TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Before Sunset”

This Means War

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Wow. Um . . . holy crap! What? Wow. I’m still a little speechless, as you can tell. As I’ve said previously, what the hell just happened? I don’t really know. One thing I do know? The night belonged to the über talented and quite sexy, Joseph Morgan. He’s delightful, isn’t he? Give that man an Emmy, asap!

Yes. It was a night of twists and turns; surprises that knocked us right off our seats. Gah! It was fantastic. It was truly one of the best episodes of the season, maybe, even the series. It did require us to make use of our throwing chairs, pillows, etc, but we’ll get to that later. After last week’s cliffhanger, we knew little of what was to become of the residents of Mystic Falls. We transitioned into uncharted territory, finding ourselves face to face with a new enemy (somewhat). This week, we picked up right where we left off, only hours after Crazy Alaric’s transition into a vampire – a vampire-hating vampire. There was action left and right. Character death. Epic revelations. It was a damn good episode. How about we recap it, shall we? Take your time, you’re in for a fun ride. For the two of you who didn’t see last night’s all new episode, sit tight. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

An Ode to Alaric Saltzman: Hunter. Hunt. Take. Give. Care. Teach us your history on the days we actually come to class. Die. Live. Die. Drink until you blackout. Come back to life, again. Crazy. Psycho. Killer. Turn into another. Vampire. Original. Kill. Complete your mission. We wish you the best of luck. In fanfiction, you and Damon like to fu . . . Okay. That’s enough for now. What? I was going to say – Stop. Just, stop.

It’s true the initial moments of the episode play-out as a quasi-salute to the Alaric from days of old, but if we look closer we see something more; a declaration. A promise of war. Evil Alaric – that’s what I’m calling him now – will leave chaos and destruction in his wake. He will rid Mystic Falls of each and every supernatural creature – cleansing the world of vampires.

Yeah. He’s insane, but don’t hold that against him. Forced to die, again and again, that’s bound to change a man; especially, when you have a schizophrenic witch whispering in your ear. We should give him a break. Right, Caroline? Um . . . Caroline?

In the deserted halls of Mystic High, our blonde heroine finds Rebecca in a compromising position: fighting her former teacher and friend. The two manage to fight him off, securing the new and improved indestructible wooden stake into Evil Alaric’s abdomen. Shame it didn’t work. Rebecca flees, but Caroline’s fate is sealed. A snapped neck allows Evil Alaric to drag her back to his secret hideout: his former – since I don’t think he’ll be working there anymore – classroom.

Across town, at the Gilbert Home, Stefan walks in on a peculiar sight. Elena and Jeremy are taking Alaric’s turn to heart, deciding to do some last-minute housework – painting Alaric’s/Jenna’s room. Maybe they should be more concerned with, I don’t know, paying bills? Whatever. The point is, it’s freaking Stefan out. Jeremy doesn’t want to deal with any more vampires (I thought that was the whole point of the compulsion thing). And Damon has a problem, a Bonnie problem. While Evil Alaric’s bite wasn’t enough to kill her, she still has a nasty flesh wound. Thankfully, Damon was there to give her his blood. Still clad in her 1920’s garb, the witch tells the Salvatore brothers her . . . boo-boo . . . the night before. The good news is, there is always a way to undue a spell. The bad news, she has no idea how.

The news of Alaric’s transformation is spreading fast. Klaus – almost packed up and ready to leave Mystic – is not surprised, in the least, to hear of his mother’s late-night actions. The hybrid is more concerned with getting out-of-town with Elena at his side. He needs the human blood bag, after all, to make more of his freaky pseudo step-siblings. Rebecca hastily agrees with him, minus the Elena part. She doesn’t have time to wait for Klaus to obtain the silly little girl, they need to leave now. Barbie Klaus gives her brother an ultimatum. It’s either her or Elena. Once again, Rebecca is all on her own.

Elena Gilbert’s phone.
It’s Evil Alaric, bitch!

