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Double Crossed

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Expectations ran high this week, after last Friday’s disconcerting cliffhanger, regarding Alaric’s fragile mental state. We were left stunned, contemplating the results of this shocking revelation; wondering whether or not our favorite hunter was truly at fault for such unspeakable actions. This week the story continued, as we struggled through the after shocks, navigating our way through the episode in hopes for an untroubled outcome. I couldn’t help but feel a little let-down after watching the episode. Muddled information was simply handed to us, as was a somewhat concluded ending for Alaric. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I found myself asking for more drama and suspense. Wow. I sound like Crazy Dr. Fell, don’t I? Who, as it turns out, isn’t actually crazy. What a strange turn of events. I propose, the night be deemed as a transitional period. The residents of Mystic Falls did manage to move forward, somewhat. Damon discovered a potential loophole to deal with that pesky Original problem. Stefan steadily gained control of his Ripper ways, gravitating toward a reconciliation with Elena. All in all, it was an okay episode. We did get to see a shirtless Damon, after all. Hey, you know what? I think I see a SPOILER ALERT!

Poor, Alaric. It seems as if our good friend can never catch a break. Last week, the information about the Mystic Serial Killer slowly rolled in, revealing a shocking discovery. We wanted to deny the possibility, but the truth was set free. Alaric. Alaric had been committing the murders, unbeknownst even to himself. The magical Gilbert ring – cursed. Over time, making its owner on the hunt for blood. This is where we find our hero, currently trying to fix what has been broken. Dr. Fell runs the MRI machine as a concerned Elena patiently waits for news her pseudo father-figure is sane and healthy. We see Alaric, distraught and frightened. He looks up to find his reflection in the mirror; something is wrong. The calm facade of a broken man turns into the creepy, menacing face of a killer. Which is the real Alaric?

After hearing positive results from the Good Doctor, Alaric begins to question what he’s done. Innocent or guilty? He’s starting to doubt himself. Slowly sliding his ring into Elena’s grasp, Alaric has made a decision. It’s the only thing left to do.

Meanwhile, Elena reluctantly confronts Damon about his late-night “vampire pub-crawl” with Stefan. She is disgusted to hear Damon speak about forcing his brother to feed off a living human. He gives her the mandatory vampire lecture. “We’re predators, not puppies.” It should be obvious, Elena. They’re vampires! Duh.

A few towns over, Caroline is helping Bonnie, to assist in easing Abby into the vampire life. Yes, last week Bonnie told us that her mom went through the transition after Damon had bit her. What? Damon bit Abby? Uh, yeah. When? A couple of episodes ago. Huh. Can I continue? Oh, yeah. Sure. This is a second chance at life for the witch. A second chance at being a good mom. Wait. Where are you going, Abby? Away. What do you mean, away? Unfortunately, for Bonnie, her mom decides to leave (again) after having attempted – and succeeded – in taking a bite out of her quasi-son’s (Jaime’s) neck. Abby believes Bonnie will be better off without her (Not this stupid excuse again!). Caroline tries to reason with the newborn, but it’s no use. Abby leaves to start a new life. Again.

Sometime later, we find ourselves at the Wickery Bridge reconstruction site. You remember that bridge: the one where Elena’s parents died and Stefan saved her; the one where Stefan was being a jackass and almost killed Elena. Yeah, that one. Damon’s suspicion over Rebecca’s intentions spike, when he sees her speaking to Mrs. Lockwood for the second time. He needs to find out what she’s up to. Enter, Sage. Damon’s old flame returns to Mystic Falls, in hopes to find her true love and maker, Original, Finn. Safe to say, Rebecca isn’t too happy to see her brothers former lover. The tension is palpable when the two come face-to-face. It doesn’t take long after the Original’s departure, for Damon and Sage to come up with a plan; to reveal Rebecca’ secret. Using the sweet seduction skills he learned from Sage, he will lure Rebecca in, allowing Sage to compel her mind. So what you’re saying is, Sage tells Damon the way into Rebecca’s heart is to get inside her pants first? Classy.

