The Doctor Is In

Today I finally understand the definition of awesome as I discover David Tennant and Doctor Who

Just a few weeks ago, I had my mind blown by the awesomeness that is David Tennant as Doctor Who. I’m not ashamed to admit I have a huge crush on David Tennant. He is, after all, the definition of awesome. Seriously! Go get a dictionary and look up the word awesome, you will see his picture there.

The months previous to my discovery, I had only heard the name David Tennant and couldn’t really understand why Doctor Who (Especially, the 10th Doctor) was so amazing. Then, late one night (Too over dramatic?), 10pm to be exact on PBS (Being a nerd, I love PBS), the nerd king that is David Tennant appeared on my screen.

I really had no idea of what I was in for. Flying robots, time lords, weird-looking alien-like things, hilarity, awesomeness; It really is an amazing show, mostly due to the super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot (I love mixing fandoms) Doctor. David Tennant is nerdy, funny, and charming as The Doctor (I feel as if I should immediately go and buy a “I Love David Tennant” shirt or at least, a Tardis pencil box). It seems as if this role was made for him.

This is a show for any science-fiction lover. Doctor Who is a science-fiction nerd sandwich filled with cheese, humor, sarcasm and mystery, wrapped up in a suit and trench coat.

For those who haven’t seen a single episode of Doctor Who, I found that the plot of the show is still identifiable, even without any previous knowledge.

I won’t spoil anything, but the show focuses on the last time lord – The Doctor. The time traveling Doctor and his companion, Donna, save the world by protecting it from alien enemies out for blood. The quick wit of the Doctor and the tension filled story lines make the show a must see.

I’m just hopping on the Doctor Who bandwagon even though it’s been around for years. It’s definitely a classic. And with the arrival of the new DoctorMatt Smith, I’m sure we can look forward to even more years with The Doctor. I’m crossing my fingers for a Doctor Who movie (I’m calling you out, David Tennant. Johnny Depp just won’t do).

See you on Friday! – Kim

Like Dr. Who? Who is your favorite Doctor? Never watched it? Tell me in the comments!

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