In a classic psycho-stalker move, Evil Alaric calls his intended target – Elena – to negotiate some terms. 1. Tell no one. 2. Come alone. 3. Do it or I’ll kill Caroline.

Been there, done that.

Knock. Knock.
Oh. What, now?!
It’s just me. Klaus. Can I come in?
I don’t think that’s the best idea. Maybe some other time.

Klaus and his adorable self are in need of a doppelgänger. His first stop? The Gilbert Home. Yes. The Gilbert Home, where Human Elena can outwit a house full of vampires and escape without so much as a second glance. Yep. She just went all Bella on their asses. Meanwhile, Big-Bad Klaus tries to find a way in. Look out! It’s the killer newspaper! Whoa. Was that part of the fence? Damn. He could pitch for the White Sox. No one, besides Klaus, could make that awesome temper-tantrum look sexy.

“I think you’re probably going to want to let me in.” I don’t know about you, but I would do what he says. Before Klaus sets the house on fire – literally – Stefan tells him the breaking news. Evil Alaric is going to kill Elena and Caroline if the hybrid doesn’t turn himself in. Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in their favor. If the Salvatore’s turn Klaus in, they have a 1 in 4 chance of dropping dead along with Tyler. Not good. The only solution is to work together – brainstorm ways to take down Alaric without getting anyone else hurt in the process. Easier said than done, of course. Enter, Boring Bonnie. I mean, Bonnie. What if she was able to use the desecration spell Abby used on Michael to take Alaric down? It could work, but they’re gonna need some help.

As is usual, Caroline can’t seem to catch a break. Why is she the one always being tortured with stakes and vervain? Isn’t it someone else’s turn? You have to hand it to Alaric, though. Using – let alone, finding – a non-mechanical wooden pencil in such a way? Genius. When Elena arrives on the scene, Evil Alaric graciously allows her to set Caroline free. Well, at the very least, try. What Evil Alaric really wants, is for Elena to kill Caroline. Say what, now? It’s all about mind games. E. Alaric toys with Elena, questioning her loyalty. Isn’t this what she wanted? Didn’t she want Alaric to teach her how to kill a vampire? Here’s your chance, Elena.

When Abby Bennett breezes into town, she brings Bonnie a warning. If she is going to pursue the desecration spell, it’s going to take darker magic to complete the task. Can she handle it? Duh. She’s Bonnie. She can handle anything! Yeah. Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart. Abby tells the young witch, that in order for the spell to work – to stop the heart of a vampire – she’s going to need a sacrifice. She’s going to need to stop a human heart beat to kill a vampire one. Jeremy, being Jeremy, decides to volunteer. To die. Again. Idiot, party of one?

Later, while doing some reconnaissance work, Klaus and Stefan have a heart-to-heart of sorts. Klaus promises that after the Evil Alaric situation is put to rest, he’s still leaving town with Elena. “I’ll go with you.” Sigh. That’s probably one of the most romantic things ever said on the show. Thanks, Stefan. All that work trying to keep Elena alive, Stefan is going to see it through, even it means joining Klaus and his Merry Gang of Hybrids. Again. The Original even knows that Stefan is a better option than his brotherly rival. He questions the validity of the Salvatore bond, but Stefan holds true. Nothing can get in the way of Damon and Stefan’s brotherly bond. Nothing! Well, except for Elena.

The Plan: First step, drink Bonnie’s blood. A little unorthodox, perhaps, but there’s a specific purpose. With the blood in their systems, they form a connection, one that will allow them to fuse with Evil Alaric – stopping his heart. Klaus. Stefan. Damon. Jeremy. Each steal a drop from the vial. Our friend, Klaus, decides this is the best time to share some insightful information. He is the one that created the Salvatore Vampire bloodline. Really? Who knows? It could be another classic Klaus scam, but they can’t take any chances. Let’s just get this over with.

