The Mandalorian

At this point in time, I assume you’re one of those people who has either seen all eight episodes of The Mandalorian, or you’re sick and tired of hearing about it. By now, you’re either obsessed with all things Baby Yoda or you couldn’t care less about the adorably tiny creature. As someone who isn’t that much of a Star Wars fan herself, I get it. It’s not really your thing. You think all the hype surrounding it is quite silly, actually.

Honestly, I thought the same thing. I had no clue what the series was about. I never saw a trailer. Like most, my patience for Star Wars stories was wearing thin. It’s safe to say, my hopes were not high.

After much hesitation, I finally gave in and watched The Mandalorian about two weeks after it initially premiered. I hate to sound so cliché, but it really did exceed my expectations. It was immensely creative and easily separated itself from the rest of the pack. One of the things I liked most about The Mandalorian was that it was unlike any other spinoff. From set design and cinematography, to dialogue and story lines, the show encapsulated imagination and invention, while still staying true to the Star Wars canon. Between its numerous guest stars, action sequences, and copious amounts of heart and humor, The Mandalorian easily became one of my favorite shows of 2019.

See you tomorrow!

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