TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”

Make Believe

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Hello, everyone! I told you not to worry about me. I’m fine. My run-in with Stefan and Damon last week couldn’t have gone better. They’re harmless, I assure you. It was a good thing I had some vervain with me, though. They couldn’t compel me into giving back their diaries. Those poor fellas; all their most precious secrets at my fingertips. I might have found a few more entries while I was there, as well. Great ones too, but I’ll have to give you all the juicy gossip later. After all that excitement, I thought we could use a bit of quiet time this review around. Who am I kidding? There’s never a dull moment in Mystic Falls. Elena can attest to that. Can’t you, Elena?

Tossing and turning alone in her bed, Vampire Elena shakes and stumbles with the after effects of killing The Hunter. She carefully walks downstairs, knowing not to disturb her sleeping brother in the next room. “Maybe some tea will help,” she thinks. Can’t sleep? Alarmed by the shrill ring of the timer, Elena gasps, finding no one where spoken words appeared. It’s all in her imagination, she reassures herself. But, is it?

Connor, bloodied and bit, leans against the stone cold counter taunting, digging deeper into Elena’s guilty conscience. She calls out for Jeremy. He’ll know what to do. Connor’s a ghost. “A ghost,” she repeats, over and over. Connor latches his muscled arm around her throat, holding her into submission. Elena pushes him back, reaching for something near to her grasp. A knife. Without thought, she plunges the sharpened tool straight into the hunter’s neck, not realizing that this has all been a dream.

“Jeremy?” she questions. The young Gilbert stands in shock as blood drips down his cut skin. Elena drops the knife, securing her small frame around her brother; checking to make sure he wears his ring.

Later that morning, Elena paces the small sunlit room, waiting for Jeremy to awaken. Damon is unsure of why he, in particular, is there. Shouldn’t she have called Stefan? Elena balks at the name. She doesn’t want to speak to the man who’s been lying to her, making deals with Klaus. Her disappointment seeps out of her, he hands still dyed with the blood she created.

Hey. Stefan walks in, sent for by Damon, in need to console Elena and release her from her guilt. She doesn’t want to speak with him, choosing to flee the tense situation, hoping a nice hot shower will relieve some of the pressure she’s under. Stefan follows, much like a lost puppy, wanting to help Elena, accusing her of seeking out Damon’s assistance. Her anger escalates, she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say. He lied, plain and simple. She needs some time to sort things out before she can talk to him. He begs her to listen, but nothing will do. She shuts the door, leaving Stefan standing at a loss.

Elena revels in the warmth of the water as it runs down her tired body, slowly thinking over everything that has happened in the past few weeks. She looks down in shock. Blood, fresh and flowing. She steps back in fright, but looks again. It wasn’t real.

At the Lockwood Mansion, cares and worries are placed on hold (as is parental supervision). Tyler, Haley, and a few of their still-sired hybrid friends bid a farewell to the ones they’ve recently lost, bottles of strong alcohol placed in their hands. “Well, don’t let me interrupt.” Klaus, crest fallen and a little bit drunk, steps out from behind the shadows, drinking away his woes. Down one hybrid and one puzzle-piece hunter, he has the right to be a little cranky. Knock. Knock. Caroline steps inside with force, handing Tyler his personal belongings, things he’s kept at her house. Klaus is concerned about his little blonde vampire. “This breakup drama has to be the result of Haley,” he concludes. Klaus takes his hybrids, leaving the three alone to talk things out. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do. Little does he know, he’s just been played. Caroline breaks out into a contagious smile. It’s time to get to work.

Without much to do, Klaus rings Stefan, intent to know how his immaculately detailed plans had gone so awry. He wonders if Elena is hallucinating yet. Stefan pauses, ordering Klaus to give up all the information he has. Luckily, Klaus is waiting right outside the Gilbert home, ready to talk.

When one kills a hunter, there is steep consequence. “Witch magic and whatnot,” he explains. Elena had stopped the Hunter before he could fulfill his destiny. Though rotting in the ground, Connor will make sure he completes one more kill. She will take her own life before the day is out. Klaus knows firsthand what Elena’s going through, volunteering to keep her safe for the time being, until other accommodations can be made. Stefan protests, but after Elena runs outside – suffering from illusions again – Klaus takes her anyway. Damon and Stefan stand stupefied. Only one thing to do, right? They call Bonnie. A witch solution is just what they need right about now to break the curse that’s plaguing Elena. Bonnie still can’t practice magic, but she suggests the all-knowing Professor Shane. He’ll have something.

Klaus drags Elena into the windowless room, to keep her safe, to prevent her from doing anything stupid, like killing herself. Elena refuses to think about such an idea. She would never do that. Never say never, though. That’s exactly what Klaus attempted to do when he had been given the curse. He was immortal, though, unlike Elena. His fifty plus years worth of attempts – his mind struck crazy with hallucinations – gave up nothing but only torture and pain. Eventually, they stopped. However, during that time, his illusions appeared in the most strangest of forms. Klaus warns Elena of the same.

