TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “My Brother’s Keeper”


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All right. Okay. Calm down. Let it all seep in for a minute. Breathe. I understand what you’re going through. Coherent thought has also left me in a lurch this morning. I just keep seeing aggressive tongue wrestling and shirt ripping. Also, I keep thinking I heard someone say something about a weird, new sire bond. Not sure what that’s about. Gah! I think I’m still out of it. What happened last night? Everything’s such a blur. Nothing’s quite making sense. At least the swooning has stopped. But the shaking is still happening at the most random of times. I think I might have blacked-out at some point during the night, as well. I don’t remember if it was all the Caroline & Klaus delightfulness, Jeremy being a crazy wackadoodle, or Damon and Elena finally . . . Oh, that’s right. Now I remember.

WARNING! This is a Spoiler Alert!

Dear Kim,

I just broke up with my girlfriend after she told me she has feelings for my brother. I’m not really surprised by this revelation, but I thought things were going good. Yeah, I might have been a little controlling. And I might have gone behind her back and betrayed her trust. But what she’s doing is way worse. Right? I still love her, but I can’t go on like this. What should I do?

Moody in Mystic

Despite what Caroline keeps telling you Moody, you need to let her go. Muscle-up all you want, but you’re not going to get Elena back any time soon. This “cure” won’t fix what’s already broken. Even if Elena becomes human again, she’ll still think you’re a total jackass like the rest of us. That includes your buddy Klaus, too. Good move telling  – how did he put it, again? – “every teenage sycophant in town.” Yeah, you ticked him off real good.

Klaus orders Stefan to find some more vampires to kill or act as a replacement. Although, I think Stefan would much rather volunteer Damon for such a job. Bringing out his “I don’t give a damn” attitude once again, Bitchy Stefan tells his brother about his recent split with Elena. Damon seems befuddled by the news (Though we know he’s secretly doing his happy dance inside), quickly changing the subject to more pressing matters. Damon fills Stefan in on the latest with Professor Shane and his involvement with Pastor Eli, hoping to elicit some kind of reaction from Stefan. Yet, all he is met with his disdain. “Let’s not pretend like this isn’t the best day of your life.” That’s a low blow, Stefan. But you’re right, it totally is.

With the final preparations for the latest Miss Mystic Falls Pageant under way, Caroline believes it to be the perfect time to berate Elena about her choice in men – voicing her belief that Elena and Stefan are soulmates. If you ask me, she’s been reading a little too much Twilight, though I hardly think a thing like that is even possible. The blonde vamp basically voices her displeasure over Elena’s currents state as a vampire, wishing she were back to her old non-loving Damon self. If that wasn’t irritating enough, Creepy Professor Shane stops by, making us question who in the world asked this creeper to be a judge at the pageant.

Sometime later, Stefan stops by Mystic General. Though his rather random stop is somewhat questionable, his next actions make us worry for the sanity of our broody vampire. Um . . . Stefan? What are you doing? Going from room to room, he checks each patient’s chart. Not finding what he’s looking for, Stefan keeps pace until he spots a police guard outside another room. He compels the oblivious man to take leave, entering the tiny space to inspect its current resident – a guilty as charged murder. Bingo! Stefan rips open his skin, feeding the prisoner his blood, soon breaking his neck. Yep. It’s official. Stefan’s lost it; though he never really had it in the first place.

Exasperated by the poor working skills of others, a flustered Caroline (Who is acting much like the old, more human Caroline we used to know) finds more anxiety than solace (Which I find hard to believe) when Klaus stops by for a chat. The smiling cutie, after bickering with Caroline for a moment, finally receives notice of where and when their first date shall be. Score one for Team Klaus!

