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Shocking. Astonishing. Mind-blowing. Jaw-dropping. Unexpected. There are not enough words I can use to properly describe what exactly happened last night on The Vampire Diaries. I was so far on the edge of my seat the entire episode, I fell off a few (or more) times. I think I might have some bruises. The Last Day was another one of those action packed episodes where you didn’t know which way to turn. Look here! No, look there! Look at Klaus! Now everyone look at Damon shirtless!

Last night, Elena was forced upon something she brutally admitted she didn’t want (There will be some choice words for you later, Elena). Tyler returned to Mystic Falls, while Damon did something stupid (Silly, Damon) and paid the price. And in the end, poor Aunt Jenna … Well, you’ll find out later … at the end of this recap! For those of you who have seen yesterday’s all new episode of The Vampire Diaries, please direct all your questions until the end of the tour, and proceed onwards and downwards. The rest of you, what are you waiting for? Go watch, and then come back here and discuss. In the meantime, this is a SPOILER ALERT!

Oh hey, shirtless Damon. What you been up to lately? Nevermind, Elijah has some things he wants to say. He figures that since tonight is the full moon, Klaus will want to break the curse and live happily ever after as a vampire/werewolf hybrid. They are going to have to act fast. Only, it seems Damon is the one trying to hold them back. He reminds everyone (Elijah, Elena, and Stefan) that they have a super powerful witch in their corner who can eliminate Klaus on the spot. Of course, Elena puts the kibosh on that (again).

Elijah reminds them that to fully break the curse, Klaus and his witch friends will have to release the spell in the moonstone, sacrifice a vampire and a werewolf, plus drink the blood (every single drop) of the human doppelgänger. That’s not good for Elena. This is where Elijah’s plan comes in. He has an elixir, that he saved for Katerina all those years ago. Once Elena dies, this ‘potion’ will bring her right back to life again. Damon, being Damon, will do anything to prevent Elena’s involvement, even suggesting she use Uncle John’s magic ring. But that won’t work, seeing as how a doppelgänger is a supernatural occurrence. The ring will only work on humans. Darn.

So, what if the elixir doesn’t work, Elena? “Then I guess, I’ll just be dead.” Wrong answer. Elena tries to reassure Damon that she’ll be fine if she drinks the elixir. He’s convinced that her plan won’t work. He will not risk her life (Say it with me. Awww). The human warns Damon that it’s her life. It’s her choice. “I can’t lose you.” Alright, does anyone have any tissues? Elena tells her vampire love (She just doesn’t know it yet) that he won’t have to, because her plan will work. Damon contemplates that for a second. See the wrinkle in his brow? That’s when you know he’s thinking about something. Yeah, that’s not good enough Elena. There is another way. Taking a bite out of himself, Damon forces the human to drink his blood. GASP!

What did you just do, Damon? I don’t think Stefan is going to like it. He doesn’t. With this little unplanned stunt of his, Damon assured that in case of Elena’s death, she would come back. As. A. Vampire. What? Yep. Elena’s going to be a vampire (I hope). The two Salvatore brothers are fighting it out (insults included) again. Only, this time things get rough. Damon plunges a large piece of wood into Stefan. He’s alright, though. With a little blood, Stefan is back to his normal ‘I like to talk about my feelings’ self.

Across town, Mama Lockwood calls her werewolf son, Tyler, to tell him she’s been in an accident. Hold on. She’s not hurt. Wait. Ouch! Really, Maddox? You just pushed that nice lady down the stairs with your witch powers. Was that really necessary? That looked like it hurt. You know what else hurts, Aunt Jenna? The thought of you whipping out that crossbow and using it on your former boyfriend, then later kissing him. That’s cold. Isn’t that right Alaric? Our favorite vampire hunter has returned to us alive and well (Yay!), but he was also sent with a message. “The sacrifice happens tonight.” Yeah, we knew that.

At the Grill, Matt is done acting like everything is sunshine and rainbows around Caroline. In fact, he’s convinced that she is the same girl he loved. You know, except for her need to drink blood. Sheriff Forbes, on the other hand, disagrees. The Sheriff gives Matt his walking papers. He is no longer needed. Meanwhile, the bromance between Alaric and Damon is interrupted by the man of the hour. Klaus. He wants to make sure that the vampire won’t do anything stupid to ruin tonight’s activities. Do you hear that, Damon? Don’t screw it up. He’s going to screw it up, isn’t he?

