TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Because the Night”

Two’s Company. Three’s a Crowd.

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Throughout the course of last night’s episode, you couldn’t help but feel as if you were walking down a familiar road, a path that somehow had the possibility to lead towards home. We all know it’s a journey that is nowhere near complete, but it felt like TVD finally (at least, for the time being) made an effort to get back to basics, to what it does best. It felt as if we had received some sort of small compensation for the weeks we were left out in the cold, with no quality plot lines to keep us stuck to our seats. Although I can’t say it was that great, it held my interest and drove me to muster up, at least, some enthusiasm to make me yell at my TV – to actually make me care about what was happening on-screen. Considering that hasn’t happened in a while, I’d say we’re taking a step in the right direction. Rebekah may have played a part in the catalyst for that. She definitely had the best moment of the night. Her high standards have taught us all a valuable lesson in removing the most ungentlemanly like chaps from our sight. Regrettably, she never had the opportunity to meet Lexi, who could have used that move with Damon.

Never saw that little bombshell coming, did ya?

New York City, 1977

Damon had been living off the high of blood and anonymity for years, recklessly moving from town to town, getting his fill. Damon was a rebel, unlike his brother. He was one of the first to join the Punk Rock movement; enjoying the idiosyncratic freedom ripped t-shirts, mullets, and guyliner gave him. He had turned off his humanity some time ago, trying to forget the heartbreak he had suffered at her hands. Damon was being careless with feedings, of course, he knew that, but he didn’t think she would arrive all high and mighty, trying to talk him down off the edge, as if he were anything like Stefan. It made him sick.

Lexi was quick to make assumptions, thinking that a little bit of fun could fix Damon, thinking that Katherine was the source of his trouble. Damon eventually admitted the truth. He didn’t care about Katherine, he had eyes for someone else, someone who had started to care for him as well. Lexi looked at Damon, stunned, stupefied, and a bit repulsed. He leaned in, convincing Lexi she was the one who flipped the switch to his humanity. Convincing Lexi he was falling for her. Lexi smirked. She had wanted him all along (Of course, she did!). On the bar. On the wall. On the roof.

But alas, their loved burned too bright and too strong. Also, Damon was a deceitful bastard who only wanted to get Lexi off his back. He blatantly lied to her, tricked her, and left her so he could get away from her bossy, know it all attitude. He had things to do. People to eat.

New York City, Present Day

Elena had been living off the high of curling irons and salon brand hair dye for hours, feeling wickedly glamorous, as her stilettos tapped in rhythm on the pavement. Damon had promised her a weekend of debauchery, something she was in desperate need of. Little did she know, Damon secretly had other plans. Seeing Will the other night had given him reason to believe the deceased vampire knew the location of the elusive Katherine, recalling the nomad’s occupation for fabricating aliases. He was positive Katherine had been one of Will’s clients. He just had to find proof.

Unfortunately, Rebekah was not the kind of girl who liked to be left behind, especially if Damon was still fishing around, looking for the cure. Her unscripted appearance would undoubtedly make things a tad more tricky, so Damon would have to set up a distraction for the girls, and then he could scour for clues in peace.

At Will’s club, young girls in skimpy outfits and fancy Metal music would prove to be just what Damon required. Encouraging Elena and Rebekah to enjoy their weird, blood-sucking threesome, Damon slipped away to Will’s office. With some help from Stefan, Damon uncovered a possible lead on Katherine’s whereabouts. Slipping the paper into his back pocket, he followed Elena to the roof, hoping to truly convince her of his innocent intentions.

Elena charmed and flattered Damon, stating all she wanted was to spend time with him. Who knew, maybe the Lexi method would work for her too, maybe she could turn back on her emotions.

Elena pressed her lips to his, brushing his hand, caressing his backside, removing the paper from his pocket. Damon smiled. There was no way she could have ever pulled one over on him. He’s Damon, for crying out loud! “I invented that trick.” Damon put the paper – his only lead on Katherine – back where it belonged. Elena was going to take that cure, no matter what.

SNAP! Rebekah had enough of their insanity. She broke Damon’s neck and smirked at Elena 2.0. The two had been aware of Damon’s ruse from the start, allowing them to form an odd partnership of sorts. Elena had no need for the cure (hoping to find it before it could be rammed down her throat), but Rebekah did, and that meant they shared a common goal. Thelma and Louise would find the cure, together.

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Caroline had been left to clean up after Elena’s impromptu party, picking up cups and empty bottles, thinking of the many ways she could pluck Elena’s head from her shoulders. Klaus watched her like the creeper he is, silently waiting for her to notice him. She was still very much angry with him for the Tyler situation, having little patience to deal with the Original. He, on the other hand, was sick of her constant backlash and detachment. Stefan had persuaded the duo – in spite of their bickering – to work together in search for Silas. Rummaging through Dead Professor Shane’s office, Caroline immediately and quite conveniently (Cough) stumbled upon a book comprehensibly explaining the process in which Silas would complete the third and final sacrifice – commanding the slaughter of twelve witches in a location equilateral to the previous locales. Obviously. Having very little else to go on, the group split up to search the two possible spots for the grand massacre.