Somewhere in the backwoods of Mystic Falls, Werewolf Haley is making good on her promise, helping another hybrid break her sire bond; effectively securing Tyler as her date to Miss Mystic, if only to keep an eye on Caroline and Klaus. Yeah, right. Meanwhile, the consequences of becoming a hunter are taking their toll on Jeremy. His newfound super-strength is all fine and dandy, but dreaming about killing his vampire sister and woodworking in his sleep make him question what’s really going on. Matt seems to be the only one making sense, encouraging Jeremy to get some help. The young Gilbert reasons his recent personality changes could be the effect of Alaric’s magic ring. However, Matt believes the Hunter’s Curse is solely to blame. No psychotic breaks here.

When Jeremy receives a text from Stefan, the somewhat human has no idea what he would actually find when arriving at the Lockwood Cellar. Patiently waiting, Stefan inquires if Jeremy will take the chance to make his sister human again. With his newborn in tow, Stefan reaches for Jeremy, allowing the crazed baby vamp to sample the goods. Jeremy shouts, wondering what Stefan is doing. Now that his thirst for blood is unleashed, Stefan takes the newborn’s chains in his hands, ordering Jeremy to kill the spare. They need the map; it’s the only way to find the cure. Jeremy resists, making Stefan take drastic measures. He takes the chains, forcing Jeremy back as the newborn gets closer and closer to his spilled blood. Stefan threatens Jeremy, believing this to be some kind of scene from The Walking Dead, needing him to kill the vampire, to push forward in completing the Hunter’s Tattoo. Jeremy takes the stake, thrusting the carved wood into the baby vamp again and again. Another kill under his belt, Jeremy’s reasoning has gone out the window. Unable to be compelled into submission, Jeremy stabs Stefan in the chest, making his way to the party. On a side note: He’s vampire killing crazy, but Jeremy doesn’t kill Stefan? That’s a tad unbelievable, TVD writers. And considering Stefan has become a giant D-Bag in recent episodes (none more so than this), I cannot help but feel he deserves it.

Doing their best to help the awkward April Young in her attempt to participate in the Miss Mystic pageant, Caroline and Elena guide their innocent protégée toward the proper fashion choices. That is, until Damon enters the scene. Elena’s blush at the handsome vampire is not easily concealed, making Caroline wig-out at Elena’s now questionable new Damon-centered attitude. Ignoring the blonde, Elena follows Damon, requesting a bit of his time. Her eyes and smile speak louder than her actual words. She moves closer to her crush, their gaze never leaving one another. Elena finally confesses to him the real reason she broke up with Stefan. Damon’s surprise is evident, but his hope and love step forward, center stage.“Hey.” Arg! Stupid, evil, interrupting Professor Shane. They were having a moment! The spell broken, Damon leaves Elena to question (threaten) the Professor about the possibility of finding another hunter. His attempt goes unanswered, but finds out some rather interesting information. Even if they did complete the Hunter’s Mark, to gain access to the cure, they would need a certain kind of witch to break the spell which resides over it. A Bennett witch. Typical.

Although hilarious, a rather vexed Caroline is starting to get on Elena’s nerves. Luckily, a perfect (Vampire Barbie’s words, not mine. Though I would tend to agree) Klaus is ready to calm the incoming storm. Taking his love aside, he listens as she relieves her built up frustration over the Damon and Elena problem, believing something to be wrong as Elena, without fault, sides with Damon over every little thing. Klaus laughs, ensuring everything will make sense eventually. What’s that’s supposed to mean? I have no idea. Caroline wonders if Klaus has ever wished to be human again. He goes into a story about a hummingbird. We swoon. Klaus has a laugh, making fun of Caroline’s dedication to be on every Mystic committee. They also share a moment. We smile and clap our hands excitedly and begin writing KLAUS  AND CAROLINE FOREVER on our Trapper Keepers.

