Trailer Talk: Warm Bodies

Written In Reverse

At Kim the Fangirl, we love our fictional characters (Hunters, Hybrids, Vampire soulmates, etc); the sparkling, the romance, the uncomplicated lines of cheesy dialogue. However, if you didn’t already know, we also share a fondness for those impossibly slow-moving, ever so hungry creatures of the living dead. There’s been a lot of talk/hype surrounding our good friend, the zombie, lately – having several feature films, a hit TV show, and whatnot. And yet, I don’t think he’s ever been portrayed in this particular way before. Here’s a guy, who’s just doing what he does best – eating brains – when all of a sudden, he falls in love (with a human, no less). Ever so slowly, as their romance blossoms, things begin to change. Oh, my. He’s becoming human again! And if that wasn’t enough, an evil zombie apocalypse is just around the corner. That’s a lot for one zombie to handle, you have to admit. Arriving in theatres February 1, 2013, Warm Bodies is sure to catch the eye of comedy nerds and zombie lovers everywhere. Will you be watching?

What did you think of the trailer? Have you read the novel? Will you see the movie? Love zombies? What was your favorite line? Tell me in the comments!

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