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Truth & Consequences

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As the final season of The Originals winds down – We only have four episodes left. Eek! – things seem to be hitting a breaking point. All the pieces seem to be coming together, but we still have a long way to go. With Hope struggling with the malevolent magic inside her, it’s only a matter of time before she does something incredibly stupid. Could the prophecy be true? Well, it sure looks like it. Not to mention, the night walkers are gaining strength and power. Time for Klaus to start ripping out some hearts, am I right? This episode seemed to lay the ground work for the upcoming finale. Although it didn’t shock or stun us, the episode moved the plot forward significantly. There is now a goal to achieve, evil to defeat. The question is, when the Mikaelson family reunites one last time, will they be in battle with the night walkers or. . . Hope? Personally, I can’t wait to find out.

Warning! This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Even after Hope’s impromptu magical treachery, Klaus seems ready to forgive and forget. With his daughter and sister (Freya) by his side, Klaus expresses his gratitude and happiness to finally be truly reunited with his daughter. Despite their cheery dispositions, however, there is still worry and anger simmering underneath the surface. Hope still blames Elijah for her mother’s death. Klaus is angry at Freya for the role she played in Hope’s magic trick. Elijah is trying to cope with his memory loss and his part in Hayley’s death, and Klaus is worried that the darkness is destroying Hope. Suffice it to say, things are tense in the Mikaelson household.

Hope tries to control the overwhelming, menacing power inside of her, but the enemy will not relent. It whispers in her ear, urging her to join the dark side, forcing her to become hostile and violent. Hope refuses to listen, but it’s eating away at her. It’s too much for the child to bear. Klaus returns Hope’s magic-tampering bracelet, attempting to quell her suffering until a permanent solution can be made, but the dark magic is too strong. The bracelet burns Hope’s skin and the whispers become unbearable. It’s Klaus’ mission to find a cure for Hope as soon as possible. He can’t help her, however, when he’s lying on the floor, passed out! Oh, Klaus! Hope is desperate to stop the sinister whispers, so she tricks her father and performs a sleeping spell to escape his protective supervision.

Meanwhile, Declan has returned from his extended vacation on the Emerald Isle. He confronts Freya, admonishing her for telling him about Hayley’s death in a voicemail. She gives him a flimsy, Swiss cheese reason for Hayley’s death. Unsurprisingly, he is hesitant to believe it. Freya is trying to be as delicate as she can with the human, considering how much she has to withhold, but it’s clear Declan knows that Freya is lying to him.

At Rousseaus, Declan greets his first customer of the day. He offers the well-dressed man a drink and a place to dispel his woes, but it is Declan who finds himself confessing. Declan tells the man about his dead girlfriend and how he was going to propose to her. He tells the man about the woman he loved, about her warmth and her smile. He tells the man that his girl was hung up on another guy, but Declan loved her anyway.

The man listens and nods, sincerely emphatic to his plight. The man has been through the same thing too. He understands the guilt Declan feels about her death. He understands the longing and need to change what has happened. He understands it all. Declan freezes, recognition on his face. “You’re him, aren’t ya? The one that broke her heart.” Elijah Mikaelson nods, unsurprised by Declan’s intuition. He tells the barman that he wanted to know what Hayley’s life was like without him. This only upsets Declan, causing him to forcibly demand answers from Elijah.

Swiftly, Hope arrives. She sneers at Elijah. “What are you doing here?” Hope thinks Elijah is trying to hurt Declan, but he’s not. Because this conversation isn’t for human ears or eyes, Hope uses another sleep spell to keep Declan out of it. Elijah tries to apologize to Hope for his actions during his long bout of memory loss, but she doesn’t care. She tosses Elijah like a rag doll, bruising and cutting his skin. She’s lost control. Klaus flies in to stop her, but is thwarted and attacked. Hope flees, ashamed.

When Klaus finds his daughter, she tells him that when she expresses her hate and violence the whispers stop. Foreshadowing, anyone? Klaus tells her he knows a thing or two about violence. He can help her. *Wink*

After Hope’s attack, Declan confronts the well-dressed man. He saw. He saw some of what happened. Declan needs answers. He needs to know the truth! But he can’t handle the truth. Elijah tells Declan about vampires and witches and werewolves. He tells Declan the truth about Hayley and her death. Declan is so overcome, Elijah decides that it’s best if Declan forget everything he was just told. Elijah compels Declan to only remember Hayley as she were. He need only to remember her love and happiness. Hayley would have wanted it that way.

As Marcel and Josh try to clean up after the storm, they find a proclamation from Greta’s vampire purists. They demand that the four factions go back to living separately, the werewolves in the bayou, the vampires in The Quarter, and so on. Marcel is appalled by the idea, but Josh is quick to remind Marcel that he enforced that same rule years ago. Marcel frowns, but fights back. He tells Josh that he just wanted the factions to live in peace. The vampire purists only want to spread hate and violence. When the pair team-up to confront the night walkers, things go from bad to worse. Marcel tries to “persuade” the group to leave New Orleans, but is unsuccessful. Instead, the coven leader, Emmett, tries and fails to get Vincent on his side, to make him see his side of things. Vincent is unconvinced by his perusal. He tells the night walker to move along.

Relationship drama ensues as Keelin tells Freya that she’s leaving town the next day. Freya is obviously upset, but understands. She’s the one who put Keelin in this position, anyway. The Mikaelson’s come first, always and forever. That night, they’re both helping the werewolf alpha, Lisina, and The Oracle fix the Mardi Gras decorations (which the night walkers destroyed). Lisina sees Keelin pine for Freya, encouraging the werewolf woman to speak to her long-distance lover. Out of nowhere, a man comes up to Lisina with a briefcase. He beings to apologize when, BAM! The case explodes. Lisina is dead and Freya is begging Keelin to wake up. The werewolf is fine, but all are heartbroken by this sudden and sad event. Vincent rushes to The Oracle’s side, ecstatic that she is safe and unharmed.

Together, Vincent and Marcel gather their people and vow to stand by the werewolves, no matter what. They know the night walkers are going to try to stop them, but they’re ready for a fight. Emmett and his clan walk up, smug and so confident in their beliefs. What a**h***s. Emmett is upset Vincent didn’t choose him. Pick me. Choose me. Love me. Tired of his incessant talking, Vincent works his magic and draws a line of fire. POP! Emmett’s minions disappear. Everyone is confused. “Did you do that,” Marcel asks. “No, did you?” The night walkers must have a witch on their side. Emmett laughs. POOF! He’s gone, too.

Vincent hesitates. Why would Emmett show up and not do anything? What did he want? Vincent runs as fast as he can. He runs to save Ivy, the Oracle. Oh, that’s what Emmett wanted. He wanted to tear Vincent down. He wanted to punish him. Vincent tries his best, but it’s too late. Ivy and her witches are dead, poisoned. Emmett: 1 Vincent: 0

*Cue the candles and romantic music* After almost losing Keelin, Freya is ready to stop stalling. She wants to keep her girl close, forever. Freya goes to her desk and picks up a box with a ring in it. She’s been waiting a long time to propose, but didn’t think it was the right time. In Freya’s life, there is never going to be a right time, so she’s determined to do it now. Freya doesn’t want to lose Keelin again. Keelin is her heart and her family. She wants to protect both. Without much pause – Even after being separated for weeks and/or months. The timeline is a little tricky – Keelin agrees. They’re getting married!

The Originals

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Originals? Will Hope turn evil as prophesied? Will the night walkers prevail? Will Freya and Keelin get their happily ever after? Tell me in the comments!

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