Look, it’s Tyler! He came back. Hi, wolf. After checking in on his injured mom, Tyler runs into a couple old friends. First off, it’s the werewolf bitch, Jules. She reminds him that she warned him not to come back to Mystic Falls. Now they have to lock themselves up before tonight. Then, if things couldn’t get any better for the wolf, he runs into Caroline. One awkward short conversation later, Tyler is leaving. Well, he was. That is, until Maddox got the drop on him and mind melted him. Uh. Oh. Not good. Greta stabs Caroline with vervain. Damn.

Trying to lighten the mood a bit, Stefan decides to take Elena on a date. Hiking. I’m getting the feeling all vampires like to make their human walk around the forest just to talk. In this case, Stefan wants to talk about Elena’s impending date with immortality. She doesn’t. Instead, Elena asks him what the best and worst parts are to being a vampire. Best? Don’t say speed. It’s been done before. The feeling having the power to do anything. Worst? Besides blood? Having no control over your heightened emotions. Elena remains silent. I have to say Stefan is being rather cavalier about all this. Why is that Stefan? On the contrary, he tells his lady love that if it were his choice, he would keep her forever (All together now. Awww). He also tells her that the only reason Damon did what he did was, because he loves her (You know it!). Elena says, no. If Damon turned her, that he really doesn’t know what love his. Even she doesn’t know what love is. Hold on. Wait a minute. Elena knows she loves Stefan. You are kinda giving out mixed signals, Elena. But she was supposed to grow up – grow old. Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire. What? No. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Give me a minute to think this over. Meet me in the comments. I do have to say, it does sting Elena. It stings. Way to kick a vamp when he’s down.

Over at Casa de Klaus – previously known as Alaric’s love shack – Katherine is running out of blood. Wait. Did you hear that? It’s Alaric. Hey, Alaric! Only, he’s not the one who is paying Katherine a visit, Damon is (Someone had to invite the vampire in). Damon wants to know where Klaus is keeping his werewolf and vampire – since no werewolf/vampire, equals no sacrifice. Katherine lets it slip that she is not the vampire Klaus will use, but Caroline. She also tells her former lover that the two are waiting it out in the tomb. Thanks, Katherine!

When Klaus returns home, he suspects something is amiss. That should be obvious, since Katherine is making coffee, but he decides to test her anyway. Psst . . . remember she has vervain in her system. She can’t be controlled by Klaus. He orders the vamp to remove her bracelet and stand in the sunlight. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Klaus deems her worthy.

At the tomb, Damon succeeds in completing his first obstacle. Maddox. With a little help from Matt and his sniper rifle . . . Wait. Did I hear that correctly? Yes. You did. Matt and his sniper rifle help a struggling Damon kill Klaus’ man witch. Why? I don’t know. Could it be that Matt did another complete 360 and was actually trying to rescue Caroline? Please let it be true! Of course, Tyler might be a problem. Anyhoo, Damon sets Caroline and Tyler free. Yet, it’s getting kind of late. I think you might have a problem. Yep. You do. Tyler is almost ready to change. Time to get the hell outta there. Oops! There’s no use. It’s too late. Tyler begins to change into his wolfy form. Damon is there to fight him off, while Caroline and Matt make their way to the Lockwood Cellar. Oh so quickly, the pair meet the real wolf.

Returning home, Stefan and Elena are greeted by Klaus. It’s time. Finally, gaining some backbone, Stefan stands in the way. He won’t let Klaus taker her. Good boy! Of course, that all ends quickly. Elena tells him to let her go. She doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. The couple exchange ‘I love you’s’ and then she’s gone.

Damon confronts Klaus when he finds that all his hard work was for nothing. Not only does Klaus have Elena, he has a backup werewolf (Hey, Jules) and vampire too. Damn. Being a super old vampire, Klaus knows a thing or two about being prepared. One killer attack-move-that-we-didn’t-see later, Katherine is feeding a previously unconscious Damon some blood. What the hell happened? She didn’t want to, but she had no choice. Katherine had to lure her in. Klaus needed an extra vampire? Okay. So who did he get? Well, he didn’t use Damon. Why? Oh, because of that little nasty werewolf bite on his arm. WHAT? GASP! NO! GASP! YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS? GASP!

