elena’s plan is kaput. Though, he assures his human that he knows what he’s doing. Yeah, right.

When Stefan questions what Damon’s motive is for their little brotherly bonding session, the smirky vampire (Damon. He’s such a smirker) tells his bro that he can not continue on the road he is traveling. He either has to fall off the edge, or sit precariously above it. It’s one way or the other. He has to decide. As the night wears on (and Stefan necks on some girl), Damon continues to attempt – in his own special way – to lecture his brother. The vampire wants Stefan to fight for his freedom until Klaus bites the dust. Unfortunately, he can’t be killed. “Maybe I can help with that.” Oh, this can’t be good. Hi, Michael. The freshly fed Original seeks the boys out for information on the location of Klaus. Stefan is loyal to his overlord and doesn’t give away any insider secrets. Of course, this displeases the Original very much. Not to mention, Damon’s snarky attitude. In one swift motion, Michael’s hand is holding on to Damon’s insides. Yikes. Damon’s life is once again threatened. Either Stefan gives him the location of Klaus or Damon’s heart will be the Original’s main course. The vampire and his bouffant are conflicted. Twist. Pull. “Wait! I can bring him back.” Moral Stefan makes an all too brief appearance and tells the Original he can lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls. Yay! Your brotherly love knows no bounds. Michael removes his bloody fingers and orders Stefan to get Klaus back to Mystic, or one Salvatore will die. Dun, dun, dun!

It seems Damon did pull through after all. Stefan made a huge breakthrough, a small piece of his humanity shinning. Though admitting their brother bonding trip helped, Stefan is adamant that when he is free of Klaus’ compulsion, he will not stay. He wonders why Damon is so keen to save him. The vampire confesses that his journey to save his brother is from debt. Damon owes Stefan his life. He can not let his own brother rot in a cell for all of eternity. Careful, Damon. Your humanity is showing. And with that, Damon plants his fist into Stefan’s pretty face. That’s been a long time coming, my friend. Damon kick’s his brother’s ass. About time, too.

At home, Elena finds Sexy Damon in her bed. Lucky bitch. He fills her in on the latest Michael development and tells her he believes the secret weapon is a stake carved from the white oak tree. Huh. As the unresolved sexual tension fills the room, Elena reminds the vampire there is nothing more important than family. Elena knows that the one person who can bring Stefan back from the edge will be Damon. The bond the brothers share is the most powerful weapon they have. Isn’t that sweet? Yeah. Too bad it won’t work. Totally.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Were you excited to see Elijah return? Do you feel sorry for Rebecca? For Klaus? What do you think of Michael? Will he actually kill Klaus? Can Stefan really overcome his compulsion? What did you think of Delena this week? Where’s Katherine? Did you like the Original Family’s back story? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. setinmotion says:

    “The vampire and his bouffant are conflicted.” hahahahahaha!

    This episode was interesting, but in a way it felt like a bit of a filler episode; ok we know all the information, now we get to the action-y bit.

    To be honest though, I’m a bit confused. Who are we meant to hate now? Stefan is sorta on their side, Michael is a jackarse but he’s not as bad as we thought we were, and Rebecca just found out that she was batting for the wrong team for the past 1000 years.

    Oh yeah, Klaus. And its far easier to hate him when he’s hair looks like that…

    I was a bit disappointed that there was no Forwood (again!) or Jeremy (meh), but speaking of…did anyone else sense a bit of sexual chemistry between Alaric and Bonnie?!?! How he was all like “Jeremy’s a fool….I was once like him but now I am older and wiser and understand what a catch you are Bonnie” because. um. ew. Like, sure they are both hotties, but that’s like her going from Elena’s brother to potential step dad. Weird.

    Anyway. Moving on.

    Damon and Elena in that last scene? Yumo. I was getting a bit of a vibe as though she was saying “we cant do anything together” when she said family was most important. Did you get that at all or am I just on crack tonight?

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Even when Stefan has no caring gene at all, he STILL finds a way to be a good guy. And now we can’t exactly hate Rebecca either (even though she is a brat), since her story was all sad and stuff. Plus, we can’t fault Michael for getting vengeance on the guy who killed his wife. Though, Klaus did that because his mother disowned him and made him all hybrid-y and alone. I must say, this is a tough decision. I say on bad old-timey wigs alone, Klaus is the one we should vote off the island. Right?

      Bonnie and Alaric? *Shudders* I’m just going to ignore the ‘chemistry’ comment (Because that’s just wrong. Wrong I tell you!) and say he was just being a nice guy and a good friend. Yep.

      No, the family comment did seem like Elena was saying that their blossoming ‘relationship’ was a no go. Though, the looks they were giving eachother would indicate otherwise. Maybe, Elena was saying that, “until all this crap with Klaus and Stefan is over, we can’t take our relationship to the next step.” Well, at least that’s what I hope she was saying. *Waves Delena flag and runs away* Lol.

      1. setinmotion says:

        Exactly! I feel like if there is anyone we should blame it should be the werewolves. Mostly because they always work well as scapegoats in scenarios like this, not to mention by eating Klaus’s brother (Henrik?) they kinda set the chain in motion.

        But then, without the Originals Damon would have died like 50 years ago….Hmmmmm

        Yes! Thats the exact vibe I was getting as well, as in a “hey, let’s be honest, I want you, but itd be fucked in this situation so let’s just wait around a while”. I wonder what will happen though when Stefan regains his humanity? Will he still want to leave? Interesting.

        And wave your Delena flag with pride! I know I am 🙂

        Ooh, so Klaus “killed” Elijah? interesting. I think it could be a good plot development if Rebecca found out about this, tracked him down, de-killed him, told him the truth about Klaus and they all fight together to stop him. Yes?

  2. setinmotion says:

    Oh and yay Elijah! Where he is meant to be in present time though?

    1. Yes! It was so nice to see him again, though he hardly got any screentime or lines, for that matter. I hope he comes back soon. As far as I remember, Elijah is stuck in a casket with a dagger in his heart, courtesy of Klaus. Someone needs to fix that (Damon or Elena). Just sayin’.

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