The plan easily comes into fruition after a smirk and some charm. “Two’s company Three’s a party.” Oh, Damon. Rebecca finds herself at the Salvatore Mansion not long after. Let the devious deception begin! I hate to say it, but you really need some dance lessons, Damon. Seriously. You don’t need any help on your bedroom eyes, though. I guess that’s how you got Rebecca into bed so quickly. As we suspected, things were quite more innocent than the preview suggested – I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – Sage only joining the pair in bed to access Rebecca’s mind. What is not so innocent, is the way Sage reveals to Damon what she found. In the shower. Naked. Lips caress lips as we see Rebecca inquire about the remaining white oak tree. Damon searches his records, discovering the location of the tree. The Wickery Bridge. The wood from the tree was used to make the bridge. Shirtless Damon makes the mistake of telling Sage the news. When he threatens the life of her beloved Finn, she retaliates. Sage knows Damon will not keep his promise to protect Finn. She betrays the vampire. Rebecca has already burned the remaining pieces of the oak, destroying any chance of killing the remaining Originals. Damn.

Stefan is the one without any hope for Alaric’s recovery, retelling Samantha Gilbert’s story for Elena to hear. He believes that even without the ring, the damage done will be too great, leaving Alaric to the same fate as Samantha; spending his last days in a mental institution. Elena refuses to accept that, calling upon Bonnie for help. The witch thinks it’s possible to reverse whatever damage has been caused with a simple spell. Really? Supposedly. All Bonnie needs is something personal of Alaric’s – something he had in possession before the ring. Elena is the one to search Alaric’s apartment for the item – his wedding ring – with some help from Stefan. Still being broody? Yep. You see, Stefan’s having a hard time with control, bingeing on blood bags. It’s called stress eating. Whatever, Stefan. He can’t be what Elena wants him to be right now and he needs to make sure she knows that. That’s why he’s being a jerk? Yes. Idiot. They pair continue to look for the ring, only to find something very disturbing. Photos. Crime scene photos. Crazy Alaric – as his alter ego will now be called – had taken detailed notes of his victims, creating a hit-list of sorts – a list of council members. Hey, isn’t Dr. Fell a council member? She is. Uh, oh.

Crazy Alaric makes his first real appearance, draining Dr. Fell’s emergency sedatives – in case things should get rough. The ease in which Alaric becomes Crazy Alaric is frightening (Matt Davis is really good at playing crazy). What unfolds seems to jump right off the pages of The Shining. Crazy Alaric’s menacing voice alerts Dr. Fell of the situation. He grabs a knife, catapulting himself toward her. Run, Meredith! Run! She flees up the stairs, managing to shake Crazy Alaric for a moment. Dr. Fell is safe, but the large knife wound to her abdomen says differently.

All is quiet in the Gilbert Home when Stefan and Elena arrive. Crazy Alaric disguises his true self, making sore excuses for Meredith’s absence and his flesh wound. It is the bloody knife that gives him away (Being an expert serial killer, you would think he would have disposed of the evidence right away). It’s Stefan to the rescue. He subdues the violent man, alerting Elena to the situation upstairs. The vampire’s control is tested when they find Dr. Fell unconscious and bleeding to death. Temptation softly whispers into Stefan’s willing ears. No! He will not succumb (Good vampire). He resists the blood lust, feeding Meredith his own blood.

The sunshine seeps into Alaric’s bedroom, waking the tired human. What happened? Creeper Damon tells Alaric his final diagnosis. Bonnie’s spell was successful. He is cured. Everything will be all right. For now. What did you say? Nothing.

Final Scene: Stefan wonders why Damon’s usual satisfied smirk is intensified after everything that has happened. Damon smiles widely . He unveils his secret weapon: a sign made out of the wood from the last white oak tree. “Let’s kill some Originals!”

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Were you happy with the Alaric resolution? Are you upset Crazy Dr. Fell isn’t really crazy? Will Bonnie’s cure be enough? Were you happy to see Jeremy again? What did you think of the Sage/Damon/Rebecca storyline? Missing Tyler? How will the Original’s retaliate? Tell me in the comments!

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I was bored for most of this episode. They need to bring the plot back to The Originals. I have no interest in Alaric the serial killer storyline. Hopefully the writers will bring back a little romance also. Sage having the power to get into the head of an Original seemed a bit convenient. I hate to say it but this season has been my least favourite,

    1. I agree completely. From next weeks preview (and Joseph Morgan’s Twitter), it looks like we’re going to get a lot more Original time. Hopefully, that will include some Klaus/Caroline romance time too. You know, if Elijah wants to come back next episode, I would be okay with that. *Looks around* Lol. Everything seemed a bit convenient to me – the spell, Sage, etc. I was hoping for a casualty or two. Except Alaric. He stays. 🙂

      I liked the beginning of the season, but the past few episodes have been somewhat lacking.