“If you don’t side with the humans, you’re just as bad as them.” Whoa. Low blow, Evil Alaric. Truly believing he is showing Elena what is right and wrong, E. Alaric forces Elena to kill Caroline. The human looks to her former mentor. What should she do? What must she do? Elena raises the stake – to hit, to kill – taking aim of Caroline’s heart. In an instant, she refocuses her aim at Alaric. Tsk. Tsk. “I though I taught you better?” You did. Elena pours the glass of vervain over Alaric’s flesh, allowing the burn to seep through. Caroline escapes . . . into the arms of Klaus. Aw. The unnerved vamp looks to her savior, thanking him. Seeing something good and pure in him?

Elena isn’t so lucky. Evil Alaric slams her body into a bank of lockers, choking her into submission. He wants to kill her. He wants to see her suffer like the others, but he won’t. He can’t. Why? Ask questions later, Damon and Stefan are here. They take hold of the newborn, but it’s no use. E.A. fights them off, breaking backs, necks. Klaus pushes him back, grips onto his chest. The connection. Far off, in the middle of the dense forest, Bonnie phrases the spell in preparation for Evil Alaric’s end. Wait. It didn’t work. The connection was broken! Punches fly, bones are broken. E.A. has Klaus in a stronghold, the stake perched at his heart. Stop!

Elena makes a bold and stupid move, threatening to kill herself if Evil Alaric lays even a finger on Klaus. She knows there’s a reason why he kept her alive. If he really wanted her dead, he would have succeeded by now. He needs her. There was a reason Esther used Elena’s blood in the spell. She didn’t want Alaric to be immortal. So she tied his life to a human one. That way, he only has one lifetime to complete his mission. They are joined as one. If Elena dies, Alaric does too. Whaaaaaat?

You seem to have hit your head pretty hard, Elena. The human wakes up, tied to a chair, her blood being taken for future use. What happened? Klaus. He’s bringing crazy back, planning on draining Elena of her blood entirely. Ruh. Roh. He sees the situation quite clearly. What’s a few less hybrids? If Elena dies, Evil Alaric is no longer a problem. After saving her from the vampire-hating vampire, Klaus took it upon himself to decide what was best for the group. Tyler? Maybe you could put yourself to good use and help? Without his sire bond, Tyler is able to free Elena from her shackles. Klaus and his first-born face off. Another fight breaks out, pushing Elena back, forcing her to fall hard.

Instantaneously, Stefan and Damon are by Tyler’s side, holding Klaus down. Stefan places his hand against the hybrid’s heart, uniting, creating the connection again. What? No. Bonnie begins the spell, stopping Jeremy’s heart in the process. What the hell are you doing? It has begun. The desecration spell is working. It better not! Time slows. You can’t do this! Tears begin to fall. Stop. No. Klaus is slowly dying. Please. He looks to his captors. Pain. Disbelief. Eyes begging. Pleading. Klaus is gone. Dead. Are you happy now? I’m crying. I’m crying!

Reaction: Wow. I mean . . . how? How could you? How could you, TVD? I thought killing Alaric was bad. This is worse, much worse. You can’t kill Klaus. You can’t kill one of the best characters on the show. No. I refuse to believe it. I’ll start a damn petition today. You better bring him back! I’m serious or heads are gonna roll . . .

Yeah, so that happened. And Jeremy died then came back to life. Again. Seriously, they really like to tease us with that whole ‘Jeremy is dead’ thing. Blah, blah, blah. You don’t think that’s going to mess him up? Damon’s right. We’re going to have another Alaric on our hands.

Anyway, thanks Damon and Stefan for bringing Elena home – conscious, mind you. Such gentlemen. Wait. What, Elena? I have something to say. Elena admits her indecision makes her selfish. It may look like she’s stringing them along, but she doesn’t want to see them hurt. Either way, either choice, someone is going to be heartbroken by her actions. If she chooses one, she loses the other. She can’t lose anyone she loves anymore. The brothers leave, contemplating what they’ve just heard.

It’s the perfect time for a party. Huh? The Scooby Gang take it upon themselves to celebrate Klaus’ demise. They’re the only ones who see this as a good thing. What a better way to say, “Hey! We actually succeeded with a plan,” by underage drinking. Classic. Really. It’s nice to see them have fun for a change, but it’s just so wrong.

