TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Departed”

Game Change

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Uh, did that really just happen? I’m sorry. I’m still trying to process everything. But, did that seriously just happen? I can see you’re all shaking your heads, yes, and jumping up and down. Okay. Easy, there. It’s hard to believe we have to wait another four whole months before we get another glimpse of TVD, after that amazing, mind-bending cliffhanger. Sigh. That’s what this episode was: amazing. Well, let’s be honest. That last half-hour was pretty darn spectacular, and the rest was kinda boring. We had so many unanswered questions after last week, from the life-status of one of our favorite characters, to Evil Alaric’s and Elena’s bloodline connection. So much pressure was put upon the finale, as we were teased with a definite decision from Elena regarding our two favorite boys. I would like to say, all our questions were answered, but that just isn’t the way. Is it? Truthfully, we were left with even more questions, possible – because who can be sure – character deaths, and one EPIC moment that is sure to go down as one of the most surprising twists in all of Vampire Diaries history. Doesn’t it seem like we were in this exact place last season, but with a totally different outcome? Yeah. That’s because we were. It was a season finale to trump all season finales. A night to end all nights, filled with emotional highs and lows. It was a night of shocks and surprises. Hey! Should we see how it all happened? Let’s do it. Warning: This is a massive, huge, colossal SPOILER ALERT!

Flashback: It was a simpler time. No vampires. No werewolves. No glitzy love triangles or bad-boy Original’s around. Elena was simply, Elena. She was carefree, without pain or strife. She was happy, with loving parents and a loving aunt (Aunt Jenna!). A boyfriend. A best friend. Things were good. Things were right. Things were about to change.

When we last left our ill-fated heroine, her body lay unconscious, her blood dripping onto the floor. Elena opens her tired eyes, finding herself at Mystic General, healing after her fall. Jeremy is worried sick over Elena’s condition, but Dr. Fell is there to ease his distraught mind. Telling Damon and Stefan the news of Elena’s recent accident is another story. Damon, well, he’s a little bit on the bitchy side – warning Jeremy that Elena’s life is at risk, what with the Originals on the lookout to kill Evil Alaric and all. The brothers decide that it’s best if one of them stays to complete their task of hiding Klaus (Klllaaauuusss!), while the other goes back to Elena. So which one will it be?

Hello, Doctor. Evil Alaric is disappointed in his former flame, wondering why he wasn’t alerted to Elena’s condition. Maybe because you’re a psycho vampire now? He is unhappy with the council members of Mystic Falls – removing Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood from their positions (Can he do that?) – including Meredith, deciding that she must be reprimanded. Her collection of vampire blood gives her an unfair advantage and that just won’t do. Watch out. Evil Alaric’s is taking over. Not much later, E.A. spots Jeremy at the Grill. He has a proposition for his former ward. He needs to know where they’re keeping Klaus’ body. Evil Alaric uses to the ploy of Elena’s safety to try to get the young man to agree. If there are no more vampires, there are no more problems. With some witch magic (for Alaric), Elena can lead a long, happy life.

With some help from her friends, Elena finds peace for a few brief moments. It doesn’t take long for the guilt and trepidation to seep in. Remembering her relationship with Matt, Elena apologizes for stringing him along, when she should have told him her true feelings. It was wrong, and now she’s making the same mistakes with Damon and Stefan. She has to make a decision. She has to let one of them go. Stefan. Her first vampire love rushes in, the worry and love etched out on his face for all to see. He holds her in his embrace. She’s okay. She’s safe. She’s about to be eaten by a vampire! No. I kid. I kid. It’s just Elijah.

Elijah! I’m so glad you’re back. I hoped we’d be seeing you again. The Original vamp comes to the Gilbert Home with one purpose: to offer Elena a deal. If they can retrieve the stake from Alaric’s possession, the Original Family (Klaus included) will disappear from Mystic, destroying the weapon in the process. If they return Klaus’ body to Elijah, he will promise no harm will come to the human. Damon – via speakerphone – does not agree. He doesn’t trust the Original as far as he can throw him, and that’s pretty far. Despite Damon’s protests, and as funny as he is, Elena agrees to Elijah’s terms.

At the Lockwood Mansion, Sheriff Forbes and the Mayor are unsettled. They need to get Caroline and Tyler away from Mystic as soon as possible. There is no stopping Evil Alaric. He will kill them one way or the other. They have no choice. They have to run. In a short, but sweet moment, Caroline and Tyler proclaim their devotion to one another.

Location: Storage locker 1020. Damon – still upset over Elena’s decision – brings Bonnie to Klaus’ temporary place of rest. Kllllaaauuussss! The desiccated vamp makes one more appearance, even if it is a somewhat creepy one. He may be mummified, but his eyes remain open. He can hear everything Bonnie is saying.

With their plans in place, Stefan takes some to time to reassure Elena. He promises her he will do everything in his power to make sure all her loved ones are safe, when she begins to worry over losing someone close. Stefan begins to leave, but something stops him. He looks to his love, making one final decision. He goes to her, bringing his lips to her own. They share one more fleeting kiss, before Stefan walks away in defeat. He knows he’s lost her for good this time. Aww.