  2. doesmybumlookbiginthis says:

    I love the vampire diaries but i have to agree, i find myself caring less and less about the characters. Such a shame, they had a brilliant first and second season and i loved the Damon, Stephan and Elena love triangle. Now it’s just kind of a big squiggly line… i don’t really know where any of them stand. Hopefully it’ll pick up a bit of speed, great post! 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you!!

      Yeah, the love triangle this season has been all over the place. First it was good, then bad, then good again. Now it just seems to be going nowhere. We need more tension between them. I want to see Damon and Stefan fight (really fight) over Elena. We were so happy to get some momentum in the Damon/Elena relationship, then it all went to hell. Not good, TVD writers. Not good.

  3. Emma says:

    I think any romance between Damon & Elena is over. He’s barely looked at her the last couple of episodes. Think he’s accepted that it’s never going to happen. I don’t know how Elena will forgive Stefan for how he acted, or even if she should. He nearly drove her off Wickery bridge and she just accepts that! What kind of a woman just accepts her boyfriend threatening to kiill her?

    1. While I am tempted to ignore that statement completely, stick my fingers in my ears, and yell “Delena forever” over and over again, you’re right. It feels as if he’s given up completely, so has Elena. I do think Elena will give Stefan another chance, not right away, but eventually – even though he did some crappy things to her. In reality, she should put as much space in between them as possible, but this is supernatural fiction, and Stelena we’re talking about. They’ll get back together. It’s only a matter of time. Then they’ll break up. It’s a vicious cycle. Lol.

      1. Emma says:

        I’ll rephrase, “Damon & Elena romance is over, for now”. 🙂 It will come back around to those too again since so many fans want it to happen.

        1. Yes . . . “for now” . . . *Evil Laugh* Haha! I have no doubt they’ll try to get together again. Damon is irresistible, remember? 🙂

  4. setinmotion says:

    Had a bit of a nosy of the above comments, and I have to achieve. The plot lines are starting to go a bit pear shaped.

    Honestly, I have no interest in Alaric being a crazy killer, and I don’t particularly know how it is meant to fit in with the rest of the plots. The only good bit is seeing Matt Davis play crazy-man. I always love it when a good guy turns evil (Angel, season 2 of Buffy anyone? Yummo!)

    Also. The dancing. That whole seduction scene was awful! I literally lol’ed. And that wasn’t what we asked for TVD writers. Romance. Kloraine, or Forwood, or even Beremy if we have to. SOMETHING.


    1. Mmmmm . . . Angelus (I will have to admit, I’ve only seen a few episodes of ‘Buffy,’ but a lot more ‘Angel.’ I guess it’s a David Boreanaz thing. Lol)

      Matt Davis plays crazy/bad so damn well! I agree, the storyline was meh. There didn’t seem to be a point, but I have a suspicion the crazy will come back soon.

      Yep. Where has all the romance, longing, etc gone? Elena seems to be out of the dating pool. Damon and Barbie Klaus are boring. Klaroline! Need. More. Klaroline.

      I agree. Grrrrr.

      1. setinmotion says:

        Really?!? REALLY?! It breaks my heart Kim that you didn’t watch Buffy. I only watched all the episodes a couple of years ago, but they were awesome. A girl who slays vampires, and then gets it on with vampires? Ah-mazing!

        I hope so. Its a bit frustrating that they have just kinda left the whole originals thing open, plus I want Klaroline! DAMNIT!

        Also. where the hell is Tyler??!

        1. Emma says:

          Buffy forever!!

        2. Haha! I don’t get points for watching ‘Angel?’ Probably not, huh? 🙂

          Yeah, Tyler kind of just left and never came back. Do you think he pulled an Alice? Left, told no one where he was going, tried to find a solution to the Original problem, then in the final moments of the season, he’s going to make everyone’s problems disappear? Hey, it could happen. Right? Lol.

        3. setinmotion says:

          Hahaha. No! I only got through the first season of Angel. I got sick of him when he had the option to be human and be with Buffy and instead he chose to be miserable. There’s only so much I can take!

          Hmmm…interesting. That would be convenient, but unlikely. Probably he’ll end up coming back at the end of the season, puttin a spanner in the works on their awesome diabolical plan…

        4. Vampires can be so stupid sometimes. *Shakes head* Edward. Damon. Angel. For shame.

        5. setinmotion says:

          And all men. Coincidence? Pah.

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