Attention! Emergency council meeting! Sheriff Forbes is dumbfounded to find the entire council eagerly awaiting a speech from Evil Alaric. He outs the Sheriff and Mayor Lockwood for what they really are: bad parents to supernatural creatures. The council audibly gasps in awe. Sheriff Forbes attempts to leave this meeting of the minds, but Evil Alaric is there to stop her. “We’re just getting started.”

A Bro Moment: Road trip! Damon and Stefan take some time out of their busy schedules to take Klaus (Klaaaaaauuusss! Klaaaaaauusss!) to his step-father’s former place of rest – his tomb. Inevitably, the conversation moves to Elena. It’s clear Stefan isn’t backing down. He’s going to fight for Elena, as is Damon. The make a pact. If Elena chooses one, the other will leave town and allow them to lead a happy life. Sounds reasonable to me. Is that okay with you?

“All this over one girl.” 

“She’s a pretty special girl.”

“Yes, she is.”

It’s too bad she just passed out unconscious . . .

The Vampire Diaries

Oh, my. Can you believe it? The season 3 finale is next week! Tell me, what are some of your favorite moments from the season?

Best lines of the night:

1. “That’s what happens when you decide to paint your dead guardian’s room in the middle of the night.” – Jeremy

2. “Because I do stupid things, Bonnie. I do things, like let my friend die with dignity, when I should have just killed him.” – Damon

3. “I’m leaving town. Just need to pick up a few road trip necessities: spare tire, flashlight, doppelgänger. Smirk.” – Klaus

4. “How many times do I have to tell you, Elena? Stop trusting vampires!” – Alaric

5. “Don’t get your hopes up. Might be a Girl Scout.” – Damon

6. “We had signed the deed over to Elena, but she died. It’s a very long story. “ – Damon

7. “What does that mean? Bonnie, I don’t speak Witch.” – Damon

8. “Why am I still alive?” – Damon

9. “Just between us girls, who would you have picked?” – Klaus

10. “I’m not your little bitch, anymore.” – Tyler

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Is Klaus really gone for good? Was Evil Alaric just looking out for himself or does he sill care about Elena? What did you think of the Alaric/Elena twist? What happened to Elena? Will Stefan and Damon stay true to their pact? Do you think Rebecca will retaliate? Will Caroline finally understand her true feelings for Klaus? Tell me in the comments!

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Fantastic episode. Loved the moment between Caroline and Klaus in the school. It was like a finale episode so can’t wait to see what they do next week. This is the first episode I have really loved Klaus. I’m sure he’ll be back next year and I’m just wondering. This is their senior year in high school? What’s going to happen to everyone come September?

    1. Agree. A great episode. Plus, Caroline and Klaus are a cute couple. Aren’t they? It was very finale-ish, but that just means next week will probably be even crazier. I only started liking Klaus during the middle of the season, now I have a huge crush. Lol. I don’t think it will be any different, they really don’t go to school all that much in the first place. We won’t have so many dances or school functions that seem to be magnets for trouble. That’s good. I’m sure they’ll find trouble elsewhere, though. Haha!

      1. Emma says:

        I think Klaus and Caroline would be great together. She’d put him securely in his place 🙂 but I think she really loves Tyler. I am so bored of the love triangle between Elena, Damon and Stefan. I think it would be funny if the Salvatore boys didn’t come back from their road trip and just said to hell with Mystic Falls.

        1. Congratulations! You’ve posted the blog’s 700th comment. Yay!! *throws confetti* 🙂

          She would put him in his place. Lol. Yeah. She does love Tyler, but I’m still rooting for Klaus. The triangle is getting old. I just wish one of the boys would do something about it and follow through. That’s the key. Damon might have had the guts to kiss her good, but he just let her walk all over him. He should have pursued her still. Haha! No. It wouldn’t.