Elena makes her way with Greta to the place where the ritual will commence. Elena tells the witch that The Martin’s were looking for her. They thought she was lost. Nope, not lost. Greta confirms that she is with Klaus willingly. When they finally reach the secluded spot, Elena finds a surprise. Aunt Jenna? Uh. Oh. She’s not breathing. She’s dead. What? No. As soon as they filled her in, she dies? Not cool. “No,” Greta says. “She’s not dead. She’s in transition.” Transition? Transition?! Aunt. Jenna. Is. A. Vampire.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of this week’s Vampire Diaries? What did you think of Damon feeding Elena his blood? Will Elena become a vampire? What do you think of Elena not wanting to be a vampire? Why was Elijah mysteriously missing from the second half of the episode? Will Tyler confess he has feeling for Caroline? Does Matt? What do you think about Aunt Jenna becoming a vampire? Will Damon survive his werewolf bite? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Okay so I am here for the aforementioned meeting in the comments. Honestly your recap was more exciting (and much more hilarious) for me than watching the show last night. I was really exhausted so I guess I didn’t have the energy to gasp through all the madness.

    That being said. Is it just me or was Damion’s facial expressions a la smirks and eye flexing in overdrive in this episode? Poor thing. He is more messed up than I thought to force feed Elena vamp blood like that. I see where he is coming from but wow. Selfish much.

    I gotta say, if I had to make a long ass hike on the last day I was human I wouldn’t be very happy but the end of the hike was the only time I felt like Elena sounded like an actual 17 year old. All the other times she just seems so mature being a martyr and all that, that I totally forgot she was indeed 17. And it is totally understandable that she wouldn’t want to be a vampire Kim. She has her whole life ahead of her. We don’t need another Bella up in here.

    Can I just say that I am really liking Klaus. I know I know but his demeanor is awesome in a silent but deadly kind of way. He has such an understated menace that is totally growing on me.

    BTW. Senora Lockwood fell down those stairs like a rag doll. Wow. Not pretty.

    Tyler and Caroline? Did you feel the moment when she asked him why he left her? It was so sweet. And Matt. So adorable. I am glad he is realizing that Caroline is not as horrible as he first thought. However, her mother is pissing me off. I feel that her actions is gonna result in an “Aw, crap” moment.

    I’d mention the whole Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle but I am exhausted from the dynamic. BTW I am sure Damon will not die. There must be an antidote lying around somewhere.

    And then Jenna. Wow. What a way to make her character more interesting. It worked for Caroline but I never saw that one coming. Not at all.

    Finally, any guesses as to who’s gonna die by the end of the season…

    1. Oh, Damon. You know, I wouldn’t necessarily say that Damon was selfish for giving Elena his blood, because I think he didn’t know any better. He was just thinking of the best way to save Elena. He doesn’t think about consequences, where as all Stefan does is analyze every little thing. Damon doesn’t know how to handle his emotions, so he ends up doing stupid things.

      Yeah, if it was my last day as a human and my vampire said ‘Hey, we’re going on a really long hike through the woods,’ I would not be a happy human. I agree. When Elena was confessing her feelings to Stefan, that was the only time (ever) that she sounded like a normal 17 year old. With everything that she’s been through, acting like a normal teenager, it didn’t make sense to me. I can’t blame Elena for not wanting to be a vampire, because I never thought she really loved Stefan – enough to spend forever with him. I do hate the way that she said it though. Your boyfriend confesses he wants to spend forever with you, and you give this brutal speech about how he isn’t enough? I’m not a Stefan fan, but that’s gotta hurt (I’m sorry, Twilight spoiled me on matters like this).

      Yes! Klaus is just creepy, awesome fun. I hope he get’s more face time. I want to see him interact with the residents of Mystic Falls.

      Tyler, Caroline, and Matt. Hello, love triangle. I love that Matt is opening his eyes and seeing that Caroline is almost normal, but I have a feeling that since he’s seen Caroline and Tyler’s ‘friendship’ things are going to get tricky. I have a feeling we’re going to see Matt and Tyler fight over the little vampire. Yes, I think the Sheriff is definitely going to make a mess of things – if she ever stops talking and actually starts doing something.

