Florence + The Machine “Big God”

“You’ll Always Be My Favorite Ghost”

Source: Florence + The Machine

We’re only a few days away from the release of High As Hope, but Florence + The Machine continue to surprise. Florence has graciously gifted us another miraculous single to obsess over. Big God is unlike anything Florence has ever created before. It’s so different from what we’re used to hearing from our favorite songstress, yet it fits perfectly into this new era. Big God is a haunting and dark anthem that will send a chill up your spine, it will make you swoon and gasp. You won’t be able to stop thinking about it. This song will possess you. You will hear it in your dreams. You’ll never be the same again.

Florence’s voice is sultry as she ditches her signature, powerful style for lower, staccato notes. You hear her pain and longing as she demands her lover’s attention. You hear her anger as her desperation overwhelms and she reveals her lover’s selfishness.

Even though the song doesn’t swoop or swell the way we expect or want it to, Florence’s words and melodies still make an everlasting impact. Big God has altered our beliefs on what we thought we wanted from a Florence + The Machine song. It has expanded our universe, sweetened and satisfied our thirst for change. It’s a song we didn’t know we needed. It has proven that Florence Welch can do anything.

The song is about “obviously, an unfillable hole in the soul, but mainly about someone not replying to my text (Source).”

Florence has always excelled at making music videos that equally stun and impress, and Big God is no different. As a matter of fact, it’s a game-changer. Florence has really outdone herself this time. Visually stunning, the video is a highly artistic demonstration of powerful women working together, fighting the darkness as one. It’s completely enthralling. The combination of color and choreography create a mesmerizing masterpiece. With Florence taking co-credit for the dance sequence, the video becomes even more impressive.

Florence is the focal point of the piece, dressed in soft, stunning silk. She controls those around her, Technicolor demons and witches on the prowl. They work together to eradicate evil. They love and empower one another. Their movement against the ripples and the reflection of the water is hypnotic. You can’t look away. It’s a breathtaking experience. When Florence is the only one left on-screen, you feel as if you’re witnessing an exorcism. She sits in the cleansing water broken, but free.

The video for Big God strengthens the song so much, they’ll forever live side by side. You’ll always think of them simultaneously, because both are utterly brilliant.

✨ 🌸 Big God is available to download on iTunes HERE 🌸✨

High As Hope will be released on June 29th ✨

What do you think of Big God? What did you think of the video? Which lyric was your favorite? How excited are you for High As Hope? Tell me in the comments!

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