  2. Emma says:

    Ooh, did I win something so? 🙂

    1. Haha! Yes. You did. I usually give out RPattz hugs, but now that I know, you shall receive seven (seven!) Daniel Gillies hugs. How does that sound? 😉

  3. setinmotion says:

    Awwwwwww, THIS EPISODE!! Fuck, they like to bring it the episode before the season finale dont they?

    WTF happened with Elena at the end? Someone, anyone, care to explain?

    I really like how they’re FINALLY addressing the whole Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle, and properly. She can’t choose one and have the other think its cool. It doesn’t work like that. To be honest though, I’d love some random new hot chick (vampire?) come into the show seaon four and add to the mix. Could be interesting!

    KLAUS! WHY? I actually would of preferred Alaric dead, to be honest, than Klaus. I know he’s evil, but there were moments of loveliness weren’t there? At the end, with Caroline? And when they were all taking down Alaric (or trying to) together?

    What role will Alaric play now? Can he not be killed, or is it only if ELENA survives? Ugh, I dunno.

    Great episode, although the descration spell was a bit shit. If it were that easy, why didnt they do it to Klaus like a season ago? Thoughts??

    And I’m sick of Jeremy dying, but not really, and Bonnie basically being in the episode. Bleurgh.

    Also. Poor Caroline. Euurghhhhh. Pencils in the HANDS? REALLY?! who thinks of this tortures to do on her?

    PS. Loved the post, very funny references. Its a good sign when a post includes Twilight, Buffy, Scooby Doo and pornograpic gay fan fiction altogether.

    1. Yep. They sure do.

      Well, I’m guessing it’s not just from all the blood loss. I want to think – with all this supernatural magic going on – that she has some kind of superpower now. Because, let’s face it, that would be awesome. It probably has something to do with Mommy Dearest? She could be contacting her, like Bonnie?

      I’m glad Elena said something too. I still don’t see her choosing either one of them soon, which sucks. I agree, a new girl on the scene might just force Elena’s hand in the matter. I would love to see Elena try to woo one of the brothers for a change. That would be fun.

      Oh, Klaus. Sigh. I still can’t talk about it. It hurts too much. Yes! I was thinking the same thing. We’ve grown to love that Brit so much in such a short period of time. Matt Davis is brilliant playing evil, but I can see it getting really old, really fast.

      Evil Alaric can only die if he completes his mission or if Elena dies first. Right?

      I don’t think they used it before, because they didn’t know about Michael. At least, that’s what the writers probably want us to think.

      Agreed. Jeremy? Boring. Bonnie. Couldn’t they have killed her, instead of Klaus?

      I wonder what Caroline has done in a past life for her always to be the one tortured? It’s always her! Not cool.

      Hahaha! Thank you. I think. 🙂

      1. setinmotion says:

        Hahaha, to be honest the TVD writers are beginning to suck. Contrary to their beliefs, we’re not THAT stupid. Although in their defense, there have been so many plot twists and changes they probably have trouble keeping up with it themselves…

        I really didn’t think they needed to kill Klaus. How about he stopped being evil, tried to continue to woo Caroline, added a little love triangle for fun there, and have him team up with Damon and Stefan. And then get Elijah to join in too. Best way to defeat evil Alaric right? And yes, you’re right. He’s gonna get old realllly quickly. Plus I dunno how they plan on getting rid of him…season 4 villain perhaps?

        Haha yes! As long as she doesn’t die next episode…hmm. I would LOVE for her to actually try to get them to want her, otherwise it just gets boring!

        1. Yeah, the plot lines this season have been not so good. The vampire bloodline thing? I get that it adds suspense, but having the potential for every vamp to die is just stupid.

          Yeeeesssss!!! That sounds good to me.

          Evil Alaric for season 4? Possibly, but that wouldn’t be as fun. I’m going to say this again TVD writers: Bring. Klaus. Back. Now.

        2. setinmotion says:

          Yeah exactly. I’m sorry, but a vampire television show when all the vampires can easily be killed is stupid. And obviously not going to happen. As then it would be The Dairies, which is clearly a crap name.

          Hmm…I want Klaus back, but as a good guy. We just need a fresh new baddy.

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