Did you enjoy it? He asks. Elena is seemingly unfazed by his appearance now. How did it feel? Connor flaunts his death, requiring Elena to tell the truth. Did you like it? Her steady denial quickly turns into admittance. She didn’t like it. She loved killing him, feeling the warm blood flow down her throat. Elena asks if her confession has made him happy. No, I’m not. I’m dead. You’re a monster.

Soon the illusion turns, Elena tries to force him out while he blames the deaths of so many on her. Elena won’t listen. She covers her ears, blocking him out. Connor relinquishes, knowing she’ll listen to her. Katherine? The Vampire Bitch returns, doing what she does best, making Elena feel bad about herself, her life. “Poor Elena, always the victim. Only now, you’re the killer.” “Shut up,” Elena shouts. But nothing will stop Katherine from voicing her opinions. It’ll change you. Vampires kill. With every death, you’ll become more like me. Tears flow; she shakes and shivers. It’s too much. You’re nothing, Elena. You deserve to die. “No!” Elena exclaims. She pushes Katherine away. It isn’t real. She isn’t real.

In his attempt to retrieve Elena from Klaus’ hold, Stefan goes to Caroline, trying to identify if there is any way Tyler can sway the other hybrids into distraction. He knows it’s useless even to ask, but he must do it, for Elena. Caroline smirks. “There’s a way,” she says. Tyler explains that Haley has been working with one of the hybrid lackeys to break his sire bond. Stefan comes to question if the break was successful. Indeed, it has. Tyler and Stefan confront Hybrid Chris while Klaus is otherwise occupied.

“Is this seat taken?” the blonde bombshell asks. Klaus replies with his signature smirk. “Caroline. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Using her feminine wiles and charm, Caroline easily distracts Klaus from the other plans at hand. She flirts, but his sincerity shows through. Caroline tries to persuade Klaus into let Elena go, but he refuses vehemently.

It doesn’t matter, anyway. Stefan has already opened the door to Elena’s freedom. He walks carefully to her, knowing the state she’s in. “Stay away from me,” she shouts. She backs up, seeing Connor’s face where Stefan’s should be. Elena grabs a random weapon from underneath the bed, planting it firmly into Stefan’s abdomen. Elena runs.

Of all the places to go, Elena finds herself back at Wickery bridge. She looks down at the cool water, taking her illusion’s opinions to heart. What she should do? Listen to me, Sweetheart. I know what’s best. Elena’s mother speaks quickly and calmly, getting straight to the point. You should have died, Elena, on this bridge, with us. You’re weren’t supposed to live. You have to make things right. You know what to do. Elena looks down at her daylight ring. It’s the only option. She’s not worthy. She doesn’t want to be a vampire. It’s the only way. Elena throws her ring into the water, waiting for the sun to appear. It’s the right thing to do. Because I’m a monster,” she agrees.

Mystic Falls High. Jeremy looks at his hand, studying it. The Hunter’s mark. It’s there, clear as day. The young Gilbert asks Matt if he sees the tattoo, easily admitting to the human how it appeared – Connor proclaiming him a Potential. Professor Shane walks up with April Young, interrupting their conversation. He’s the mastermind behind the featured exhibition – tales of witches and wonders – the school will be hosting. Coincidence? Probably not. April looks puzzled, wondering where she’s seen the Professor before. She hands over the thought quickly, inquiring if the two boys have seen Rebekah lately. Matt laughs, finding the whole repeated conversation quite comical. Jeremy just shakes his head in amusement.

Damon waits in Alaric’s old classroom for Bonnie to bring Professor Shane. He takes out Jeremy’s drawing of the Hunter’s mark, hoping Shane can shed some light on the subject. Ol’ Professor Shane is stunned. Gasp! Where did you find this? Although his surprise is easily seen through by us, Damon and Bonnie take it to heart. Shane sprouts a story, the legend of the curse. If someone of the vampire persuasion kills a hunter, they are destined to be tormented until a new hunter is born – makes his first kill. A Potential, some might call him.

After betraying Klaus, the only thing Hybrid Chris can do, is flee the town. Oops. Too late. Stefan and Caroline make sure of that. Jeremy enters the Lockwood Mansion, immediately killing Chris as he does so. The curse is broken and Jeremy’s fate decided.

“Elena,” Damon calls. He sees her standing on the bridge. He tries to talk her down, but she won’t listen. Where’s your ring? He has to think fast. He has to save her. The sun shines, burning her skin. Damon rushes toward the ailing vamp, propelling them into the water. She’s okay. She’s safe. When Elena wakes up hours later, her mind is clear, and her sanity restored. It’s all thanks to Damon. He saved her. Elena takes his hand. Their eyes lock. A moment passes between them. Damon knows what he has to do now, no matter how much he doesn’t want to. Defying Stefan’s orders, Damon admits the secret he’s been keeping. Every lie Stefan has uttered has been for Elena. There’s a cure. He can save you, Elena.