      Yeah, I really don’t think Damon’s going to die. But the writers will make us suffer, at least for a little while. Really not looking forward to that.

      Poor Aunt Jenna. When I said I wanted her to become a vampire hunter, I think the writers kind of got mixed up with my request. I don’t think this is going to end well. It gives Aunty J something to do, but I doubt her life as a vampire is going to be very long. I really wonder what Alaric is going to say about all this.

      Hmmm . . . I’m going to guess either Greta and/or Jules. Who do you think?

  2. setinmotion says:

    Oh. Wow. That episode. I swear it just keeps getting better and better. Only two episodes left! They better clear up the whole Damon-werewolf-bite thing before the end of the season otherwise we might (will) go crazy!

    First off, good pick up on the whole Elijah missing thing. Since he was so gung-ho last episode on saving Elena, it does seem odd that he gave up after Damon gave her his blood. Speaking of, definitely interesting. That moment they shared before he turned vampire on her? Gorgeous. Even when Stefan and Elena are confessing their love it doesn’t have the same amount of chemistry.

    I agree with Misery, Kim. I kinda like that Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire. And I think it’s really good how she says that she doesn’t KNOW if she wants to have kids or not, or grow old, or whether she will always love Stefan, because it was what Edward/Bella lacked. Yes, it would of sucked that she kicked Stefan when he was down but at the same time if she had been like “wooh! vampire me!” it kinda would have gone against the past two seasons…

    plus, its interesting to note that they have had role reversals with Twilight. Stefan=be a vampire. Elena=hells no!

    Did anyone else notice that Bonnie was conspicuously missing this episode? You kinda think she’d be around when this is going down considering she plays the pivotal role in potentially killing Klaus and what-not…

    I think Jules will die. And I really REALLY hope that Tyler and Caroline start something up because he is a super hottie. Plus the whole werewolve/vampire relationship thing would be new. I can’t see Caroline staying with Matt considering she must now realise that he tricked her into telling him the truth…which he then blabbed to her mum…who know whats to kill her…

    Great post! First thing I check out as soon as the episode finishes 🙂

    1. Yeah, I have no doubt that their going to torture us until the end of the season with Damon and the werewolf bite. I really hope it doesn’t go beyond that, we know he’s not going to die. We’ve already been through all this with Rose, so I hope they don’t let that storyline linger too much.

      It just seems weird that Elijah said he would be back later (before the ritual), but never returned. It is weird that he did just kind of give up so easily. Could he have something else up his sleeve? It is Elijah, so I’m guessing, yes.

      I know! The chemistry between Elena and Damon before he gave her his blood was perfect. It really felt like they had feelings for each other, even though the won’t admit it. I loved the way she touched him too. That seemed like much more than a friendly gesture. What are you waiting for Elena?? 😉

      Alright. Let’s clear this up. I DO like that Elena doesn’t want to become a vampire, I just don’t like the way she told Stefan. I think that if they had talked about her mortality before, then her decision would seem more justifiable.

      Bonnie was missing, but I think she was still supposed to be hiding out from Klaus still, because he thinks she’s dead and all. Yes. Jules needs to go. Never liked her. I want to see Caroline and Tyler too! It’s obvious she cares about him a little bit more than just a friend. There were sparks in that cellar, I tell ya. Plus, the whole werewolf/vampire thing would be interesting. I agree, I don’t think Caroline will be so easy to forgive when she finds out Matt was tricking her. Could it be possible that Matt will sacrifice himself to save Caroline from her mom? Hmmm . . .

      Thank you!! I love reading your comments 🙂

  3. setinmotion says:

    Haha knowing the writers of vampire diaries I wouldn’t be surprised if they milk this for all it’s worth. My guess (hope) is that right at the end of the season Damon will be dying and Elena will be so dad shell realize that SHE loves Damon. And then end on that.

    Hmmm I’d forgotten about that whole thing with Bonnie…good point. I didn’t miss her though to be honest, she’s one of the few characters I font particularly like.

    Exactly! Vampire werewolf romances havent been don’t before so it’d definitely throw s curveball or two…

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