One Minute to Midnight

What do you do when you’re lost and you’re stuck staring at a blank page?

How do you find inspiration?

What do you do when there’s one minute to midnight and you have nothing left to give?

Do you admit defeat?

Or do you sing Hunger at the top of your lungs?

Do you stall, procrastinate?

Or do you sleep to dream, searching for an image or a word that will cure your thirst?

No, you’ll go outside and look to the sky.

You’ll wish for something, wish for anything to happen.

What do you do when you don’t hear that click?

What do you do when you hear nothing?

Does the world stop spinning?

Do you write something stupid and silly?

Yes, because it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if not a single person likes your post or comments on it.

It doesn’t matter, because this is for you and nobody else.

You write.

You write whether you want to or not.

You write what you feel. You write what you love.

You write, because you made a promise to yourself.

You write until there’s one minute to midnight, because the right words will find their way to the page.

They were always there, waiting for you.

See you tomorrow!

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