Album Review: KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit

The Entertainer

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Three albums later, and KT Tunstall is still the indie pop rock goddess we all remember. After a week of going through each song, picking out my favorites, and then listening the album in its entirety, I quite possibly think that Tiger Suit is my favorite KT album. It’s a little hipper (synthesizers included), more danceable (See Madame Trudeaux), yet still has that signature style that KT Tunstall brings to all her albums.

Yes, there’s less of that rugged guitar sound that we all loved from her debut album, Eye to the Telescope. That’s true. But, I dare you to listen to this album and not hear that style, voice, and great songwriting we all heard with Telescope. The truth is that songwriters evolve. They push the limit. They try new things. They experiment. In my opinion, this experiment paid off. Tiger Suit is not purely rock, or purely pop. It’s a true infusion of the two, with a sprinkling of dance beats on top.

For your first listen, I always suggest listening to it in the order it was presented. It has an order for a reason. Listening to a new album all the way through, without interruptions (Switching song, etc), is the best way to experience how the artist wanted you to hear it.

Your first introduction is Uummannaq Song. With the mix of background vocals, tambourine, and guitar, it is one of my favorites on the album. Heck, there all my favorite, but this one is the start of everything. If you listen to the album, you go on a journey. Unmmannaq song is resistance and acceptance to a new life. Then the high energy and synth eccentric, Glamour Puss, is a look into the new people and life around you. You might not get this the first time around. As I always say, you have to listen to the music over and over again (Like anything) to really get its meaning. Of course, I could be totally wrong, but you decide.

The folk/blues inspired and foot pounding, Push That Knot Away, has a great guitar riff. Listen to the lyrics. Their very identifiable. The struggle to move on from the past and be stronger is very evident in the song. Difficulty is one of my favorites on the album, and is more or less an unconventional love song. The first single off Tiger Suit, Fade Like A Shadow is up next. I think if you mixed KT’s first two albums, this is the song you would get. It has that strong acoustic sound (Telescope), but it’s mixed with that drum heavy style of Drastic Fantastic. It’s one of the stand-outs on the album.

Lost, one of the two ballad-like songs on the album, is a new favorite of mine. It might get lost (no pun intended) within the rest of the songs, but listen to it a couple of times. It’s one of the best on the album. It reminds me of a wave. It begins slow, then heats up with KT’s falsetto and some synth beats. Then ends with the same slow and beautiful sound from the beginning. The lyrics are heartfelt and amazing, as well.

Golden Frames, I feel, is Push That Knot Away‘s cousin. It has that same folk/blues, foot stomping sound, but puts you into a swaying mood. You can put this song into any western movie, and it wouldn’t feel out-of-place. The sing-a-long, clap-a-long, Come On, Get In is next. It’s a high energy and rightfully awesome. Nothing else to say.

Wrapping up the album is (Still A) Weirdo, Madame Trudeaux, and The Entertainer. They’re three very different songs. Weirdo is reminiscent of Telescope’s acoustic guitar sound. And the vocals on here are something to admire. Madame is another stand-out and a favorite of mine. The intricate melodies, vocals, guitar, drums, all make for one amazing danceable, jump up and down song. Then there’s The Entertainer, the final song and ballad on the album. At first I wasn’t in love with this song, but listening to it over again, the lyrics are stunning. It’s a very personal and the melody (Like the title) sounds almost like a Billy Joel song. It’s a great conclusion to the album.

I wasn’t pleasantly surprised at how much I loved Tiger Suit. After listening to it a few times, I feel confident and saying that it is my favorite KT album. It’s energetic, heart-felt, lyrically amazing, and has that wonderful KT sound that I love. So should you buy it? If you haven’t guessed the answer, that would be a YES x 10.

Album Rating: A

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Did you race to your local online music store to purchase Tiger Suit last Tuesday? What is your favorite song on the album? What is your favorite KT Tunstall song? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. ozpom96 says:

    I love this review! This is also my favourite KT album so far, and I completely agree with your method of listening to albums. When I get a new CD I put it on and try to listen to it in its entirety. Favourites for me would be Uummannaq Song, Difficulty and Still A Weirdo.

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