After the results of the Miss Mystic pageant are revealed (though I find it very hard to believe April won after returning to the town about two weeks ago in Mystic time), Elena follows a once thought to be missing Jeremy into the Lockwood Mansion. She’s relieved to see the young Gilbert alive and okay during such uncertain times, but is soon disturbed by his actions. He takes his blade, cutting his skin, allowing the blood to drip down. Elena stiffens, slowly backing away. Crazy Hunter Jeremy persists, letting Elena know that her existence is wrong. Telling her that, the though he wants to protect her, the urge to kill her is just too strong. She’s a vampire. When Elena’s various attempts to reason with him fail, Jeremy easily slides a small, sharp wooden stake into her neck, incapacitating her. Stefan is there to stop Jeremy from taking it any further. Matt ushers Jeremy away, keeping the threat at bay for the time being.

Elena flees the suffocating space, confronting Stefan about his previous actions. She’s disgusted and enraged as he (sort of) tells her about making Jeremy kill vampires to gain access to the map. His stubborn way of thinking, sacrificing Jeremy’s humanity for Elena’s, makes her run into Damon’s arms without question. Stefan is so set on making Elena human again, he doesn’t see how his actions are affecting others. “I’m a vampire. You can’t fix me. Why can’t you accept me for who and what I am? If you won’t love me like this, let me go.”

That night, at the Gilbert home, Matt tells Jeremy the news. Instead of trying to help Jeremy or find a cure for his curse, the solution they all agreed upon was to remove Elena from the situation . . . but not really. Taking Elena’s place at home, Matt volunteers to look after the human.

Best Scene of the Night/The Scene Delena Shippers Have Been Waiting Three Seasons & Six Episodes For: In other news, Elena is moving in with the Salvatore Brothers! With Sadface Stefan deciding to crash at Caroline’s, this can only lead to good things. Good things, I tell you. Yeah. Yeah. Haley is in cahoots with Professor Shane. But who cares? Damon and Elena finally have some alone time to talk . . . and do other things. Thinking back on the previous events of the day, Elena admits that she wished she could have danced with Damon. Being the charming bastard that he is, Damon takes Elena’s hand, holds her close, and leads her into a romantic slow dance for two. The fireplace flickers. The lights are dim. We all break out into our happy dances, sighing with contentment. Only, Elena doesn’t seem to be too happy with the situation.

What? No. Don’t let go, Elena.

She looks up into Damon’s crystal clear baby blue eyes, liking what she sees. Trust. Lust. Love.


She leans in slowly, unsure, but knowing that she wants this. She needs this.

Oh. My.

Their lips press together, softly at first, becoming more and more insistent with each pass. Sweet confessions of love turn into a rough domination over each other’s hearts and mouths.

Holy Moly. Is it getting hot in here?

In an instant, she has him right where she wants him. She rips his shirt, admiring the view, running her nails down, down, down.


Black lace. White sheets. It’s only a matter of time before the headboard breaks.



What? I’m They’re a little busy here, Caroline.

Hold the damn phone for a minute. I’m having a revelation.

Um . . . this is not the best time for this, Caroline.

What if it’s possible?

What if what’s possible?

It’s rare, but it happens. That’s why Klaus was so intrigued. Think about it. “Every time Elena has a problem, Damon has been the magic solution.” Damon says, jump. Elena jumps. Damon says, drink from the vein. Elena drinks from the vein. Damon says, kill Connor. Elena kills Connor. It’s so obvious, I wonder why we didn’t realize it before? Elena is sired to Damon.

Hahahaha! You’re hilarious, Caroline.

I’m serious.



So, let me get this straight. You’re saying, Elena is . . .

Sired to Damon.

Um . . . really?



The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? How adorable are Caroline and Klaus? How are Shane and Haley connected? How do you feel about Stefan’s actions in these past few episodes? Love him or hate him? What will happen to Jeremy? Should his family and friends be more concerned? Should they just put him out of his misery? Damon. Elena. You know what I want to hear. They’ve finally done the deed, please be free to shout, dance, and/or cry about it in the comments!