Careful, Evil Alaric. Don’t hurt the pretty! The newborn vampire subdues Damon when he refuses to give away Klaus’ whereabouts. Alaric begins to search each storage compartment, but soon finds Rebecca hot on his tail. The blonde vamp is oblivious to the danger behind her. Luckily, Damon finds her in time, before E.A. can do any damage. Together they take Klaus’ body to their awaiting vehicle. Not so fast. Before they can blink, Evil Alaric has returned, pushing past Damon and Rebecca to get to Klaus. He takes aim at his heart, setting the stake at its target. In one swift move, Klaus is gone, his body in flames. Nooooooooooo! *Drops to her knees* *Cries uncontrollably* *Curses the TVD writers* I’m going to need a minute.

Sometime later, Damon calls Stefan to tell him the news. If Klaus really did sire their bloodline, they have only about an hour to live. Sadface. “Call me if you cough up a lung.”

Matt and Elena share a moment. He makes her tea. She inadvertently gives us the best line of the night, “He (Damon) consumes me.” Matt drugs her, thinking the best way to keep Elena safe is to kidnap her and get her out-of-town. Yep, it’s just another Saturday night in Mystic. When Elena wakes up to see Matt at the driver’s wheel, she is furious. That is, until Matt gives her a choice. They can either go back or keep driving – to Damon. Decisions. Decisions.

The Moment Where Elena Finally Chooses: Damon’s phone begins to ring. Um . . . why? Elena. Her worry over his well-being is clear, but Damon can tell she’s trying to say something else. Why would she need to say anything? She’s choosing him. She’s going to pick him. She tells him she’s going home. To Stefan. Excuse me? What? She loves Stefan. She will always love Stefan. Oh, she did not! She did. “I care about you, Damon. Which is why I have to let you go.”

Disappointment. Disappointment is our only friend now, Delena fans. After all this build up, I can’t help but feel extremely let down by this decision. She couldn‘t even tell him face-to-face? Why didn’t she just text a picture of her and Stefan making out or worse? That was a bitch move, Elena. You know what? It’s okay, Damon. She’s not good enough for you anyway. So there.

“Maybe if you and I’d met first.” Really, Elena? Why don’t you just stake the guy while you’re at it? It would less painful for all of us. Especially, after this . . .

Flashback: Elena wanders off alone, distraught; calling her mom for advice. She turns around, only to be met by a beautiful stranger.

Excuse me, but you look so familiar.
Yeah. You do.
Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Damon.
This is kinda creepy, but okay. I’m Elena. Nice to meet you too.
I’ve been around a long time. I’ve learned a few things.”
Are you flirting with me?
Tell me, what do I want?
“You want a love that consumes you (That’s what she said!). You want passion. Adventure. A little danger.”
What do you want?
I want you to forget that this happened.

Holy crap! Damon met Elena first. Of course, she doesn’t remember, but that’s not the point. See, even you can’t deny it TVD writers. They are made for each other. I don’t care what you say, Elena. You love Damon and you know it. Everyone knows it. Until the day you realize you’ve made a mistake – next season, probably – I’ll be waiting to say, I told you so.

Caroline is frantic after she hears the news about Klaus (Klllaaauuusss!!), running immediately to Tyler. He soothes her as best he can, knowing they only have mere minutes before it’s all over. Tyler holds her why she cries (For Klaus? At least just a little bit?), reassuring her, she’s going to be okay. Tyler screams in pain. It’s starting. The hybrid orders his vampire love to leave. She refuses, but when Tyler begins to turn, she runs. Bye. Bye, hybrid. Um. Bonnie, what are you doing here? We’re kinda in the middle of something. Not anymore. Huh? Tyler? What’s going on? It’s not Tyler. It’s Klaus. Whaaaaaat? In a huge twist, Tyler turns out to be Klaus. Or is Klaus, Tyler? They’re the same person? It’s all very confusing. The good news is, Klaus isn’t dead. The bad news is, his body is destroyed. Which means, no more Joseph Morgan. At least, until they find some clever, yet weird way to bring him back. Hopefully. Please? Please, bring JoMo back!

Warning! Tissue Alert: Rebecca wants revenge after her brother’s death. Which wouldn’t be such a surprise, except the way she chooses to do so. She holds steady as Matt and Elena descend across the Wickery Bridge. The car swerves, jumping the barrier, falling into the water. Oh, no! History begins to repeat itself as Elena remembers her parents last moments. The fight to survive. The water. The pain. It’s happening again. Elena tries to escape, but it’s no use. Matt is unconscious and she’s running out of air. Sob. Sob. But she doesn’t give up. Stefan appears, then and now. Her hero. This isn’t the end. It won’t be the end. Elena urges Stefan to take care of Matt first. Her selfless act, the last moments of her short life. Elena’s lungs begin to fill. Time passing by so slowly. This is so f’ing sad. It’s over. Elena’s gone.