Across town, Silas – sporting his Dead Professor Shane meatsuit – encouraged Bonnie to keep her trust in him (despite being an ancient sleaze who’s hellbent on bringing every dead supernatural creature back to life). They needed this massacre to go according to plan, and that would only happen if Bonnie believed she could do it. Having convinced her mother to send over some spare witches, Bonnie mislead the coven, making them think they were to help her disconnect from the expression magic.

Asia (the lead witch) held Bonnie down, trying to cleanse her soul. Bonnie screamed in pain, her back arching, her eyes opening, revealing nothing but white vision. Stefan promptly appeared, informing the witch of Bonnie’s plan to kill the coven. Asia forced Stefan back, the power of the entire clan at her control. This was witch business. Bonnie was a lost cause now, working for Silas, it would be kinder to put her out of her misery. Asia held the knife high, seconds away from plunging the blade into Bonnie’s chest. Caroline ran, taking the knife and killing Asia instead, fulfilling Silas’ scheme, in an attempt to save her best friend. Klaus and Stefan looked at her with immense disappointment. Caroline had doomed them all. A total and major “oops.”

The morning after, Klaus brooded away, ashamed of how he treated Caroline, hurt by how much she seemed to despise him. How had it all gone so terribly wrong?

The wind shifted and Klaus put up his guard. Silas-Shane looked at the twelve fresh graves, pleased to find all the hard work had been done for him. However, he still needed the cure. Klaus smirked, unfazed. Silas-Shane took the white oak stake from his back pocket and showed it to him. Klaus faltered, but only for a moment, yet still enough time for Silas to thrust the stake into Klaus’ back. “Just a little something to remember me by. I’ll be in touch!”

The Vampire Diaries

Best Lines of the Night

1. Damon: “No, I dragged you to New York, because in the matter of three days, you managed to piss off everyone in Mystic Falls. It’s a little more difficult to do in a city of millions.”

2. Damon: “It’s early. Hedonism isn’t a fan of the sunlight.”

3. Elena: “You got Lexi’d?”

4. Damon: “I thought we were in the off part of our endless on-again off-again eternity of misery cycle?”

5. Damon: “You read the last page of the book first too?”

6. Klaus: “Actually, not to nitpick, but we evil villains usually use minions to pick up our dry cleaning.”

7. Klaus: “Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness, Stefan. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it.”

8. Rebekah: “Excuse you.”

9. Caroline: “Do you even know how to read a map?”

Klaus: “Yes, and do you know who taught me? My friend, Magellan.”

10. Damon: “Wrong fantasy, Brother. Unless you’re into betrayal and snapped necks.”

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Were you surprised by Damon and Lexi’s hookup? Do you think he ever cared about her? How will Elena and Rebekah’s newfound partnership turn out? Does Elena look and act too much like Katherine? How will Caroline deal with her guilt? Will she also turn off her humanity? Will she ever forgive Klaus? Are you intimidated by Silas or do you think he’s kind of a wimpy bad guy? What’s up with Bonnie? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Rebekah casually shoving that guy to the ground had me in stitches.
    It was a fun episode. I felt so bad for Caroline, though – all Bonnie’s fault.
    I really wanted to hear the Bruce Springsteen version of “Because the Night”.
    I don’t care at all about Silas. 🙂

    1. I understand Caroline wanting to save her friend, but did she really have to kill the witch? All she had to do was take the knife away and grab Bonnie. I understand the flair for the dramatic, but I don’t think Caroline deserved to take on all that pain and guilt. Think about it. She’s always the one that’s getting tortured or stabbed, the one who always has to watch her boyfriend be hunted down by her next potential suitor. It’s not fair.

      Plus, let’s not pretend we don’t know how this is all going to turn out. There’s no way the CW has enough money to bring back every supernatural creature. Alaric has his own show. So does Uncle Mason. Jenna is doing something, I’m sure. They’re going to save the world, Silas will die, maybe Bonnie as well, and there is the slight chance someone will be human again. I’m also not ruling out the possibility Elena will turn back on her emotions to save one of the boys.

      TVD is never predictable, but I don’t see how these things can not happen. Silas is a terrible evil villain. There’s no way he’s going to survive the season.

      Rant over. 😉

      1. Emma says:

        Ha ha, nice rant, Kim.
        I just wish it had been someone else who killed that witch. They’ve made Caroline look stupid.

        1. Thanks 😀

          It should have been Bonnie. She had that whole crazy, evil eye thing going on. And she’s supposedly some kind of all-powerful witch. I doubt a few magic words and some flimsy rope could have stopped her. But, once again, Caroline got the raw end of the deal. It really did make her look stupid. Klaus could have held her back or something. It was a very Elena-like move.

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