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Elle says:

    Finally! Love the Dear Kim insert. Would be interesting if you wrote the entire recap as a series of Dear Kim letters from the residents of Mystic Falls. After all, you do give good advice 🙂

    About this episode…
    Loved the 1st scene. Caroline & Stefan’s friendship brings so much to the show and Stefan’s character. This is good because Stefan is becoming the biggest douche in the history of TVD. Not even Season 1 Tyler can compare. If the writers want to make me hate him they’re doing a good job.

    Also is everybody on this show stupid, oblivious and in denial? 1)Stefan didn’t realize that by having Jeremy kill it would in all likeliness increase his desire to kill? Really?! When Jeremy stabbed him I was the happiest little camper. 2) Jeremy “I’d never hurt my sister!” Please! You are not yourself! How many dead people you have to see and dreams of killing do you have to have before you realize that?! 3) Elena seriously! Jeremy basically says he wants to kill you, is holding a stake and is dripping blood. Why?! Why would you act like he’s a 5 year old with a stomachache? You’re a vampire, that whole situation is a recipe for disaster!

    Klaroline. Love them. She wants to not like him but he is slowly growing on her.

    Professor guy is annoying. Him & Haley – never saw that coming but leave it to insightful and ever suspicious Damon to notice something.

    Unto Delena. I am not a shipper. Frankly I think Damon is too good for Elena but the whole scene prior to them ripping their clothes off was pretty sqee-able. Also, I am now obsessed with that Ed Sheeran song. Perfection.

    I dislike that they trivialized the culmination of Delena’s connection to it being a possible sire bond. I dislike it not because of Delena but because of Damon. I have never seen a character that has been so under-appreciated and treated so badly before. He got what he wanted only to have it basically ripped from him. Gosh i could go on forever about Damon and his mistreatment in this show!

    Also, could it have killed them to not have Elena run and have sex with Damon RIGHT AFTER she broke up with her boyfriend! Could they?!

    1. Haha!! That would be awesome. Very interesting idea. I’m going to have to think about that. I don’t know if I give good advice, though. Doesn’t it usually consist of, “Hey, Elena. Get your head out of your ass and make out with Damon already?” Or “Hey, Caroline. Get your head out of your ass and make out with Klaus already?” I feel like that’s all I say nowadays. Lol.

      Totally agree. Their friendship is so unexpected, but works better than any one else’s. They need to show it off more. Hell yes! I can’t stand Stefan anymore. He’s so damn annoying. This episode showed just how vile he could be, and it truly made me hate him.

      Jeremy, that poor kid. He can’t have one day of peace, can he? I really don’t understand why everyone’s just sitting back and letting this happen. No one cares Jeremy is bat crap crazy. They’re all absorbed in their own little worlds. What’s Matt’s looking after going to do? If anything, Matt is going to get hurt in the crossfire when everything explodes in their faces. Jeremy is not going to make it out of this season alive, I’m telling you.

      KLAROLINE. I can’t say enough good things about them. Caroline resist Klaus? Impossible. That man is damn sexy. And that smile? Swoon.

      We all knew Haley and Shane weren’t on the up and up. No surprise there. Their canoodling? Eh. I really could care less.

      I’m completely Team Klaroline now, but after all this time hoping Elena and Damon would get together, it’s hard not to root for them. Oh. My. Yes. This sire bond thing is a load of crap. It’s so not fair to Damon. I agree, he is the most mistreated character on the show. They never give him enough credit.

      This is going to ruin him. If he would ever leave Mystic Falls, now would be the time. What do you think’s going to happen after they tell Elena? She’s going to flip out and push Damon away again. Honestly, this year’s plot lines have really infuriated me – much of them pointless and idiotic. However, it’s the characters and the twists and turns (aka. the WTF? moments (my favorite)) that keep me coming back. Although it may hurt sometimes, I can’t leave. I can’t quit you, TVD!

