TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Catch Me If You Can”

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Kim the FanGirl
25 January 2013
Location: Fortress of Solitude
Journal #25 Entry #817

Dear Vampire Diaries,

I have to admit, there is some kind of difficulty between us. It’s not how it used to be. I miss those plentiful WTF? moments. I miss being on the edge of my seat, with my throwing chair in hand. It seems as if you’re not even trying anymore. Mediocre surprises and weird plot twists aren’t doing it for me this season. Yes, last night’s episode was a bit better plot wise. However, everything has gotten so muddled, it’s hard to fully submerse myself in the story. What happened? What went wrong? I still love you, you know that. There’s no quitting you. That’s downright impossible. I’m just saying, if things don’t get better, I’m going to have to seriously start rethinking this relationship. Klaus and the other Originals are the ones bringing any energy or excitement into this partnership. In fact, I think they should have their own show. Oh, wait. That’s actually happening, isn’t it? Never mind. Start the recap!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Klaus (I am a sexy beast) Mikaelson had found it rather strange – also incredibly infuriating – Damon was not living up to his end of the deal, helping little Gilbert successfully kill a whole bunch of vampires. Since he has very little patience, Klaus made arrangements (a.k.a. sired a bunch of random newborns) for Jeremy to complete his hunter’s mark in as little time as possible. Now, as we rejoin our ragtag gang, Jeremy has some trepidation’s with Klaus’ new plan. Of course, who wouldn’t?

The Hunter’s disobedience does not sit well with our favorite Original, so Klaus – against Damon’s wishes – adds an extra insurance plan to make sure Jeremy does as he is told. Always the innocent bystander, Matt finds himself the tasty target of a dozen or so newborns, seeing as Jeremy can not be compelled, because of his freaky hunter abilities. Which means, it’s time to run.

Off into the night they fly, struggling to avoid the bloodthirsty troop hot on their tails. Hold on. Where’s Matt? Matt? Darn it! You really need to look out where you’re going, dude. That vamp almost killed you! Luckily, Elena saved your ass, just in time too. Maybe it’s time for you to cash in that one-way bus ticket out of this supernatural vortex of destruction. Go to school. Find a nice girl. Settle down. Have a couple of kids. I’m really only looking out for your best interests and it seems that I’m the only one who will tell you honestly to your face that you need to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Capisce? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

With the lake house not too far away, the trio make it back to safety before any real trouble begins. Damon is not far behind, voicing his displeasure at Jeremy’s plan to wait it out and his opposition to complete the mark in such unfavorable conditions. The only solution viable in Damon’s eyes, is to go on a quick hunt and get the whole ordeal over with. Elena reluctantly agrees, but as Stefan made clear, she’s sired, so can we really trust her judgment?

In the meantime, we squeeze our pillows and throw our overflowing bowls of popcorn, processing the notion – after last week’s ‘I Love You’ confession and subsequent ‘Come to Me’ scene – that we aren’t watching the epic reunion we so desperately wanted to take place. Instead, seeing Elena and Damon bicker back and forth. Seriously? This is so not what we had in mind. And you wonder why we’re over these two? Gah! Is it so much to ask, after all this time waiting for Elena and Damon to get together, to have some time dedicated to romance, and wooing, and more sexy romps between the sheets? I don’t think so.

Over at Casa de Salvatore, shirtless Stefan finds a curiously chill Rebekah waiting for him. He assures the Original he’s over Elena, but Rebekah still has her doubts. She just wants him to have a little fun, forget the heartbreak and the guilt for a while. They flirt and fight, as is usual. “The sex wasn’t good because we didn’t care. It was good because you’re crazy. Crazy sex is always good.” Admittedly, the best line Stefan’s ever spoken. However, there are other pressing matters.

In Rebekah’s attempts to retrieve some answers from Crazy Professor Shane, he let slip one key element in resurrecting big bad Silas and the cure. Silas’ headstone. The duo figure that since everyone else has some leverage, they might as well have some too. They set out to Shane’s office with haste. The search ends up for not, though, with the exception of some mind altering drugs (Can vampires even get high?), until a mysterious new face enters the equation. He looks around for a bit, recovering Silas’ headstone only moments later. Rebekah and Stefan make quick work to secure their new prisoner and extract a few much needed answers from him, but before things can begin, a huge dent ends their plans. The guy bites off his tongue and then stabs himself in the throat with a handy-dandy knife, creating even more questions. Could there be another team in the race?

