Artist of the Month: Florence + The Machine – The Music (Part 1)

“We are Florence + The Machine and we demand human sacrifices! We want your bodies!”

You can feel it in your bones, spreading its symphonic sounds equally throughout, as if they were raindrops sinking into your overheated skin. Intricately woven refrains, utterly unique and unmatched, make your heart scream, as though he were attempting to flee the safety of his home. Her voice prevails in the delirium. She will not go unanswered. The music of Florence + The Machine connects seamlessly with the soul inside, leaving an infallible imprint. There is nothing like it. You can not escape.

Follow me. Step through the looking-glass. Peer into the light. Give her your soul. Pledge your Rabbit Heart and feel the music pulsate around you.

Imagine running into the depths of an enchanted forest, fighting the mystical elements for survival, coming across a scarlet beauty. Listen to her sing. Consumed by her love, she must find the courage to overcome the dark recesses of despair. She must conquer her fears and slaughter her opponents. Hear the quiver of her voice, the steady heartbeat of the staccato drum, and the cries of passion. Join her prayer, in battle. Embrace the frenzy as you Raise. It. Up.

“I look around, but I can’t find you. If only I could see your face. Instead of rushing towards the skyline. I wish that I could just be brave. I must become a lion-hearted girl. Ready for a fight. Before I make the final sacrifice.”

A heartbreaking lullaby of peace and regret destroys you, whispers softly in your ear as it repeats its request. Open your arms and Never Let Me Go. Her soulful libretto designs symbolic waves that sweep from softened sobs to bursts of thundering desires. Look closely to see the subtle fog settle into the background, while the swell of emotion collides into a heavy-hearted melody. But there is hope and undying love. This is where she belongs. She has found salvation.

“And the arms of the ocean are carrying me. And all this devotion was rushing out of me. In the crashes are heaven for a sinner like me. But the arms of the ocean delivered me.”

If we continue to follow this yellow bricked road, we must stay true to the Heartlines that twist and weave, that empower. We must raise our voices as this anthem plays with deep resonating sound, as Florence takes her prime falsetto and propels it into the atmosphere. Swing and sway. Welcome the tribal drum beat. For there is a tenacious heartbeat, a life force, that delivers meaning in the words we hear. Keep true. Hold on to it, until it becomes fact. Florence demands your compliance! Believe. Believe in yourself. “Just keep following the heartlines in your hand . . .”

“ . . . Keep it up, I know you can. Just keep following the heartlines on your hand. ‘Cause I am.”

There’s much we can say about this Cosmic Love. It’s utterly otherworldly, making you feel as if every cell in your body has been lit at the same precise moment; a million different butterflies taking up residence inside your soul, making your knees go weak. It’s stepping into your favorite bedtime story, created by a world of fantasy and true love. It envelops you, surrounds you. The dense demanding drum beat invades the melody, taking hold, fashioning together the path that follows. Florence sings, reaching into the heavens, shouting for her lost love as overlapping harmonies create an echo of illusion; as if being encircled by a choir of ecstatic songbirds who are searching for the enduring fluttering of the poetic harp. While every version of this musical dream is noteworthy, nothing compares to the overwhelming vigor the original studio record emits. It’s dominates over its successors, commanding your attention with every awe-inspiring lyric and refrain.

“The stars. The moon. They have all been blown out. You left me in the dark. No dawn. No day. I’m always in this twilight. In the shadow of your heart.”

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Artist of the Month. Come back next time when we’ll feature even more amazing music from Florence + The Machine. Also, I’m still accepting submissions for the final FATM: Artist of the Month post. Be sure to submit your contributions before Wednesday, September 26th. For more information, click HERE.

What is your favorite FATM song? Favorite cover? Favorite album? What is your favorite Florence lyric? Have you seen them perform live? Are you obsessed with Florence + The Machine? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    So you kind of dig Florence & The Machine huh? 🙂

  2. setinmotion says:

    Oohh! This brings back memories of her live in concert. Lovely!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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