      Yeah, it would have been nice if Elena waited a bit longer than a day after their breakup. But the way Damon was giving her the sexy eyes? You can’t really blame her. 😉

      1. Elle says:

        i suppose. Don’t forget they were sweet, sexy and understanding eyes. I don’t blame her just the writers. I’ve seen many people argue good points against the sire bond and so at this point its just speculation. Hopefully by the next episode they would totally dismiss it as the foolishness it is. Elena couldn’t stay away from Damon if she tried. It’s all a matter of time but I’m still hoping for a decent new drama free love interest for Damon down the road that is not Elena…maybe.

        1. True. Very true. His beautiful eyes got him laid, not that stupid sire bond. Lol. I hope it is just speculation, even though they made it seem like this big aha moment. The attraction was always there, so that part of it doesn’t make sense. Actually, nothing Caroline said made sense. With Tyler, his bond was more of a “bow down to your leader” kind. There’s no hardcore evidence that Elena is bond to Damon. Yes, at this point I can’t condone a Elena/Damon relationship. She’s just going to hurt him again like she always does. She doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships. Look at how messed up Stefan is. Damon deserves true love, and he’s not going to get it from Elena.

  2. Emma says:

    The writers have let down all the Delena fans by making their first night together seedy. And sired? Elena couldn’t keep blood from a bag or an animal down before Damon mentioned she could only drink from the vain. I hope the writers explain themselves in the next episode and reject this sired nonsense – way too many plot holes for it to be true. Can’t they give poor Damon a break? He needs a new love interest.
    I thought Elena was cruel showing up at the Salvatores’ house like that. She’d just dumped Stefan and can’t think of anyone else’s house to stay at? Meanie 🙂

    1. Hmmm…I don’t believe it was seedy, per se. There was so much built up sexual frustration between the two, it was bound to get rough. That’s not to say I approve. If it had been months instead of hours after her breakup with Stefan, then it would be a different story. For all those years of hoping Damon and Elena would get together, I think it did the fans justice. She made the first move, no fade to black, etc. However, speculating about a sire bond between the two ruined it. I agree, there’s way too much plot and character traits that shoot down this sire nonsense completely. Damon needs a new girl, yes. I just think that, before it happens, they would need to build her character up, make us like her, and not just throw anybody into the mix. Yeah, showing up at your ex boyfriend’s house – who just so happens to live (and is related to) your potential new boyfriend – is low class. She probably just couldn’t stay away from Damon, though. Lol. 😀

      I also like how they think separating Jeremy and Elena’s living arrangements will fix everything. I mean, seriously?

      1. Emma says:

        The way it happened wasn’t seedy at all; it was hot! What made it seedy was the writers (through Caroline) told us it only happened because Elena was sired by Damon and therefore under some kind of compulsion. That just made the whole night seem like a sham rather than acknowledging that these 2 have had real feelings for each other for years. I don’t care at all that the slept together shortly after Elena had broken up with Stefan. As vampires, they feel more, are even more alive somehow than humans and act on their impulses. I just wish Caroline had kept her trap shut!
        Maybe Jeremy will put Stefan out of his misery? Okay, that was mean of me 🙂

        1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES! You said it perfectly. There’s no way in hell she was acting by an unconscious compulsion. Caroline (who is sometimes too absorbed in her own world) and Stefan (who is blinded by love for Elena) just can’t understand how real and deep Elena’s feelings are for Damon. I would like to think that this sire theory is just their way of denying what’s really going on. In the preview, Damon didn’t seem too convinced – or looked like he actually cared – that they’re sired. So we’ll all have to keep hope.

          Ooh! I’m having an epiphany!!!!!! Never has TVD broached the subject of mates. And Klaus never really hinted at a sire bond. What if what Caroline thinks is a sire bond is actually a MATING BOND??!!???

          You’re mind is blown, I can tell. I’ll give you a minute to recover.

          A mating bond would totally make up for everything the writers have put us through. And, admit it, it makes sense.

          Oh, just think of the possibilities. 😀

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