Haim “The Steps”

Rejoice, music lovers! The sisters Haim have returned to sweeten our lives with cool beats, melodic treats, and nifty vocals. The renowned trio have finally announced an official release date after months and months of teasing and sporadically dropping snippets off their third album. Women in Music: Part III will debut on April 24th with thirteen new, talented tracks. Surprisingly, the band’s three previously featured tunes (Summer Girl, Now I’m In It, and Hallelujah) will be presented as bonus content for the record.

This week, Haim introduced The Steps as their next single. It’s a track with fierce feelings, attitude, and broken hearts. The girl’s stylish harmonies tell a story about female independence, progressive thought, and messy love. With its booming, electric vibe, the song is sure to be at the top of your summer playlists.

Haim’s music has a way of making everything better. Their melodies are made of pure light and joy. After such a fantastic preview, I don’t think we have to worry about this upcoming record. I’m so exited! The season of Haim is about to begin.

See you tomorrow!

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