Final Scene: She sees him on the porch, brooding over his wrongs, as usual. She apologizes for her previous actions, but agrees he probably deserved it. She asks him why he sent Damon to rescue her, instead of doing it himself. He knows that she has a connection with him. He’s been able to get through to her when he can’t. “It’s okay to admit it,” he encourages.

He’s been so strong, fighting for the girl she once was. But the girl she’s become – the vampire inside – has changed her, changed what . . . who she wants. Her feelings for Damon have been magnified with her change.

When he was the Ripper, he was glad she had Damon to look after her. He can understand how her feelings developed. But now?

“I can’t do this, Elena. Not any more.”

“I know.”

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What did you think of Elena and Stefan’s breakup? Will it stick this time? Are you excited for Klaus and Caroline’s date? What did you think of the “curse” storyline? Was it unnecessary? Do you feel more for Klaus now? Will Jeremy continue the hunter life? Will he complete the tattoo? What is Professor Shane up to? Are we sure he’s human? What does he have to do with Young family? Will Elena admit her feelings for Damon? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Their break-up was very mellow and sad. Okay episode.

    1. I agree, it definitely was my least favorite episode, so far. The breakup? Yeah, it was sad. But, hello! Delena all the way. It might, hopefully, most-likely happen for them this time. I feel like doing my happy dance. Lol. Plus, Klaus and Caroline are going on a date! I can’t wait for that. 😀

  2. Elle says:

    Ah this episode. I understand that the writers have to make the characters do dumb things to get the story along but I must say that last weeks plot of having Stefan unnecessarily keep the secret to potentially get Elena human again (just to have Klaus use her as a body bag) and now this week having Stefan break out Elena (for what purpose I don’t know, because Klaus was helping her and Stefan had no reason to believe otherwise) and then enabling Jeremy’s destiny as a vampire hunter seemed really stupid to me. Are they gonna lock up Jeremy now? How do they know they’re going to be able to control him? Obviously this will lead to more drama for the show but it just seems like they’ve made the characters get so mired into “protect Elena” mode that they don’t even think things through anymore. I liked how the Tyler/Caroline conversation kinda showed that they do this crap all the time for Elena and are perfectly fine sacrificing decent people for the cause but I’m over it. I think they need to move away from the save Elena storylines and into saving each other and other people from bad guys – not just Elena. So that’s my rant.

    The episode was just ok which means it was a still good episode just that nothing bizarrely and extremely suspenseful happened…except for the Stelena breakup. It was bound to happen and I don’t really pay attention to the TVD fandom but I feel the Stelena shippers are gonna get really pissed off about it. Obviously, I prefer Damon but don’t necessarily want to see them jump into a relationship (I think Damon might hold off and be smart about it) especially since I want to see Damon with a more deserving bad ass Elena. Also in the next preview Stefan was acting all bitchy about the breakup to Damon. Get over it dude!

    Katherine! Well played.. Dobrev. Can’t wait to see her come back for real.

    Also..creepy teacher exhibit = Silas foreshadowing as the big bad! Interesting!

    Finally, Klaroline? Is that you? Make it happen! I loved their scene in the bar. It was like they were having a little couple’s tiff…kinda. So adorable.

    1. I’m really starting to question their plot choices, as well. The whole concept of the cure is ridiculous, in my opinion. And I really didn’t understand this weeks storyline, either. In some way, it just seemed like filler. Of course, I say this, but by the end of the season everything will probably (hopefully) come together, and I’ll forget I ever said anything in the first place.

      I can understand Stefan not telling Elena about the cure. He didn’t want to get her hopes up if he couldn’t follow through. As for rescuing her from Klaus, he did have reason to worry. He’s Klaus! I love him, but he’s a wild card. You never know what kind of messed up thing he’ll do next.

      I don’t think they’ll lock up Jeremy. They were looking for another hunter, and look, one just fell right into their laps. I initially thought they’d have him complete the tattoo – killing vamps and everything – but even though Klaus loves to sacrifice his own kind, I can’t see them killing hundreds (if not thousands) of vampires just to find the cure. There’s probably another way, another witch way.

      I agree completely. They didn’t even question putting the hybrid’s life at risk. It was all for Elena. Everything is about Elena. Tyler kind of stepped out of that mind frame, but now the others have to get in line too (Which I don’t think is possible, honestly).

      After last week, the breakup was inevitable. She was ticked beyond belief. Also, Stefan was incredibly annoying. I too think Damon might wait. Yes! Damon and a kick-ass Elena? That would be amazing. I really liked that in the preview it was Elena chasing Damon. It’s been the other way around for far too long.

      Katherine’s always interesting to see. I really want to some Klaus/Katherine time. Think of all the well-crafted insults.

      Definite foreshadowing. I have my money on Professor Shane, without a doubt.

      Klaroline. More. Need more. Love. Adorable. 😉

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