Across state lines, a prophecy is fulfilled. One life is tied to another. Alaric falls to his knees, the curse taking hold. He will be at peace now. In his final moments on Earth, Ghost Alaric says one last goodbye to Jeremy. “I just want you to know, I will always be here to look after you, Jeremy. You’ll never be alone. Okay? I promise.”

Matt Davis and Joseph Morgan? In one episode? Are you kidding me?!

“If you’re dead . . .”

Shut it, Jeremy. I’m having a moment here.

“That means . . .”

Elena is dead.

Or is she?

What? Why would you say that?


It turns out, Dr. Fell was lying to Jeremy earlier, when she said Elena was okay. When Elena fell, she had a cerebral hemorrhage. In order to fix that, Dr. Fell had to cheat.



Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

The Vampire Diaries

That’s it. Another season over and done. It brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? It also makes me want to use shouty capitals (as you can see): IS IT SEPTEMBER YET? – I’ll see you soon, TVD fanatics!

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? How surprised were you by the cliffhanger? Vampire Elena: Good Idea? Or really bad idea? Will Ghost Alaric stay to look after Jeremy? Is Tyler gone or is he in there with Klaus? Will Elena and Stefan make it this time around? Will Damon fight for Elena or will he find a new distraction? What fun things should Elena do now that she’s a vampire? Tell me in the comments!

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I can’t believe Joseph Morgan went out like that, lying unable to speak in a coffin! I don’t like Tyler, never have and now he’s Klaus or is he Klaus and Tyler in the one body? Hmm.
    It was a good episode but last week’s was more exciting. It’s sad to say goodbye to Alaric but his scene with Jeremy was sweet. Great to see Jenna also. I was so excited to see Elijah but then he didn’t have very much to do in the episode. Bit pointless to have him back really.
    True Blood will have to keep vampire fans ticking over until September.

    1. Oh, I know. He didn’t even get a goodbye (besides last week), just a thank you/die now. Not cool. I’m going to miss him. I never liked Tyler either. That’s what I was wondering too. We still don’t know where Rebecca went when Mommy Dearest used the same kind of spell. Even then, MD still had her body. It would be funny if the two were in there together, fighting. There was a good portion of the episode that made me want to fall asleep, but I think the last ten minutes or so made up for it. I still can’t believe we now have Vampire Elena. When they first started to imply Alaric was going to die, I was so mad, but they dragged it out too long. I just didn’t care by the time he actually did leave. Elijah. You’re right, he didn’t do anything. But it was nice to look at him for a while. Lol.

      True Blood. I can’t wait. Bring on the crazy! 🙂

      1. Emma says:

        To the actor’s credit, he did some good acting with his eyes! It was definitely nice to look at Daniel, yum yum 🙂 I’m happy about vampire Elena but I wonder will they find a cure for her?
        Did you read the books? Elena and Bonnie’s best friend in the books is Meredith but she’s nothing like the character in the show. If they had brought her in from the start I think she would have been a cool character.

        1. I haven’t read the books, but I’ve heard (like you said) there’s some huge differences. I think if I read them now, I’ll just end up obsessing over the details – what happened on the show, etc. Maybe after the show is over, though, I’ll read them. It’s just like True Blood. I’ve keep hearing how amazing the books are, but I don’t want to keep comparing them.

  2. setinmotion says:

    *I also felt the need for shouty capitals, clearly*
    But seriously.
    Its a sign. That flashback better mean something in season four!

    1. Agreed. She’s a vampire now, maybe she can remember? It’s not the strangest thing to happen on TVD. Anyone else have the feeling Stefan won’t be too pleased with this? On the other hand, I can probably see Damon doing a happy dance. I don’t know about you, Elena, but this time around, I would pick the slightly happier brother over the broody one (I still love you, Edward).

      1. setinmotion says:

        I hope so! And yeah, doesnt your memory come back from all the times you were mesmerised when you turn into a vampire? Or did I make that up/get it from another vampire show that bends the rules…so confused

        Oh Edward! I miss the un-tainted you, who wasnt popular amongst tweens…

        1. I think so. They’re so many vampire shows and books that mix mythology or create new rules, it’s hard to keep track.

          Me too. 🙂

  3. Elle says:

    I’m so glad we’re both team Delena! I was not on the edge of my seat as I was in previous finales or even significant past episodes but I’m glad they killed Elena. The show needed a drastic change, hopefully the change will also result in a change in personality for her. Her whole martyr crusade was getting old so it will be interesting to see what will happen next season. The whole thing with Damon was interesting. Many people were saying that his attitude in meeting Elena before seemed our of character but I’m sure I could rationalize it if i tried but If it gets them closer then i have no complaints. I also hear that Delena is end game but hopefully depending on how long the series lasts, they get together before the end, even if its for a little while. We shall see!

    1. I’ll admit, I totally did not see that coming. I just hope they don’t mess up all the potential they have here. Exactly. Her personality is quite boring (even more so than Bella) and there’s no way she’s going to be happy about this (at first), right? Just think about Caroline, how drastic her personality changed. Hopefully, this will put a little more fight in her.

      I will never believe there is no hope for Damon. Did you see that kiss? Delena forever! *Sobs* Lol.

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