TV Worth Watching: Lost Girl

It’s a Fae, Fae World

If there is one thing I know we all love, it’s a supernatural drama. Mystery. Romance. Weird creatures with complicated revenge plots. It’s all relative to a world of fantasy; science-fiction at its best. We connect with these places of make-believe to escape our everyday routines, to travel into the mystical unknown for the occasional forty to fifty minutes – depending on how many monotonous commercials we have to endure. We visit these places to extract our daily dose of entertainment; to nerd-out over dialogue and to spend some time with our favorite characters. The supernatural drama is a predominant part of contemporary literary fiction, but also plays a substantial role in the diverse world of modern television. Almost every channel has one – a cast of characters living and surviving in a world where monsters are literally hiding under the bed. We all have our favorites; shows that drive your imagination, maybe eliciting a few superhuman daydreams in the process. Yet every season, there is another new batch of exciting shows ready to be programmed into our DVR’s. With so many out there, how is it possible to know exactly which ones to watch? Well, that’s where I come in. I am proud to introduce you to a new series all about shows you should be watching, but hopefully, some of you all ready love. While this is the time most shows are wrapping up their seasons, I think this is the perfect opportunity to give you the inside 411 on a few that are definitely worth watching. For those interested: No, not all shows will be about the supernatural. I will try to bring as many various genres to the table as I can, but if one or three slip in there, just go with it. By the time we’re through, I genuinely expect your Netflix queue to be full, overflowing with soon-to-be favorites.

Let us begin our journey, here. Lost GirlCombine a sexy succubus, a heated love-triangle (I love those), add a best friend (the human variety, of course); throw in a bitter clash between two magical races, one handsome leading man, a few mythical creatures; top it all off with a dash of comedy, and you have the makings of a sure-fire hit. Seriously, what’s not to like? Though, admit it, I had you at succubus.

Initially premiering on Canadian television and recently added to the SyFy Network, Lost Girl revolves around the tough as nails, Bo (Anna Silk). She’s just a succubus trying to find her way in the world, feeding off the sexual energy of humans, looking for a way to belong. As the first episode progresses, Bo begins to realize she’s not alone, as she once thought. There is an entire concealed race of individuals known as the Fae: a group of mythological creatures living under the rules of a split kingdom. You are either on the side of the Light or the Dark. A bit simplistic, I know, but it works for them. With her best friend, Kenzie (Ksenia Solo), at her side, Bo is forced to choose between one or the other. It’s not that easy, though, for the newbie. Bo declares herself a free-agent, a.k.a Switzerland. That, of course, rile’s a lot of feathers; making Bo an easy target.

The show continues, using the classic ‘Monster of the Week’ theme. Each new episode, Bo and Kenzie take on another legend, another storybook creature. Of course, the two would be nothing without some help from their go-to guy, Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried). He’s the sexy-gorgeous Light Fae cop, who has the hots for Bo, and has the ability to turn into a wolf at will. Yeah, I knew that would get you. His on-again, off-again relationship with our succubus friend seems to be doomed from the start, as Bo fights her feelings for Doctor Lauren – a human who works for the Light Fae. It’s the archetypal love-triangle (supernatural style), though something we haven’t quite seen before.

I, inevitably, have to make the Buffy reference. Bo is the kick-ass chick who answers only to herself, fighting injustice, fighting for the ones who can not speak for themselves. Kenzie is the much-needed comic relief to Bo’s down-to-business attitude. She’s fun, a tiny bit crazy, and seems to have led a seemingly secret and mysterious life before Bo.

As the show advances, we dig deeper into the mythology, setting up new characters and plot-lines for season two (which premiered immediately after season one). We find out more about Bo’s history – where she came from – at the same time getting lost deeper inside the world of the Fae. Lost Girl is fun, sexy, and downright entertaining. You will easily find yourself hooked after only one episode. Go on, check it out!

 Watch Lost Girl on Mondays at 9pm (CT) on SyFy

Are you a fan of Lost Girl? If not, will you watch? Who’s your favorite character? Have a favorite episode? What other shows do you think are worth watching? Tell me in the comments!

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I’ve only seen a few minutes of Lost Girl here and there, but I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about Lost Girl recently, so I’m going to sit down soon and watch the entire first episode. I too adore Love Triangles so will have to find out what’s going on here.

    1. Yay!! I think you’ll like it. It’s like a mix of Buffy, Supernatural, and just a bit of True Blood. It’s different, yet somehow familiar – if that makes any sense. Since the show’s on SyFy, they can get away with more than TVD can. Kind of a nice change of pace.

      Love triangles, gotta love them. 🙂

      1. Emma says:

        Well that def sounds like a mix I would love. I hardly every watch stuff on SyFy. Their disaster/action films are so awful 😦

        1. Oh, I know! And they have the weirdest premises too. Thankfully, they do play some good stuff from time to time, and I love their take on ‘Being Human.’ Such a good show.

  2. Elle says:

    I used to watch it when it just started but i stopped after a couple episodes. Don’t remember why…(also this is ur fav commenter previously known as “misery…”

    1. *Waves* Hi!! I almost didn’t recognize you. Lol. A new name, a new avi, and is that a new blog I spy? Gonna have to check it out. 🙂

      Awww, you should have kept watching. It’s getting better and better.

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