Bonnie’s having a hard time dealing with her newfound power, worried she won’t be able to control it. Shane tries to put her fears to rest, but only manages to pull some kind of creepy compulsion brainwash. Seconds later, in walks Sheriff Forbes, handcuffs in hand, ready to make sure Shane pays for the crimes he committed. Thanks to April Young and a very willing Rebekah, they have all the proof they need to charge Shane with the deaths of twelve council members, or so you would think. Shane adamantly enforces his innocence, until Bonnie’s pop let’s her take a crack at him. Brilliant idea, of course, since within moments Shane easily (and suspiciously) confesses his sins, believing the deaths to be purely sacrificial and in no way wrong. Pfft! Even Bonnie can see he’s off his rocker. “You’re crazy. You’re full on crazy.” Shane admits he’s not crazy, just passionate. A statement we’re sure he’s use to repeating, as are the rest of us.

Shane uses Bonnie’s guilt over using black magic – which lead to Grandma Bennett’s afterlife peril – to try to convince her to help him raise Silas and, in effect, the rest of the now deceased. Bonnie doesn’t buy it. Her anger gets the best of her, allowing her new powers to reach out and twist Shane’s arm. Literally. After Shane calms her down, he makes sure to relay his ideas about Bonnie to her dad. With Shane’s guidance, she could be the most powerful witch in the world. Rudy Hopkins tells Bonnie as much, requesting she follow through with Shane’s teaching.

When Damon and Jeremy return to the bar to begin their Hunting 101 tour, they find something most unexpected. I’m sure adorably evil Kol thought he was being considerate, what with creating that foreboding trail of blood on the floor and whatnot. But a pile of dead newborn vamps is not what Damon and Jeremy were expecting. Kol is dead set on stopping them before finding the location of the cure, truly believing that Silas will end the world. He’s the Original conspiracy theorist, I suppose. Damon tries to stop Kol and his madness, but only succeeds in get himself compelled. Jeremy flees, unknowingly avoiding Kol’s plan to mind control Damon into killing him, after Klaus forbids Kol from touching little Gilbert. As if this day couldn’t get any worse.

Yep. It could get worse. Following Jeremy to the Grill, Damon succeeds in keeping his unwanted plan a secret, that is until he brings out the crazy eyes. Jeremy manages to escape through the Lockwood Caves, but Damon is right behind him, voicing his compulsion, warning the hunter what will happen soon if they meet. Elena stops Damon for a second, allowing him to confess, but makes no real attempt at stopping the pair from killing each other. Instead, she chooses to call Stefan for backup. When Damon reaches the Cellar, Jeremy sets a trap. Damon bites him, ordering Jeremy to kill him before it’s too late. With no other option in sight, Jeremy raises his gun and pulls the trigger. FADE TO BLACK.

What?! You can’t end it there! Oh, good. Stupid commercials. Though we knew Jeremy would never actually kill Damon, it was a nice little cliffhanger TVD writers, I must say. Just don’t do it again. When Damon wakes up, removing the wooden bullet from his brain (Yikes!), his compelled movements take over again, finding Jeremy rather quickly. Running through the woods, injured, Jeremy prepares for a fight. He loads his gun again and shoots, finding his target. “Hey, brother. Long time, no see.” Even when they hate each other, they still care. Stefan takes the bullet, breaks Damon’s neck, and locks him in the basement. He’s still compelled and Kol is nowhere to be found, so Stefan advises Damon to sit tight. He has some business to take care of.

After opening Elena’s fresh wounds with his hurtful, yet understandable words {“You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” (Ouch)}, about Damon and sire bonds, Stefan leaves to have a little fun . . . with Rebekah. Crazy, angry, revenge sex alert! He’s tired of caring. He’s tired of feeling. What he needs is unattached, hot . . . FADE TO BLACK.

Again! Seriously? Not fair. Oh, hello Klaus. It’s nice of you to stop by and offer your services to keep us safe from Kol and everything. However, I think we’re going to have to pass. Elena has another idea. If they kill Kol, then thousands of vampires will die, saving Jeremy from killing them himself. It’s all so simple! Somehow, Elena, I don’t think it works that way.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What do you think of Elena’s new plan? Why is Kol so afraid of Silas? What do you think of Rebekah and Stefan’s arrangement? How long will it last? Do you want more Elena & Damon time? Will Bonnie really train with Shane? Tell me in the comments!

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